Waiting for my Rock God

Stuffed my belly full of cheap sushi, in hopes of not going to bed early. Having a slight headache + cold right now. So I'm going through my notes while listening to Snow Patrol and sipping on my hot cuppa weed Chamomile tea (Note: Going through. Not memorizing 'cause it doesn't serve much purpose and my mind's failing me lately). Still feel okay, despite the crappy mood and situation I'm in.

The songs make me yearn more for my own emotionally-tortured, creatively-anguished, sexy-messed up rock 'n roll lover. How can guys who write such deep love songs end up dedicating them to failed relationships? Maybe it's the bitches. As I was telling Wai Quan, 'Sex and the City' came along and brainwashed every pussy in town. Now all we care about are the latest Manolo Blahniks and whether our waistline is as small as the waistline of the chihuahua next door.

If the owner had the fugly dog because Paris Hilton had one too, I'm gonna bitchslap 'em til tears fall. Firstly, chihuahuas are fugly. They look like aliens disguised as mini dogs. Maybe they were aliens at one time. They came down to earth and mistook dogs as Earth's leaders, so they took the form of dogs, with hopes of conquering Planet Earth. By the time they realized their mistake, it was already too late. Secondly, Paris Hilton as inspiration? Come on!

Back to the subject of men... I find most women I know of late, not believing in 'Happily Ever After' anymore. Has the world changed that drastically? What happened to all the years of us reading Cinderella, The Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid and happy friends? Overpowered by the pop culture of promiscuity? I guess so. I wonder if I'm Cinderella or Carrie Bradshaw. Not that I was a big fan of that show. It was just too popular for me to ignore. So I know a thing or two. Maybe I'm a little bit of both. 'Cause I do cook and clean like Cinderella, but kinda uncertain about guys like Carrie. Maybe I'll only know when I find the right guy. SA at the moment. So no answers yet. Any takers? Only single, healthy, good, responsible, attractive, smart guys need apply.