Popular Pink

Just realised there are lots of girl bloggers out there who are very much into the colour pink as myself. Our blogs are similarly painted with the divinely sweet hues of pink, sending a message of girly-ness. Should I just break out of it by splashing my blog with the darkness of black and get rid of the sugar and spice? I've thought about it... And I can't bring myself to do it. I love the colour too much. Flashbacks of how I used to buy everything in pink, and dress up in pink clothes and pink shoes, carrying a pink bag and file are playing in my mind right now. Can't help it. All my stuff were in pink. I don't do it now. I'm growing out of it. But it's still my favourite colour. Or else why would I pinky-fy my blog to this extent? Well at least I'm proud of who I am. I don't own the colour, but I very much would like to. Did you know that we've been living in a pink palace for 9 months straight even before we were born? Yup, our mommies' placentas were pink. There was no place for us to run or hide then. So we either end up loving it, or sick of it once we're born.