Spam is bad

I've got spam all around me, and they're not the edible type!! They're the typical spam comments that I bet a lot of blogs get. I'm so sick of getting them here at Hotaspink and I've started to moderate my comments to shield you from them. (You're welcome). I think you guys go through enough torture trying to read all about my whinings and such, so I've concluded that you shouldn't be conned to click on these deceitful 'comments'. Although I have a mild suspicion that Diana Chin might be more than happy to click on those links and chance upon them damn sites with full blown pictures of half-clothed Japanese chicks. You'll never know...

Khalil Fong Live in Malaysia

I nearly died from a happy heart attack this morning when I saw someone talking on Facebook about Khalil Fong coming to town!!!!!!!! I guess I just gave out significant information about my whereabouts on 29th May to my potential stalkers -.-" Why must it be that everytime someone rolls into town, I cannot find anyone sharing an equal enthusiasm as mine? It's either me not having friends who share the same musical tastes, or my frugal boyfriend frowning when I tell him the VIP ticket price. There might be some hope to cut down on costs though, since the concert is going to be at Genting - I may just prove there could be a bright side to gambling away for your fortune after all! For instance, high rollers can redeem free tickets for their kids to watch a concert. If that doesn't work out, I might as well settle for the cheapest tickets, sit at the back row and try my hardest not to mistakenly cheer for the backup guitar player instead of Khalil Fong.