Splattered all over

I've been feeling rather lazy uninspired lately, but I got a bit of my groove back today and hence the outfit post. I'm also thankful for the sun to stay shining after I got home to snap these few shots.

Wearing my awesome Jusco-found pants. At first I was trying to evade obnoxious relatives after I spotted them in the store. So I had to wander around another section and as fate would have it, these pair of pants called out to me while I was mindlessly flipping through clothing racks, waiting for annoying relatives to get out. I couldn't resist the temptation. They also look kinda like Diane von Furstenberg's paint effect skinny jeans. But mine aren't jeans. They're just really tight pants that put me at the risk of flashing my butt cheeks to the world if I'm not careful.

Here are my Chloe-esque ballet flats. Chloe released their designer version for their S/S 2011 collection, so that's about two years ago. These were also accidental finds. Life is good sometimes.

What else would go with the whole outfit but my baby on my wrist? I love it to bits but I cannot stop wondering where those mysterious stains on the strap come from (you can't see from this photo). I might suspect fake tan but I'm not a starlet from Hollywood so that's one suspect down.