Like bees buzzing in my head

... cannot wait for my holiday in Taiwan.
... want the cents and dollars stuff about the house to be over and done with.
... need a body massage.
... need a drink with Debs.
... am happy for Peggy and How Chen.
... cannot wait to be living in sin, with parental approval.
... will collapse if I don't go to bed right now.

Good night!

Pink as nails

I've been reading a lot about Spring in the fashion blogosphere and lately I'm obsessed with painting my nails pink. I tried a deep, dark red polish two weekends ago but I ended up taking the colour off after just one day. My nails have been bright pink for the past week and the colour's chipping off but I can't bear to remove it. Omg my nails are so fugly now. I'm hoping to switch to a lighter shade of pink tonight but let's hope I won't be as lazy as last night. I went slightly crazy and bought three different shades of pink when I passed by the Elianto counter the other day. My current colour is the one in the middle. It will soon be the one on the right. I don't know if this is related but the colour obsession has influenced my palate for the past couple of days. I've been eating a mixture of berries for breakfast. I thought I was adding to my vitamin intake with the berries but I still end up with a cold. My poor colleagues will have to bear with my nose orchestra today. Excuse me while I go down my vitamin C soluble mix.