Shopped, but didn't drop

Was late for my shopping date with Amy, but managed to scurry my ass there as quickly as possible. It was quite a daunting task. You see, I wore a skirt today. It wasn't very sufficient in length. So I walked out to the bus stop like I was in a walkathon, couldn't even run when I saw the mini bus coming. But I still managed to outwalk the bus and got on it. Sat next to this hairy Bangla fella and accidents happened. (Note: The usage of plural grammar in the last sentence). Wish I had antiseptic wipes in my bag when I needed 'em. Really did at that time. After reaching the KTM station, the train arrived right after I bought my ticket. Forgot that I needed a two-way ticket, but fuck that. Walkathon-ed up and down the pedestrian bridge and once again managed to get onto the train. This really annoys me; I don't get why the bloody train has to stall everytime it reaches that condominium in between Seputeh and Midvalley. What's wrong with the train drivers? There's no naked hot chick sunbathing beside the swimming pool, so why must they stop there everytime? It's a miracle on a day they don't stall at that spot.

My poor sidekick was tortured by bright green shirts, and texted for my salvation. After reaching, we couldn't decide on what to have for lunch, so I called the shots to satisfy my last night's sudden weird craving for fajitas and brownies.

Can you blame me?

Bought the stuffs I wanted, and a little more. French Connection was having a sale... Couldn't help myself!! Got two really cool shirts. Nearly lost one-half of my earings at the boutique but luckily it was just waiting for me to pick it up from the floor. Also got this damn cun leather belt from Edmunser. Sales are great. That's when bargainers like myself get to buy nice stuff, at lower prices. Me loves Sales.

Since we only get last season's clothes during sales period, I got inspired to create my take on French Connection's last season's Fashion vs. Style ads with my new possessions.

Midvalley was filled with Christmas stuff. The decorations were nuts! The gingerbread houses in the Centre Court area were so cuuuuuute... The towering Christmas trees had candies all over 'em, and even the barriers to block the crowd from getting up to the gingerbread stage were strings of candies. But of course, they were all fake lar! Had to hunt for some deco thingy for mom so I went into Metrojaya. You won't usually find me in there. The decos in that place was also crazee!! They had themed Christmas trees. Some were those expensive imported real trees and some were decorated with baguette and also peacock feathers. Talk about creativity eh? Didn't dare to take pictures in the place lest I'd get ushered out by the security. And can't risk getting my camera confiscated. It's lousy, but it's the only one I've got now. So gingerbread house and tree will have to do.

Seems like I had a nice day. It was. Despite us having to cram into Starbucks, sitting on dirty chairs with a dirty table. Lazy new generation baristas... Managed to block the annoying fact that Jojo Struys was sitting right outside our table too. But I'm feeling empty right now. Could it be the feeling of guilt kicking in? Gosh... It's finally here. Good... I can start reading the damn notes. Can't wait for the end to actually come, but yet a part of me doesn't wanna let go. It gets hard sometimes to suck it all in. The feeling is overwhelming. Multiple feelings aside, the fear of unemployment is still very much in my veins. Sad... Sad... Sad...