(Happy?) New Year

So I finally did it. After such a long time of secretly wanting to have that kinda hair. Yeah... I did something to my hair that I have always said I wouldn't. It was supposed to be a trip to Wei Wei's new salon for just a haircut. Btw, Wei Wei's my hairstylist. She works magic into my crowning glory. Muahahaha... Back to the hair. When she suggested I curl it to look better while I grow my hair, I said to myself, "What the hell... Might as well lah". So say hello to the newly curly-haired Ashley for the year 2007.

Do I look like your Japanese fantasy? Lol. I'm never kawaii enough for that. And since my curls are nothing even close to Beyonce's waves, I'm not your bootylicious fantasy either. This is just... I dunno. Maybe a new start for a new year. And a way out from my constant bad hair days too.

About the new year... While everyone else is busy getting ready for rave parties, countdowns, one-night-stands and everything else that chalks up the sales of condoms, I'm lazing around at home. Lazy wanna go out. To think about it, it's been a few years since I've been out for countdown celebrations. Actually I've just woke up after sunset. It feels so damn good after a really long sleep. More than 12 hours. Yum! But I did go out with two good friends last night. Had dinner at Souled Out. It was nothing much, but deeply felt. Hope we'll have more eat-outs together in the future. Ate Sake San again. I mean, who could resist that fine piece of oriental pizza? And we had the stuffed tofu puff, and ordered the caramel pudding for desserts. The pudding was so nice! But sure damn fattening lar. Nevermind... I slept all day and haven't eaten anything yet. So that's good enough compensation ;)

Since I'm still undecided about whether I'll have a good new year, I'm gonna let myself deal with it. You guys go out and have a good one. I think ultimately we all will.

Bor-ing... NOT!!

Now I see what all the fuss is about. Damn hillarious... Only if you can stand all the obscenities and degrading jokes. But Borat's mostly making fun of Americans, so what the hell do I care?

P/S: Deb, he made fun of iPod Mini too :p


I'm not sure who I should apologize to. Probably most to myself. But I can't help but sink into the miserable pool of doom. I thought everything was gonna be fine from now on. But my worries have skyrocketed, since I was bitchslapped in the face by the cold, hard hands of reality. Other people have fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of dark places, fear of homosexuals... They make me seem so weird to me. What's with my OCD with uncertainty? It's driving me crazy *shrughs* Guess I still haven't grown up after all. Still am that scared little girl, afraid of moving on to a new place. While I'm soaking up the tricklings of depression, the devilish temptation of alcohol-binging is slowly taking over me. That's the negative result of having bottles of whiskeys stashed around the house. Within children's reach sumore! Have also been looking at video clips from uni days. Aaahh... Those golden days seem so far gone now, when in fact the end came only less than a month ago. I miss being around my friends. I miss the carefree days. I miss laughing my head off, without being judged, without being worried of being judged. I will very much soon miss the freedom of wearing absolutely anything over my back (and ass). But I'm questioning myself; Is it too much to ask for?

Can I not grow up?

Well, I don't mind growing taller, or my boobs growing a cup's size or two, but... Can I not be an adult?

It feels so forced each time.

The subconcious mind really does try to tell us something. Mine's probably trying helluva lot to just yell and make me listen "WAKE UPPPP!!!"

'Cause I find me singing myself to sleep with this song,

The song just hits me like a cold surge of water, splashed right onto my face. But then again, it only makes me sadder. I just wish 2007 can come sooner so I won't be as depressed and can move along. 'Cause by then, I won't have any much of a choice.

Excuse Me?

What the fuck is this? Oh, so now we don't live on trees, but we have kid-torturing sweatshops?? Man, I'm so over this website. Btw, Perez rules. You guys suck like RM1 cocksuckers. FIY, RM means Ringgit Malaysia, the currency for this sweaty shop country.

Red Bomb Scare

Just got news that a friend will be getting hitched next year. Hopefully not on my birthday. But then again, it's her right. I just have to show up with an angpow. She's the first I know to get married. Unless someone suddenly cuts queue and beats her to it. I guess my depression will only start kicking in when more friends go down the aisle.

Is my mom hinting that I should end my bachelorette days? It's not my fault, you know? It's those damn pricks out there who don't realize what they're missing! Shouldn't have told her about Kris' good news. But it's too much of a good news to be kept away. It's awesome!! The best part? Her boyfriend proposed onstage at a concert on Christmas eve. Can a girl get anymore luckier than that? God, I feel jealous. Yes... I terribly am.

Oh what the hell. I'll be man-hunting while working next year. That's one more week. I wish I could sound less desperate. But the pressure I'm getting these days, it's overwhleming. Lol. I guess I'll just have to see what life has to offer and roll onto my lap. Must.not.get.desperate.

All the recent fantasies invloving male VJs aren't helping either. Only makes my hormones rage worse. Bye people. Need to go on my mental date with them VJs. Goodnight!

A Merry & Silly Xmas Eve

Spent the eve of Christmas day with my PESS sisters... To make the long story short, we took a long time to decide on where to go, and when we finally did, the place was full. So we had to wait on tables. Geram... But its ok. Had a really nice meal, chatted damn a lot and of course, camwhored. Oh... The place we went was Milwaukee Steakhouse.

My kedondong juice. Damn nice. My stomach's damn full 'cause of it now

They gave out party packs to all the kids in the house, and some to the adults as well. Our table only got two packs, when there were six of us. Damn kiam siap rite? They had a whole gunny sack kept behind the counter... Still don't wanna give 'em out even though it was nearly 12 midnight. Bloody hell. Where's the spirit of giving? So we had to share the masks and hats for camwhoring purposes :p Ooh... And I saw that guy I used to have a crush on back in TARC. Actually this wasn't the first time I saw him. There was another time while I was interning in ACP. But same thing la... I don't have the nerves to talk to people. Let alone those I used to have a crush on. Can't recall his name. But I remember how Jasmine tried to get his number for me, but ending up giving my number to him instead. We did meet up once, but then I figured out he was such a malewhore. Btw, he doesn't look good now. Anyhoo, I reckon world peace would never be achieved, at least anytime soon. So I just wish everyone a good health, and be granted opportunities that they'll cherish. XoOxOxoOXxOoXoOxxOXO

Merry Christmas!!

I'm glad it doesn't snow in Malaysia. I bet it'll look very beautiful if it did, but I can't stand the chill. I'm a warm-blooded animal. So don't expect me to go vacationing to Aspen during winter season anytime soon. No amount of fur coat could keep me warm. I'd be stuck in a house with the heater cranked up to summer's heat. But what if I'd have to marry an angmoh one day? Die lor... Whatever. He'll have to live here or buy me a beach house at the O.C.

Haha... Anyway, have a wonderful holiday and spread the joy, people! P/S: I know I'll work damn hard to have one.

Thank God she's not my mom

Brilliant movie! What can I say? Samuel L. Jackson + Julianne Moore... There's no doubt about it being a great watch.

Kinda reminds me of the Susan Smith case, where the lady accuses a black male of killing her children, when in fact she did it. Another example of how sick the society can be. But it was heartwarming to watch the people working together, trying to help find the kid. Keeps the balance in check.

I just hope every child in the world gets sane parents... Mine probably tried their best to be. Not bad lah.

And I heaved two big sighs of relief

One for coming this close to submitting my thesis.

And one more for finally being out of the unemployment stats. Yup... I've just been confirmed this morning. Couldn't stop laughing like an idiot for a minute after I got the call. Mom was looking at me strange, but she knows her daughter well. Understanding eldest brother wants me to take everyone out for a buffet at Starhill. Memang talak otak. Haven't even start working, where got money go Starhill? Even after work, must save money ma. Hehe... Fine. I'll think of something.

Today's train ride seemed a lil' strange. I feel like dancing, shaking my ass like how Napoleon Dynamite did. Tippity-tapping my feet just like Mumble Happy Feet. But I wouldn't risk doing that on the train and forever be banned from the society, would I? This is the perfect illustration of my day:

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace
Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste
It all revolves around me...


Since I'm gonna start climbing the corporate ladder soon, might as well dress like I'm ready for it. Bought a pair of slacks from MaNGo. Shopping for work clothes is really hard. It's like trying to buy an entirely fashionable uniform for work. And it's stressful to my wallet.

Christmas is just sneaking right at the corner, waiting to pounce up on us all. Think I'm gonna go have fun selling those goddamn sprays. And I can't wait for the 30th to come. Seafood... Yum yum!! With my dearest Abby and Danny. I'll be damned if we get lost going to Kuala Selangor. Don't wanna end up being a couple of bodohs.

Popular Pink

Just realised there are lots of girl bloggers out there who are very much into the colour pink as myself. Our blogs are similarly painted with the divinely sweet hues of pink, sending a message of girly-ness. Should I just break out of it by splashing my blog with the darkness of black and get rid of the sugar and spice? I've thought about it... And I can't bring myself to do it. I love the colour too much. Flashbacks of how I used to buy everything in pink, and dress up in pink clothes and pink shoes, carrying a pink bag and file are playing in my mind right now. Can't help it. All my stuff were in pink. I don't do it now. I'm growing out of it. But it's still my favourite colour. Or else why would I pinky-fy my blog to this extent? Well at least I'm proud of who I am. I don't own the colour, but I very much would like to. Did you know that we've been living in a pink palace for 9 months straight even before we were born? Yup, our mommies' placentas were pink. There was no place for us to run or hide then. So we either end up loving it, or sick of it once we're born.


This is disturbing

I had wanted to watch this just 'cause of its plot outline. I thought a movie based on real life stories would be a break from the usual staples I have. Never expected it to be so shocking... So disturbing. It's not entirely disturbing from the beginning to the end, but when some scenes get horrid, it made me squirm in my seat. To make things worse, I was already having a gastric attack while watching.

When the movie just started, I didn't recognize Laura Prepon. Right before she spoke her first lines, I realized she was the girl from 'That's 70's Show'. She looked so different with blonde hair and weight loss. But when she started to talk, the deep, husky voice was unmistakable.

You think your marriage is on the rocks? You should take a look at these crazy people. Seriously disturbed individuals, perfectly paired together. One is a serial rapist, and another is in love with him. How mentally sick can they get? They make all the odd couples in the world suddenly seem so normal.

Googled about the characters in the movie, and found out that the story's actually much more elaborate than what was featured in the movie. But the essentials were captured on celluloid. You'd still be able to tell how mentally disturbed these people are.

There's a point where Bernando was looking very much like a Kurt Cobain wannabe. I was wondering what the stylists were thinking about. The best bit? Check put pre-Superman Brandon Routh. You'd most likely not miss his appearance. It's kinda funny to see him like that though. This movie came just a little while before Superman Returns. So it doesn't do Routh much justice.

If you have to ask, I'd say it's a pretty challenging movie to watch. Makes you wonder about the sickos of the society, and how vulnerable victims become. Why girls need to walk around with pepper sprays or alarms in their hands, why kids need curfews and why we shouldn't travel alone, especially at night. Sad world we live in, isn't it?

Karma Sutra

Check out what my brother bought from India *turns head* Tsk tsk tsk... Found them (Yesh, he bought loads) while cleaning his room.

The Chaos theory. Hmmm... Sounds interesting. Why didn't they ever teach us things like this while in school? Would've been more beneficial than having to sit through 2 torturing hours of Advanced Communication Theory classes. I wouldn't be wrong to say it's not the subject's fault. It's whoever's attempting to teach it.

Anyhoo, won't be saying too much about the movie, lest I spoil it for those who'd wanna watch. The best bit comes after finding out who the real baddie was. And as always, with all the man candy, my mind drifts to a faraway land even while watching. A land where Jason StatHAM is mine... All mine. Mmm... I'd like a piece of that juicy meat. Ryan Phillippe is not too bad either, but he looks like such a puss standing next to Jason Statham. They look like they'd make a cute gay couple. Ryan could be Jason's bitch. So do I wanna be Ryan then? No. I want them both as my biatches. Heheh...

Beautiful Mythical Creature

Watched 'Eragon' with Kuan Yee yesterday... And I want my own dragon. So I can feed her with fat ass rats, and then ride her into the skies. Can ask her to burn my enemies to crisp flakes as well. What should I name my dragon? I know... Pink monster!! Nah... That's probably a bad idea.

Whatta turn off!

What was Justin thinking? It's funny... But so not sexy!


Look at this little fella. So small, pink and cute. It even has those flowery keychain things hanging on it. (I'm sorry... It came like that. I didn't hook those things there). But don't be fooled! It's lethal. Well, at least it's supposed to be. Haven't tested it yet. Hope I don't ever have to.

In case you don't have a clue... It's a pepper spray.

Deb... We're Pregnant!

Finally had the chance to shop and eat away my accumulated stress. I'm not broke... Yet. Well, at least I try not to be. I look like I'm 3 months pregnant now. Too much good food in a day.

Posting pics of what I bought? You think it's lame? Frankly, I don't give a rat's ass about your thoughts, and I'm only doing it 'cause I told someone I'd post the pics to let her see what I bought :p I need more working clothes. Hopefully someone hires me real quick so I can earn money to buy some decent looking ones.

Every person that I've brought to Dragon-i has been hooked. So Kuan Yee wanted to have lunch there. The souffle was heavenly. When I put it into my mouth, I was immediately in yummy heaven. It had the perfect combination of egg white, red bean paste and banana. You just gotta try it yourself. It's sooooo damn good, that I actually wanna marry the man who made it. If a man made it la... The noodles were pretty good too.

Look at the amount of food we ordered at Bangsar. How not to get fat liddat? Sumore loaded with cheese, sugar, etc, etc. I dunno the name of the place, so I'm just gonna call it "Kulfi place" for the moment. I'm a newbie at Indian food, so Deb, Darshini and Harwin were kind enough to introduce delicious, new dishes to me. But not kind for long! Especially Deb... So evil! Tried to make fun of me with my masala tea. Hmph! Just 'cause she buat malu for her first time... Now wanna take it out on me la *bluek* Everything was so delicious, that even the fake vegetarian chicken tastes like chicken. Serious!

Wuah... Stomach damn full now. Damn it gotta really work 'em off tomorrow. Hula-hooping is officially declared as the activity of the day!

This is weird

Just caught an episode of 'No Reservations', and cool Mister Tony Bourdain was in Uzbekistan. The Muslims there were drinking vodka like plain water. Now that's gangsta...


Detained frozen turkeys allowed in

PORT KLANG: Revellers can rest assured there will be turkeys, roasted and baked, for Christmas.

A container filled with 16,953kg of frozen turkeys which was “detained” at the port here when it arrived from the United States on Dec 10 was released on Tuesday night.

The Star reader, Joyce Lim from Kuala Lumpur, had complained that she could not buy turkeys in Malacca and Kuala Lumpur.

Lim was informed by the suppliers that the turkeys were still sitting inside containers in Port Klang because turkeys had been classified as non-halal food and some “complications” had arisen.

Selangor Islamic Department (Jais) public relations officer Fakrul Azam Yahya said the department was aware that a container of turkeys had been detained at the port.

“It was due to some technicalities, but the issue has been resolved. In fact, the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) had earlier issued a directive allowing for the fast clearance of imported turkeys especially for Christmas," he said.

“We understand the birds are very much in demand during Christmas. The only requirement we wanted from the companies was for them to honestly declare whether the turkeys were halal or otherwise.”

He added that the declaration was important because turkeys were consumed by Muslims as well.

Fakrul confirmed that the container of turkeys from America was not halal.

“There’s no problem with that. Just make the declaration and the turkeys will be allowed in,” said Fakrul.

A port source said the container was detained on Dec 10 because there was some vagueness over the status of the turkeys.

Operators of supermarkets, hotels and restaurants assured customers that there would be turkey for their Christmas dinners.

Carrefour said it has no problem with its turkey supply, while Shangri-la Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Victoria Station restaurant said there would be turkey for their Christmas buffets as well as to order.

Source: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2006/12/14/nation/16313353&sec=nation

Ashley says: If some people cannot eat non-halal turkeys, then don't stop others who can, from enjoying their Christmas dinner la!

One less worry

Passed both the goddamn papers. And I'm thankful. So there's one less reason for me not to fall asleep at night. But the list of pains in my ass is still pretty long. So I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. You guys should as well!

Drugged by DOME

Wish I could say I was drugged by Dom (as in the hottie Dominic Lau from Channel V), and kidnapped to his home. But that would never happen in a zillion years. Besides, what's he gonna do with Harwin, Jasmine and Darshini anyway? Wuahahaha...... But seriously, we all felt drugged after having a drink at KLCC DOME (the 2nd floor wan). Might wanna think twice before ever lepaking there again in the future.

Five obnoxious, loud females, in a variety of shapes, height and colour met up at KLCC today, to bid farewell to one of the obnoxious, loud females. She's off to Club Med for three whole months, and I secretly wished I could go as well. Well, maybe not much of a secret after all. I asked her to take me along. But then again, my mom wouldn't have agreed 'cause according to her, people at Club Med cannot don't wear clothes wan wo... Picturing Jasmine on the beautiful land of Club Med, I pity the nudists there... *tsk tsk tsk* So we had lunch, talked loudly (duh!), made the longest toast in history, camwhored and... basically wasted time.

My lunch. Reminds me of claypot chicken rice. Not bad, but I'd rather have a claypot chicken rice

Longest toast ever: Deb getting high on H.K. milk tea

Showing off my Xmas pressie & Deb's hand-made card

Jasmine dipersiasueykan over my Xmas card for Deb :p

Someone's had a good meal

After Deb left, we went jalan-jalan a while. I bought cute lil' Mr. Toothpick Man. Sad 'cause I can't participate in the long-awaited MNG sales. Life is so bloody unfair!

Tealady who only pours half the cup

So I got back home tired, even more than usual. Who wouldn't be? Waited for an hour at the train station. Sob... Somebody please hire me quick so I can save up to buy a car. Omg... I'm reminded about my financial status. Steams me up when this topic is roused, rage rushes through my veins. I'll save it for the day I burn down some premise after I'm done with them muthafuckas.

P/S: People... Please be extra cautious when you get on and off any public transportation. After all my bad experiences in the past, I had a brush with a near-loss of my handphone today. Had it in the pocket of my shorts, and held my pockets tightly while squeezing my way into the train. Felt a hand brush against my hand and supple thigh. Fucking pickpocket. Wait a minute... Means he still molested my supple thigh lor? Aiyoyo... Now where got man wanna marry me?

Ooh... How LoVely

Would you just look at her?! I can't take my eyes off her... I can't decide whether I wanna look like her, or wanna touch her all over. I'm not sure if I'm filled with jealousy, or lust. Hmmm...

How can I feel better?

I'm not sure how I feel... Sad? Dazed? Tired? Depressed? Confused?


Forget it. I can't bring myself to dwell about my overly sad thoughts. So I thought of a way to make this entry a lil' more cheerful. Pressies!

Got all my Chrissie pressies while roaming the Midvalley wastelands today. Now I'm broke.

Note: People... Do NOT, well, at least try your very best NOT to shop at ROOM. They provide the suckiest service ever. There was this he-she that I asked for help this afternoon while I was looking at their miserable pillow cases, and he-she gave me this look that clearly questions my financial ability to shop at that goddamn place. Fuck! How dare a he-she look down upon me? Just because he-she is too sad to accept his-her own dick, and counts the days until he-she chops it off, 'cause he-she can't wait to have his-her's equally pathetic lover shove his smelly dick into the newly fake vagina, and not into his-her asshole anymore... Fuck you, and fuck your sad sexual identity crisis. So people, go shop at Home Circle. They have much more adorable stuff, better service and... got discount sumore. Hmph!

This could happen to me

All the stress is giving me a tubthumping in the head and an overproduce of gastric juices.


Only have one question after watching this movie:
Greek bikers no need to wear helmet wan ah?

Anyhoo, I'm sure every girl (and gays) who have watched this would have a favourite character or would want to be like one of them. Well me, I wanna be Bridget. Ooh... With that smoking hot bod and long, straight blonde hair. Why wouldn't I wanna? But it's not really about the physical... I wish I had that kinda confidence, that kinda charm to get any cute guy I wanted. But of course I don't have all that since I'm not a smoking hot blonde. I can try to have a hot bod by hula-hooping for an hour while watching it. Actually I did. I have to make myself do it everyday. Gotta work those flabs off. Bye-bye flabbies... Geez... Our minds are screwed up with all the amount of estrogen and progesterone we have. My hormones are still raging like a bull after all these years past puberty and I'm still crazy. And in 30 years time, there's menopause. I'm already pitying the guy who's spending the rest of his life with me. If I can find him...

Baby's name

Just recalled a conversation I had with my mom and aunts. An aunt gave birth to a baby boy two weeks ago, and they've named him. But I don't remember the name. What I remember is the name that he didn't get. Thank God he didn't. Bless the child.

His elder sister is called Chow Xin Ni. So they thought it'd be kewl to name him Chow Xi Tu. Go figure.

My eyes are not that big

I wish they were...

A dear friend sent this portrait to me yesterday. It's lovely. Thank you Louise jing...
But it doesn't look too much like me, does it? I made some complaints to the artist but sadly my feedback were ignored. Apparently, I'm supposed to receive it as a gift on my birthday, but it wasn't done yet. It still isn't.

This is so in my favourite movies list

Movie: Scoop

Cast: Woody Allen, Hugh Jackamn, Scarlett Johansson, Ian McShane

I was not familiar with Woody Allen, and I totally didn't expect him to have such great sense of humour. Now I'm gonna pay more attention to this old guy's movies. This movie kept me laughing from the beginning, right 'til the end. Hillarious to the core.

It tells a story of how Allen's and Johansson's characters, Sidney and Sondra try to investigate Jackman's character, Peter. McShane's character, a dead journalist named Strombel literally had to get a scoop on a breaking news from the grave. Check out the whole Jack the Ripper thing. He connected with Sondra, 'cause she was a journalism student, but a hapless one. Nevertheless, Sondra was ambitious and dwelved into the investigations, with the help of Sidney. My favourite quotes from the movie came from the funny duo, right before they started their adventure. They were arguing about how to devise the perfect plan:

Sidney: We gotta put our heads together.

Sondra: If we put our heads together, you'll hear a hollow noise.

Hugh Jackman was looking delicious. He may play the part of a serial killer, but he was such a charm. He'd kill me with his looks anytime *drools* In the scene where he pushed Sondra into the private lake, I was fantasizing of him and me in that boat. Ooohh... How lovely to make out with Hugh Jackman on a boat, in the middle of a private lake.

Dirty thoughts aside... This is one helluva movie. Two thumbs up!

Farewell me lovelies

So the steamboat dinner went on... And surprisingly it went well after all. I don't know if there were still any drama going on at that time, but it sure was fine with me.

Yiu sent me to Sunway Pyramid, after taking me for a joyride. He had some pre-Christmas rounds to do. Not that he was really giving out presents. It's his fault I had M2M stuck in my head last night. Actually, I'm still humming to their songs right now. Gosh... He had to play their CD. Wouldn't mind Linkin Park. But I'm not gonna break relations with him 'cause he's a good fella. I reached Sunway at 4-ish. Desperately needed to answer nature's sms so I headed right to the washroom after getting off. Kudos to Sunway Pyramid for a totally pimped out washroom. Lol. I remember how dreadful they used to be. Wanted to take some pics but was too shy. There were people around. Don't want 'em to think I was that much of a jakun. Walked into Vincci to waste time, and I found a really nice pair of sandals. Then I sprinted out of the shop. 'Cause I don't wanna end up spending my money there. I'd be broke if I did buy the shoes. It's good to know myself well. Brought only enough money for the dinner and train ride. Didn't even take my ATM card along. So I managed to save my soul... For now. Not wanting to be tempted to shop anymore, I went to Starbucks to read my book. Brought it along 'cause I knew I had some time-wasting to do. Was waiting for Angie to pick me up.

My usual: Green tea frap. Nicked the mag :p

We (Abby, Angie, Peng, Sui Hwa and yours truly) were the earliest to arrive. 5.30 p.m. sharp. There weren't even other customers yet. The crowd (non JRY3S3) only started to come after 7 p.m. What do we do to past time? Camwhore, of course! But we started eating soon after 'cause we got hungry. I didn't eat anything the whole day. Come to think about it, my frappucino was my meal the entire day before dinner. And we have no idea what time the others would arrive. So... eat first lah! The place we went to was Summer BBQ & Steamboat Restaurant. It's a real nice place. Friendly service, great price and good food. The ingredients for the steamboat and bbq were fresh. You don't even have to bbq the food. Just pick whatever you want, and pass 'em to the staff. They'll hook you up with some wicked stuff. Too bad it was raining. It would've been so cool to eat on the balcony.

Our group had 30 people (31 including See Yin's boyfriend). Naturally, we sound-polltued that place and most possibly annoyed the crap outta other customers. But like, who cares? We ate, yakked and camwhored to the max. It's not like we'll ever have this sorta get-together anytime soon.


I'll miss these people. And those who weren't there. You know I love you guys *Muaks* I certainly won't miss UTAR though. But we gotta give it at least a wee bit of credit for bringing us together. I wish us all the best in our future endeavours, and may we be happy in all that we do. Now keep your fingers crossed so I'll be hired soon.

Hanging out with friends

This wasn't a celebration. In fact I don't think there's anything worth celebrating... Until I passed all my papers and when I'm employed. Sigh... Why must I sound so sad all the time?

Back to happier moments, went out with How and Yoyo to The Curve. Both my dear friends were "The Curve Virgins". Lol. But I couldn't show 'em the hip and happening scene at the place 'cause it wasn't a weekend night. But I still enjoyed it. Hope they did too. Why did I enjoy it so much? 'Cause I had dinner at Sakae Sushi. Yummy!

Check out the high-tech ordering menu

DIY refills

The famous 'Paper Steamboat'

The paper steamboat was damn nice. The broth was clear and sweet, tastes just right with the meat and veges cooking in it. We couldn't get over how tough the paper was. Jakuns... But of course it's no ordinary paper. They probably serve two persons with one set, but I could finish one entirely by myself. I also had an Avocado Temaki and two pieces of salmon sushi. Don't bother bout the sushi here. They break easier than Sushi King's and tastes so-so. Come for the ala-carte meals. They're the stuff that makes your lips smack.

The Christmas decos at the Curve were so pretty, I couldn't resist another episode of camwhoring. Sorry for the blur pic, that's what you get with a sucky camera.

Sacrificing my sleep for freedom

Yes people... It's time to drop off those baggages and heave a huge sigh of relief. 'Cause we're free... And happy! *nerdy dance* Well... Perhaps not 100% happy. There's still some weight left on the shoulders 'cause God knows how the results will turn out. Broadcast Journalism didn't turn out to be as bad as I had imagined. Maybe miracle happened today. I think it really did. The train didn't stall at the apartment. But seriously something tells me those CBs are gonna screw it up. I hope not. UTAR's gotta give us graduating students a break. Don't even get me started on the whole Online Journalism thing!

My body and mind feel so messed up right now. Didn't sleep last night, 'cause couldn't sleep. Too much going on in my insane mind... But I had to blog about finally coming to the end of the road before hitting the sack. Hope I can wake up to go out later.

There's nothing much about today, really. We sat for our final paper, went for lunch at the mamak... As usual. But deep down we knew it was the last time we could sit together like this and have a cuppa at our favourite mamak stall. There's the steamboat farewell dinner at Sunway tomorrow. Hope the people can make it. Should I make Yiu come back to Balakong and send me all the way to Sunway? I don't wanna be all princess-y and trouble the poor guy, but I'm not feeling the whole journey to Sunway. It's not like a short train ride to Midvalley. I gotta take this train and get down here, take another train and get down there, then gotta meet up with whoever at somewhere else, before haggling about how to get to the destination. Yup, I guess I'm gonna trouble the poor fella after all :p

I wrote this piece while waiting for time to pass in the exam hall. Got nothing else better to do. I don't know why but I was so inspired to write about someone or something that this came out naturally. I think it sounds cool. It'll be super-fly if some superstar buys it as lyrics for his/her/their song. Ahh... Wishful thinking.

by Ashley Liew

You see me standing there
But you just don't care
At all

You know you make me cry
But you can't stop all your lies
Oh no

I feel lost when you're not here
It gets worse when you're near
Why aren't you by my side
When it gets cold late at night

Come on now
Get your act together
If you want me to stay forever
But I think you can't do that
'Cause it's a fact
That you're a loser

Make me believe
That you can achieve
Things you said you would
Not always walk an unfinished road

I've been thinking a lot
You're not all that I got
Why am I still stuck here?
Wasting my time
With a loser

You see me walking away
But you can't stop me
I know just what you'll say
"Baby, please stay"
I'm saying goodbye
You Liar, Procrastinator, Poser, Failure
Now everyone knows why
You're such a loser

Baby, baby
Ain't it sad
When no one cares
About your sorry ass

I hope someday you'll see
All your stupidity
How it kills your soul
Leaving you all alone

Kuala Kubu Baru makes us proud

Who says Kuala Kubu Baru is not on the map?

Read this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/6210322.stm

Anyone who hails from this small town can now walk around with a big grin on their face.

I hope God loves me

This day will not go down as a good one in my history. My stinking paycheque is still not bloodyhell banked in yet, and for the first time in my whole goddamn life... I crapped useless shit for my finals. Seriously, I've been through so much of pressure-filled moments prior to having exams before this, but today is THE shit. Didn't study and didn't bother to study. So I really have to pray I don't fail. Or I'll have to call up Mr. Balbeer and seduce him into giving me good grades. I might actually contemplate on this option. Maybe it's not an option after all. It's all that I've got left. I've slept with a bai fella before... So what's gonna be difficult about this eh? I should come up with a list on ways to sleep with lecturers to get good grades. Stay tuned...

I wanted to leave the god forsaken place so badly that I'm going down in hell before I'm done. Not to mention the shitty coursework grades. Argh... It's killing me to think about what I'm gonna do if I fail. This is the first time I've ever really felt that I'm gonna fail. Mark my words, IT SUCKS. I think I'm gonna cry myself until I'm dry and then curl up and die. Note: Please wear pink to my funeral. I love pink and I'll let you know my vengeful soul won't mind. Black is so predictable at funerals.

Enough with the shittiness and paranoia... What's done is done. I gotta suck it up slowly.

On a happier note, today's Danny's birthday. The boy's finally grown up. We got him a Body Shop Men's gift set. Actually I bought the stuff. Didn't know the fella had a wishlist. This item wasn't on it. Don't read his blog 'cause I can't read Chinese anyway.

After the shitty exams, we went to Pizzeria Bella Italia at SS2. Kinda okay place. I ordered a complimentary salad, instead of the mushroom soup. Tasted Abby's. She found it salty but I liked it. But since it's hers so I only had two scoops. Kedekut punya perempuan...

My spaghetti. Forgot its name but it's originally written as fettucine on the menu. Just prefer spaghetti so got 'em to change it. It's got dory fish and all in it.

The salmon pizza we shared. Tastes okay-lah. Maybe I was too stuffed with food, I could still feel the cheese clogging my throat hours after eating just two slices. Sake San still wins hands down. No doubt about it.

Birthday boy ruining the pretty rose that the Body Shop lady made on the wrapper.

Male camwhore alert! (Nice pressie right? Sure la... Ashley chose ma)

Groupie!! Sui Hwa's missing 'cause she had to take this pic, so not a complete group pic-lar

If you thought my look was interesting (if you ever)... I'll share a secret. I got influenced by Jess from The Veronicas. She was in a similar outfit in the video for 'When It All Falls Apart'. Abby hates my black nails. I think I'm a punk wannabe. Gosh... Am I really?

Went to Midvalley (again!) to jalan-jalan with Danny. He wanted to get some Christmas gifts, and I ended up spending money I don't have yet on a Topman bag. Yeah... TopMAN. Oh... I got this year's first Christmas gift. It's so cute. Wish I could use it but too bad I can't. So who's feeling lucky?