'Cause I live to eat

Let's start my culinary adventures beginning from this Friday. It's been a while since I blogged about food but hey, I'm no Anthony Bourdain so people please forgive me. Sophia also introduced me to a food blog which I absolutely fell in love with. I've already tagged the link on my site. Anyone interested can check it out. It's very nice. I tried one of the laksa stall which was featured and man, I have another great laksa place to go to whenever I'm in PJ. In the waiting list are the beef noodles and Thai food. Yum yum... Mr. Bun also can't wait to try out these places.


Lunch on Friday was at this restaurant located on Level 4 of Sg. Wang Plaza. I went on Thursday and I absolutely fell in love with the place. That's why I had to drag everyone else back there the next day. It's your usual lunching place, but Vietnamese food is the theme here. And I luurrrvvvveeeee Vietnamese food!

Hot Mama fried rice

Crispy shrimp bananarama. The one with sesame coasting on top had chunks of banana in it, while the other one had banana puree. I like the one with banana puree better 'cause it's sweeter.

Vietnamese coffee

Thai pineapple fried rice. Came with two big and juicy prawns on top.

I ordered this roast beef rice. Not bad, not bad at all...

Ayam percik rice ball... One of the items which I will defintely try the next time I'm here.

Fresh shrimp roll. I'm not really familiar with the condiments that are used in Vietnamese food, but it was really flavoursome when I took a bite. Goes well with the shrimp paste.

Cheesy chicken canai roll. This one I don't really like. The roti canai was too thick and I couldn't really taste the fillings inside. Kinda tough to chew as well.

Paddle-pop coloured ice cream which came with Eric's Hot Mama fried rice. There's a wide list of set meals at this place so it's not really a problem if you're on a budget. But of course if you order from the set menu then you won't get to taste the side dishes. And I wish they had an unlimited avocado stock so that I can finally taste the avocado drink. Me want smooth skin...


Mr. Bun was walking on air when I told him that my mom asked if he wanted to come along to Genting with us. My dad was up there and my second brother had to go for a seminar and it was my mom's birthday. So I went. But Mr. Bun had to work so he couldn't. He wouldn't have went even if he was free. The boyfriend still shy shy. He bought these doughnuts for my mom. But mainly for me lah... I absolutely love the almond and chocolate banana one. So far I only dislike the vanilla one, which I didn't buy this time around. Oh, Mr. Bun bought the chicken floss one and needless to say, we both agreed that chicken floss doesn't go well with doughnuts and we prefer Breadstory much better.


We've been to this place for the first time before my eldest brother left for India. It was okay the first time around. This time, everything sucks. No one greeted us when we came in and the staff were busy chit-chatting while we glared at them for not setting up the table and giving us the menu. Suffice to say that I will not recommend you guys to this restaurant. It's weird to start your dinner with a dessert but that's how my dad wanted it so what the heck!

Gui ling gao which sucks 'cause the honey+sugar syrup sucks

The dish on top is mixed vegetables with bamboo something something and the one right below it is beancurd something something. Both were tasteless and absolutely horrible. How can something with tons of mushroom end up so terrible?

Mint mayonnaise prawn ball without any mint taste at all. Just green coloured mayonnaise.

Most decent-tasting dish, Hong Kong choy sum.

I have to ask Alex to tapau some Krispy Kreme when he comes back from Jakarta in August. I'm bitten by the doughnut bug. I'm turning into Homer Simpson.

P/S: The Simpsons movie was hillarious although a little too short. Make sure you stay until the credits roll to the end. 'Cause the end ties back to the beginning. If you get what I mean.


Me no fan of Korean entertainment scene but I need to fly into Tioman again next month for this: http://www.kpopkingdom.com/

Anyone who's a fan? I can get autographed posters or CDs if you ask...



Bodoh... Make origami no need paper ah?


Ladies, start your engines...

See I'm so good share this with you even though I cannot go :(

And I wished time would pause

So I got a free ticket to watch 'The King & I' during the weekend and my review would be a conensed and compact summary of two words:

Nice biceps.

Seriously. The lead and supporting males had huge ass muscles! The first half of the show was draggy and I didn't fancy the King's monolouges at all. Second half was at least bearable. The ending was so "wtf like that you also can call ending ah? wtf wtf". It could've been more engaging if I joined the lunch with the cast members two weeks ago, but you can't just summon a high fever away, can you?

Weekend was umm... I would call nice. But of course too short. Had nice and not-so-nice moments but I wished the weekend would never end. But everything comes to an end. Even draggy musicals with wtf endings and Harry Potter. Btw, it was so funny to see Harry Potter on sale for RM69.90 at Tesco...

Wedding: Waiting to be Inspired

Isn't this super adorable? Totally fits my philosophy of "Your money is my money, my money is my money". Muahahaha...

My colleague, Kenix just told me she's getting married in October. Like Mr. Bun and myself, her relationship with her fiance is only a few months old. But they've already known each other since their college days. He recently proposed and she's quitting her job here soon to help her husband-to-be in his business. Ahh... So romantic.

I'm supposed to work on a generic wedding ad for our three islands. I'm so not inspired. I mean, I'm in love. But there's a difference between being a woman in love and a woman with a truly romantic ad concept. If I were to have a wedding, it's gonna be so OTT that the word romantic would become an understatement. So how to think of a romantic ad concept leh? Actually I did have one yesterday when my boss asked me to work on it. She told me to refer to an ad she worked on for her former employer and to my surprise, my initial (and blurry) concept was similar to hers. Great minds think alike, eh? :p

Groan... I'm terrible at this whole branding thing. But what to do? Must learn to overcome my limitations lah! Not sure if my ad concept will be well-received though. Tsk tsk... Hopefully Kenix's wedding energy is powerful enough to spark off some inspiration from my unromantic brain cells.

Hate it when I'm surrounded by this whole wedding talk. Makes me think of how my life would be if I were a missus. So far-fetched from my life right now. Which makes me hate thinking about it. Oh... My colleague, Sophia said it's a good idea us gals work with our husbands once we are married. That way, we can go to work whenever we feel like it, and not go to work when we have no mood for it. I told Sophia I'd talk to Mr. Bun and ask him to take over his dad's coffee shop after we get married. He can marry a few more concubines and they'll be the workers at the kopitiam, helping to serve customers, clean the dishes and what not. I don't mind the extra wives as long as he comes home in the evening to me with the moolah. I'm such a talented and efficient HR manager right? I know which industry I can join if I were ever to lose interest in the one I'm currently in.

Anyone with romantic wedding ideas/dreams/plans? Share with me can? Can lah...

P/S: I think the wedding vibe is starting to rub off some magic on me. Thanks to these wedding websites which Sophia recommended. How can you not love this poem I found??

"Body heat, tickled laughter, whispered sweets
Tangled feet, rumpled blanket, sweaty sheets
Hearts on beat, candid comfort, no tricks just treats
So complete, and tomorrow, let's repeat"

Small step to success

Got a small bump in the paycheque. A small bump is better than no bump at all, nonetheless. Plan to buy the boyfriend dinner. Dear, save your appetite and tummy for that piece of juicy steak you've always wanted to eat. And yesh, yesh... Will not forget to bring the mother out for makan as well. Eat what ah? Umm... I read an advertorial on a Japanese buffet at Centrepoint a few weeks ago. Been wanting to go to try it out. Maybe bring the mother there la.

I sound very rich hor? Well, must belanja deserving people first ma. I do save up money every month anyway. Not like I spend 'em all. Bad news is I gotta start paying back the PTPTN loan now ;( Mom's been nagging edi...

Back from the island

So I just realised I don't have a label for my travels, so I created Travelogy starting with this entry. Hopefully I have more and more travel stories to share in the future. But my maiden trip to Berjaya Tioman Beach, Golf & Spa Resort wasn't about a holiday at all. It was work. I'm a fam trip virgin no more... Nothing on Berjaya Hills because I missed the trip up for the event on 'The King & I'. Was down with high fever. But at least you guys didn't have to go to the hospital to visit me. I was suspected of having dengue fever at first. But I'm alright now.

Good airport. It knows smoking is bad for health.

We flew to Tioman via Berjaya Air and it's suffice to say that the airplane is only able to fly short distances and thank god for that. I always seem to forget an item or two after I leave the house for a trip. It's a bad curse I have. So I was longing for a jacket when I came close to shivering at the Subang Airport. I don't know what happened between the cab driver and my mom but I was so near to getting sent to KLIA instead. Imagine the disaster that would've happened if I really did end up at the wrong airport.

Well, apart from the fact that my boss wanted me to start knowing the resorts and the people who work there, I was there for the Tioman Mega Dive. An event that could've gone to greater heights if the organizers were less disorganized. But let's not get to the bitching, shall we?

Room 501 - Standard Chalet. Newly refurbished somemore. I liked my room a lot. Even more so if it was right next to the beach. But I wasn't too far away though. The room was small and cosy, just nice for any lone traveller or a couple. It was just so comfy to sleep on that King-sized bed all on my own. Syiok!! The bathroom was nice, but any person in bigger size wouldn't have been able to fit into the bath tub. It's kinda small. And I wished the hot water stayed hot.

Sri Nelayan... This place is huge. And it's called a coffee house. More like an eating hall, I'd say. I was surprised with the amount of angmohs we had at the resort. Local travellers were a rare sight.

The Superior Chalets, for those who prefer bigger room space or simply want to choose to live on a higher level, for whatever reason...

Getting around on the shuttle. Bad ass modified vehicle. Plenty of those around on the island. No JPJ to saman the people here.

Not much of interesting bits for this trip. Mostly due to the fact that I only stayed one night. But it was a great experience to finally arrive at one of the places which I only got to know from the brochures and flyers we work on in the office everyday. And meeting my colleagues at the resort was fun. We had beer 'til one a.m. in the midnight, just blowing water and laughing at our personal jokes. Was just spending some fun time with some really cool people. Aah... Kill me if you want me to stay longer than a week here, though. Life is so mundane here. You do the same boring stuff over and over within the same small space. I don't know how the guests stay more than a week on one stretch when they come. I can't handle that. Unless it's Hawaii or something like that. Looking forward my next fam trips.

Zooming past six months

Officially, it's been seven months. But who cares if it came one week past its due date?

I was confirmed to my job yesterday.

But I'm in no condition to celebrate. Sick again. It's pretty bad this time around. The fever and flu is dizzying up this girl. Nearly fainted yesterday. Seriously, I'm not trying to be a drama queen. Thank god Mr. Bun was around. Feeling better now compared to the past two days when I was trapped in the chilling and agonizing air-conditioned office. Next week, I'm away for nearly the whole week. Up to the hills on Monday and flying off to the golden sandy beaches of Tioman Island. Back to the bustling sights and sounds of KL City on Friday. Absolutely no time with the boyfriend. But he was so sweet, he drop by this morning with two huge nuts for me. Two coconuts, that is. Maybe he'll drop by again later after watching Die Hard 4.0 with his boyfriends. Groan... I need more rest. Nothing is good on telly right now so I'm stuck with watching Concert for Diana. See you guys when I'm back from my free fam trip to Tioman. Try not to be jealous kay? 'Cause I'll be in Redang next month or so for another fam trip. Work, but still...

I Don't Want A Plastic Bag

One month ago when I found out about this bag, I was like, "Who cares about this stupid bag?"

Now I'm this stupid person making frantic phone calls on how I can get my hands on it. The Malaysian launch is this week and I'm eating my own shorts because I don't think I can get one from the Boleh nation.

So dear friends, if you have some love for the Pinkster, please get me one from the enchanted lands of abroad and I'll be glad to pay you back. I won't mind if it's a prezzie either ;)

Deb, your jetsetting lifestyle brings you to all over the world. Please keep an open eye for me and hopefully you'll have this bag stuffed in your briefcase for me when you come home end of this year.

Darshini, I know this damn thing is sold out in the U.K., but if in any case that you can have 'em shipped to your address or something, please do me this big ass favour. Pleaseeeeeeeeee...

Alex, they have it in Jakarta! Read my sms. Help me buy it!! I'll take good care of Joanna for you. I swear!

I hope Mr. Bun can work out a miracle and get me one this week. Threats of "Don't come see me if you don't get the bag" don't seem to work on the boyfriend. Not that I was serious anyway. But I really really want the bag :( Badly... I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want!

Reason #5436 to hate Paris Hilton: I bet she can get a dozen of these for free without even trying to ask for it. Here I am bitching about how much I want it but can't on my blog. Blah!