From Muar with Love

Mr. Bun says I left out a cup of tea in the total amount of RM5.70. So you imagine lah how economical the meal was!

Excuse this post for being one day late. The weekend ended a day ago but I just got the photos from Mr. Bun this morning.

We were in Johor the past weekend for one of his friend's wedding. Passed by Muar so the boyfriend proudly brought me around to show me the town he grew up in. It's amazing to see how such a small town with just a few roads have sooooo much of great food. I only tried some, and yearning for more! But it's okay, the boyfriend promised lots of more great food the next trip down south. Food pics ahead!!

Chicken rice ball ala Muar style. Can you believe it that both of us had two rice balls each + a plate of chicken, and the bill only came to RM5.70? Gosh... I can't even get a decent meal with that amount of money in KL.

This is some world-class stuff here. Famous Muar otak-otak. I've never had any in KL. But I can tell I've had the best just from Mr. Bun and my colleagues' reactions. There are fish and prawn flavours. Tastes kinda same to me cos they're spicy as hell, but I like the prawn ones better cos I get to chew on the tiny little shrimps. And now I'm the Muar otak-otak girl who everyone wants to tumpang buy whenever I go down *swt*

No, I wasn't in Penang. Look back at the title of this post. Muar's not famous for oyster omelette (orh chien) but this stall draws the crowd. Don't ask me where it is. I'm bad with the roads there. You gotta bribe Mr. Bun for him to tell.

We find bliss in the simplest things in life. People (including us) were queueing up for this red bean ice (hong tou ping) for at least half an hour. It was so good that some bastard jumped queue for it. Doesn't look too fancy eh? Unlike the usual rainbow coloured ABC we get everyday... You'll know why everyone else loves it once you put a spoonful into your mouth and start to chew. Trust me.

Lastly, a simple plate of good ol' char kuey teow. It's not just a Penang specialty you know? ;)

But the best is still home cooked food. Prepared with a huge sprinkle of love and care. Mr. Bun's mom tapaued a big tupperware of porky for me to eat at home. Delicious stuff. And I just had mom's cooking for dinner. All together now... BURPPPP!!!!!!!!

Chester makes me horny

Things are sexy only in the first minute of the video. Can practically see his rib bones jutting out of his skin, but who cares? Chester's half-naked!! Excuse me, I need to go get a pail to catch my drool.

The 'F' Word

I was once told by a friend, "Forgive and you shall forget". But I begged to differ. For my previous relationship that ended on a not so amicable note, I can never forgive. But I have loooooooong forgotten. You may think I'm saying this because I'm living my life in self denial mode, but I'm very certain that this is not a case to forget only when I have forgiven. (Wtf why do I keep typing 'firgiven'? It's so annoying).

Yeah, but why is pinkyfreak suddenly reminiscing about her past romance if she has forgotten? Or rather, moved on? Well if you notice the chatbox on the right panel of this page, you'll notice this guy named Greg who magically appeared and posted a note about my ex lying in the hospital now and he's just dropping by to pass the message. Funny, I didn't know so many ex-coursemates from TARC would be fans of my blog. Or really, just this one fella. Anyway, no point in telling me about his pain or death because this person is out of my life. It's not about me being cold hearted. It's about really sticking to what I believe in and not wanting to have anything to do with hurtful people who can only end up as a devastation. People say children are like a clean, white piece of cloth who is coloured and patterned by their parents, peers and everyone else. I say we are who we associate ourselves with. I do not believe in making contact with someone who is showing remorse for his faults only after something precious is out of his reach. Makes you think twice before you ever take anyone for granted eh?

I told Mr. Bun about the messages. He was thinking that Greg wasn't really Greg, if you know what he means. I sort of think so too. Hidden intentions. False pretenses. Masked deceptions. Even if it was a sincere gesture to rekindle a friendship, I would not hesitate to withdraw my hand and keep it safe in my pocket. Much safer in the hands of bun bun. I was worried that my stories of the past would bother the boyfriend. But I can't control his thoughts. So I asked what would his reaction be if it was his ex girlfriend who extended him an olive branch. He gave me a dead no as an answer.

"What if she said she was in the hospital and wanted you to come for a visit?"

"I'm sorry but I know clearly if I want someone kept out of my life, I would not make any contact. Actually, I've forgotten about this person until you mentioned about her. Or maybe the time when I saw her viewing my profile on Friendster".

Well yeah... I forgot about my past until Greg appeared. To be honest, there are bits and pieces of memories which of course I'll never be able to delete from my memory. But those are just memories. Things that have happened to help me learn as I go through stages in my life. Not things to look back upon and cling to dear life as they pass me by.

Why make life difficult by putting the blame on someone else for not forgiving and therefore not being able to move on? At this point, it's not really about whether I have forgiven. I simply do not care. Anymore. So just cut the sameoldsameold story of pointing the finger and shifting the blame to someone else. Life as an adult is not easy, so just cut the crying, cut the coughing, cut the weazing, quit the blaming and cut the naming. I think you need some prayer, so get your act right or else we wont be speaking. So is it gonna be who blames who? I'm tired of these things, I'm tired of these scars, I think I'm gonna get me a drink, I'll call you tomorrow. Sounds familiar? Ripped off and kinda edited from Timbaland's rap on Aaliyah's 'We Need A Resolution'. Hehe... But ever so right to describe how things are when the bond between two is broken. Broken. Quite a heavy word. It's either you fix it or you leave it for something new. I chose the latter. Because there is no point in holding on to what isn't right. I have a job that I have to work hard for to improve. I have a man who I am deeply in love with. I have a family who I care about and work on not letting them feel like I treat them as a dump. I have friends who pick me up when I'm down. I have a list of places I'd like to visit before I die one day and I'm saving up for this dream. I have a dream wedding which I can see inside my head and finally I think I can see the groom's face clearly. So many things rolling in my life and I'm not gonna let it all slip away just because I can't move on from the past. I have. It's clear to see.

So why can't you?

A beautiful song ruined

I love Home by Michael Buble. I fell in love with his voice with this song. The song even made me cry. You know la... When feeling lonely, kinda empty and with a dash of emo-ness. Always pulls a little string in my haert when I hear this song. It just makes me feel... I can't really find a way to describe it. It's a beautiful song, but it makes you heartbroken. And you kinda feel Buble's emo-ness in his voice too.

But I heard this on the radio last night. Imagine the horror and trauma I went through. It was extremely disturbing. I couldn't stop ranting about how bad it was to Mr. Bun. Even took out my CD and let him listen to the original version. And good enough, he hated what was played on the radio too.

I guess this is one of the instances when people try to remake one's work and fail miserably at it. Westlife sucks. I suck too. But I'm not remaking anything with my failures. Ahhhhh... This is not supposed to be a complaint post. I'll just stop here *zips mouth*