This is disturbing

I had wanted to watch this just 'cause of its plot outline. I thought a movie based on real life stories would be a break from the usual staples I have. Never expected it to be so shocking... So disturbing. It's not entirely disturbing from the beginning to the end, but when some scenes get horrid, it made me squirm in my seat. To make things worse, I was already having a gastric attack while watching.

When the movie just started, I didn't recognize Laura Prepon. Right before she spoke her first lines, I realized she was the girl from 'That's 70's Show'. She looked so different with blonde hair and weight loss. But when she started to talk, the deep, husky voice was unmistakable.

You think your marriage is on the rocks? You should take a look at these crazy people. Seriously disturbed individuals, perfectly paired together. One is a serial rapist, and another is in love with him. How mentally sick can they get? They make all the odd couples in the world suddenly seem so normal.

Googled about the characters in the movie, and found out that the story's actually much more elaborate than what was featured in the movie. But the essentials were captured on celluloid. You'd still be able to tell how mentally disturbed these people are.

There's a point where Bernando was looking very much like a Kurt Cobain wannabe. I was wondering what the stylists were thinking about. The best bit? Check put pre-Superman Brandon Routh. You'd most likely not miss his appearance. It's kinda funny to see him like that though. This movie came just a little while before Superman Returns. So it doesn't do Routh much justice.

If you have to ask, I'd say it's a pretty challenging movie to watch. Makes you wonder about the sickos of the society, and how vulnerable victims become. Why girls need to walk around with pepper sprays or alarms in their hands, why kids need curfews and why we shouldn't travel alone, especially at night. Sad world we live in, isn't it?