Sit down and breathe

I feel like I've been on a complaining streak lately so I must sit myself down and think of the things that I need to be thankful for. 

I got a new job for the new year
I read this article by The BrandBuilder and it inspired me a lot. It's not like I got fired from my last job, but it made me feel good about taking a chance while I still can. It's been less than a month at my new job and I'm still feeling my way through but I have a feeling that it'll all be alright if I worked hard at it.

My in-laws like my cooking
Can I pour in a whole load of self-praise and say that they LOVED my cooking? Well, I don't know for sure but they did wipe everything clean when I went home with Mr Bun for Chinese New Year and spent three days cooking. It wasn't the grand Chinese dinner I had envisioned in my head but I sure did cook a whole lotta food to stuff everyone to the brim. I also found out that I need to learn more fatty pork dishes because ain't no Chinese dinner is complete without some good fatty oink.

I settled my problems like a real adult
You know how people always moan and bitch about their neighbours when some misunderstanding happens, and the situation usually ends up with them not speaking and silently cursing each other for whatever reason? I have this neighbour who lives on the same street, and they left their dog tied outside at the porch the other night. I don't have to tell you how bad that night was for me, with the dog barking throughout the goddamn night. To top it off, I drove for three friggin' hours on the same evening from Johor back to Cheras, with a long crawl at before every Seremban exit! (Wassup with you Seremban folks?!) I tried to knock on their door the next morning but there was no answer. I had to leave to work feeling supermegapissedoff and lethargic but I found solace in the awesome traffic while everyone else is still away from the city. Once I got to the office, I made a call to MPKJ, filed a report against this neighbour and hoped that they came to kick their sorry asses. But after I got home from work, I sat down and did some thinking. I came to realise that I was overreacting. So I hauled my ass over to talk to my neighbours and told them what their actions did to me. They apologised for it and explained why they left the dog tied outside and they were away when I came over to knock on their door. I felt sorry too and said that I will cancel the MPKJ report and hoped this will not happen again. I'm pretty positive that we ended the conversation without any bad feelings. That's what I tell myself anyway. But I'm super proud of myself for acting calmly and solve my problem. Thumbs up for me!!

I'll stay for free when I visit the USA
If I ever get around that, I can shamelessly visit and stay for free at Deb and Ed's place. That is, if Deb doesn't get super famous after launching 'The Real Housewives of Oregon' and forgets this friend. In all seriousness, I'll miss you Debs and have a great new life in the Gold Mountain with your gimshunhock. Click here if you have no idea what I'm gibbering about.

People like me
That's my shy optimist side speaking. People still talk to me and stuff, so they like me, don't they?