An Evening with Khalil Fong

Last night the boyfriend and I were at Genting to catch Khalil Fong's show. Several friends were surprised that I was even aware of his existence, judging from my preference for English songs. There's no need to be surprised really. He's an ABC and does pretty good covers of some classic English songs. But that's not the main reason why I love Khalil. His songs are really good and the show last night was absolutely fantastic! He did not run out of tune nor run out of breath after singing for 2 hours straight. That's how a true good singer should perform live. I only wished he got his bum off the stage and got closer to his fans.

I was imagining myself as the girl Khalil was singing about in his 'Black and White' song and hence, the dress. I wanted to post a link to the video but it has been removed from Youtube. Go find the video if you want to know what I'm talking about. Btw he looks really cute in that video.

Camwhoring with Khalil's poster outside the arena.

Met Mrs. B who got her concert cherry popped by Khalil. Mr. B bought the show's tickets. LOL!

With the man responsible for introducing me to Khalil's music :)

Khalil Fan Club members getting overly enthusiastic in front of the TV crew's cameras as the show is about to start. To the two guys who were trying to copy Khalil's style: Cut it out. You are nowhere near as good looking as Khalil. Just stick to loving his music. TQVM.

Opening act: I'm sorry to his fans, but I really have no idea who this is. Yes, that is how supportive I am towards the local entertainment industry. Mrs. B tells me his name is Andrew Tan.

The Soulboy finally gets on stage. Shame on those concertgoers who didn't come in on time. Don't you guys realise the show can't be started if you don't come in and find your seats on time? Bloody hell.

Khalil sat down to perform 'Georgia on My Mind'. He told this lame joke which he uses in possibly every country on this tour. I totally expected him to recycle it last night, and he did not disappoint. Click here to watch the video which shows him telling the joke a few days before landing in Malaysia. Now, click here to watch my video of him telling the exact same joke. It's cute, but it would've worked had I not seen the first video before the show. Smelly nerd and chubby gf who sat beside the bf and I were sooooo thrilled when they managed to decipher the joke. Btw the "zhe daooooooo" you hear in the second video is my voice.

Khalil flashing a cheeky grin before running off stage. I love you baby!!!!!!!! Come back soon.

I've uploaded some videos on Youtube. Click on the songs to view some of the highlights from his concert. My favourite was 'Wonderful Tonight'. That's most probably because it was the only song I could sing along to all the lyrics. Watching the videos and listening to his songs after the show just makes my heart grow fonder for Khalil *sigh*

> Red Bean
> Superstition
> Wonderful Tonight
> You are the Sunshine of My Life

Cats and dogs

Being stranded in a cafe with WiFi and a borrowed Macbook isn't such a bad idea. It would be nice if I had a companion to help look after the laptop while I head to the washroom without having to worry about the laptop being carted away by a scumbag stranger. It's funny how I've been sitting here for the past three hours and have not accomplished the main task that drove me out here in the first place. Well, at least I've checked my emails and done 2% of what I wanted to finish today. I believe it's important to have achieved something than to attempt nothing at all. The rain is pouring and it's getting dark in here. I wished they had proper fluorescent lights on so I don't have to risk going blind after sitting here and staring into the screen for another few more hours.

I just emailed a friend in New Zealand updating her about my abandoned plans due to the recent life-changing decision that Bun and I made. Sometimes I feel like I make too many promises to myself which I'll never fulfill. One of it is New Zealand. New York is another promise which lives in a little corner in my head. I suppose I can plan for a short visit someday. Right now all I can do is dream.

Colours on the horizon

Last weekend was sorta life-changing for Bun and I. We finally signed the papers to our possible first home (I'm saying possible at this point 'cause I don't wanna jinx anything). The house fits most of our requirements but it isn't located in a very central place. That don't really matter 'cause it's central to our work places. I guess it's all for the better since I'll be far away from the evil shopping temptations (sigh!)

The house won't be ready until 2012 and I'm pretty scared about the whole waiting process. You know, all those horror stories by other new house owners about projects being abandoned. I'll try to not fret about things that I cannot control and start looking out for stuff that we need for a new house. There are a million things that we need to buy and it's good to start looking around to know what's the best deal we can get. Now we're moving on to the fun stuff! Imma need to start an inspiration board!! Curse the man who banned me from using pink as the main colour of the house. I won't cook for him once we move in. That'll show him.

We were greeted by a huge rainbow while on the way out after signing the papers. I'm not trying to sound superstitious or universal or whatever, but I do believe this could be a good sign for our new beginning.