Keys to my crib

It's finally happening. I'm getting the keys to our first (and new!) home this weekend!! Things have been slowly creeping up on me and I just realized that I'm about to be a mad new house owner for the next couple of months! I'm already worrying about potential problems with the contractors, what colour should I paint my walls, what colour should my kitchen cabinet be in, yadayadayada... How lovely it would be to have Mr Bun back home sharing this milestone with me but alas, he needed to be away to bring home the bacon and so be it.

Thank goodness for my habit of saving beautiful photographs of other people's homes and now I am set to make my very own inspiration board. But first I'll have to filter out what I really want and then work from there. This will not be easy.

I'm kicking off the process with meetings with contractors this weekend, screening them based on their characters and responses as well as the quotations that will come later. Coming from the middle income bracket, I'd definitely need to look for the best price but I'm trying hard not to focus too much on the price. The workmanship and reliability plays a bigger role in this process. 

I guess the house will keep me busy for at least 6 months. Obviously I'm hoping for the best and will try my darnest not to lose it. I need to keep my bridezilla mode for my wedding. I hope my house doesn't give me a meltdown before that.