My new beginning

This will be the road leading to my brighter future, starting from 1 June 2009 onwards. Wish me luck!

Walking out with a straight face

Help, my nose is falling off!

I've put myself under house arrest since Wednesday. But I did go into the office for a short while though. I felt bad for not having lunch with a colleague who's not gonna be around when I'm no longer around. But I can't help it when my fever's hit 39°. I.NEED.REST. Lots of it. Thanks goodness the fever's subsided and I can actually sit up straight now.

Yesterday, I perspired like I've never before. I never knew I could produce that kind of mind-blowing amount of sweat. My t-shirt was soaked like I just walked in the rain and my bed looked like a dog jumped on it and peed all over. Even the pillows weren't spared. I've got everything out under the sun today. I'm still feeling kinda woozy from the meds. But I'm happy just 'cause I still have the energy to type. Although whatever's typed out here will end up in the GIBBERISH category.

I want to eat Nasi Lemak, Curry Mee and fried chicken gizzards. But looks like I'm gonna have to lay off these stuff for a while. I really don't need another aunty asking me if I have H1N1 in an elevator full of strangers. Can you believe how dumb some people can get sometimes? Geez...