I'm in deep SHIT

I'm supposed to be pouring all over my notes, right? Noooo... I had to follow mom out today. Even when she's just out to Kepong. Lame. But I had to. 'Cause if I didn't, I wouldn't have refilled my fridge. I couldn't have hoped on my mom to get the groceries... She memang tak boleh harap. Now I'm happy. 'Cause there's lots of lemons for me to squeeze, sweet potatoes for me to eat (and then fart) and fruits aplenty! But broke. Not that I used my own money to buy all the stuff. I even had to borrow moolah from mom to get that something for that someone. It's 'cause my fucking cheque from fucked up Touch Point is not cashed yet. What's wrong with my ID? Am I actually an illegal immigrant that they won't allow the money to go through? CB.

I'm so tired. Didn't sleep well last night. I kinda feel like studying but I wanna sleep. So how?