February so far

I've been jobless for more than a week now since I resigned from my job on the last day of January. I'm not really jobless since I have a new position to report to come beginning of March, but I have three weeks off before I embark on a new career journey. Three glorious weeks!! So far it's been filled with days well spent with family and friends over Chinese New Year celebrations. The timing couldn't be any more perfect. I'm also cramming in opportunities to go out looking for stuff that I need for our house. Who knew even a minor thing like curtains could turn out to be something totally major? Now I realise that the devil is in the details and I'd better get things sorted out while I still have time.

We usually go back to Mr Bun's hometown for up to a week during CNY but he doesn't have that privilege this year. So we only spent three days, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th days of CNY back at the kampung. Kinda glad for the fact that we didn't have to get caught in the pre and post CNY mad traffic. I spent the first two days cooking, which got me thinking if I want to do this again next year (I guess I can overlook the fact that it's super tiring since it's a once-in-a-year affair). 

I'm not a big baby-hugger type of person but here I am caught in one of those rare heartwarming moments. This is the 3rd niece from Mr Bun's family and here she looks like a super adorable baby zombie trying to chew me alive.

Been spending some time lepaking at home while Mr Bun is at work over CNY. But we did manage to have a nice meal on Valentine's Day. No flowers, gifts and shiz because we never got into the silliness of those stuff. Just spending some quality time with each other will do :D We had dinner at this quaint restaurant called Taste Gallery at Bandar Mahkota Cheras and their molten lava cake is the best letmetellyou!!

My second elder brother had his registration of marriage two days after Valentine's Day. It was at the NRD in Putrajaya, the same place where I had mine. Back then they weren't open on Saturdays but now they are. We spotted a few hot-air balloons from the public carpark and walked over for some photo-op after the registration do but they were calling it a day. It was a MAKNA private event and how I wish I could've snuck in a little earlier. They had free helicopter rides!! ARGHGHGHGH :(

This really happened. You can't disagree that there is a resemblance.

Snuck in a few lou sang makans with different groups of friends and here I am with my girlies from PESS. That's Baby Cherish, who is the 2nd baby of the group. Wonder who will is next in line to be a babymomma?