Farewell me lovelies

So the steamboat dinner went on... And surprisingly it went well after all. I don't know if there were still any drama going on at that time, but it sure was fine with me.

Yiu sent me to Sunway Pyramid, after taking me for a joyride. He had some pre-Christmas rounds to do. Not that he was really giving out presents. It's his fault I had M2M stuck in my head last night. Actually, I'm still humming to their songs right now. Gosh... He had to play their CD. Wouldn't mind Linkin Park. But I'm not gonna break relations with him 'cause he's a good fella. I reached Sunway at 4-ish. Desperately needed to answer nature's sms so I headed right to the washroom after getting off. Kudos to Sunway Pyramid for a totally pimped out washroom. Lol. I remember how dreadful they used to be. Wanted to take some pics but was too shy. There were people around. Don't want 'em to think I was that much of a jakun. Walked into Vincci to waste time, and I found a really nice pair of sandals. Then I sprinted out of the shop. 'Cause I don't wanna end up spending my money there. I'd be broke if I did buy the shoes. It's good to know myself well. Brought only enough money for the dinner and train ride. Didn't even take my ATM card along. So I managed to save my soul... For now. Not wanting to be tempted to shop anymore, I went to Starbucks to read my book. Brought it along 'cause I knew I had some time-wasting to do. Was waiting for Angie to pick me up.

My usual: Green tea frap. Nicked the mag :p

We (Abby, Angie, Peng, Sui Hwa and yours truly) were the earliest to arrive. 5.30 p.m. sharp. There weren't even other customers yet. The crowd (non JRY3S3) only started to come after 7 p.m. What do we do to past time? Camwhore, of course! But we started eating soon after 'cause we got hungry. I didn't eat anything the whole day. Come to think about it, my frappucino was my meal the entire day before dinner. And we have no idea what time the others would arrive. So... eat first lah! The place we went to was Summer BBQ & Steamboat Restaurant. It's a real nice place. Friendly service, great price and good food. The ingredients for the steamboat and bbq were fresh. You don't even have to bbq the food. Just pick whatever you want, and pass 'em to the staff. They'll hook you up with some wicked stuff. Too bad it was raining. It would've been so cool to eat on the balcony.

Our group had 30 people (31 including See Yin's boyfriend). Naturally, we sound-polltued that place and most possibly annoyed the crap outta other customers. But like, who cares? We ate, yakked and camwhored to the max. It's not like we'll ever have this sorta get-together anytime soon.


I'll miss these people. And those who weren't there. You know I love you guys *Muaks* I certainly won't miss UTAR though. But we gotta give it at least a wee bit of credit for bringing us together. I wish us all the best in our future endeavours, and may we be happy in all that we do. Now keep your fingers crossed so I'll be hired soon.