Pig Out in Penang

I went, I saw and I ate 'til my stomach grew. Time for a diet before the convo...

This dish is called 'steamed groupa with pan mee'. I forgot the name of the restaurant. It's along the row of shops opposite Queensbay Mall. Right beside this shop with Pucca on its signboard.

Next stop was Swatow Lane, to the New World Food Court.

Sotong and Jellyfish with Kangkong. Damn syiok!

"Orh Chien". Niceeeee...

Why can't we have ABC's that taste like this in KL?

This was a humiliation to laksas on the whole island.

The weather was scorching hot. Coconut juice was perfect to cool down the heat

We had breakfast at Restaurant Zim Sum on Jalan Anson (opposite KDU) on the second day. This dim sum place is huge. It's a food court with performances by scantily-dressed chicks at night. The siew paus and egg tarts are deeelicioussss. Sumore they came right out of the stove. Yummm... "Ha mai" and fried chicken were nice. The rest, like the yam basket, paper-wrapped curry chicken, "siew mai" and "ha kau" were so-so.

Wan tan mee was simply gorgeous

Walked around Penang for a bit. We were all dead tired from the heat. Could really melt if we were made of wax. Chin dragged us to this coffee shop directly opposite Penang Chinese Girl's High School for laksa. He and his wifey were dead on serious about it being the best laksa of the whole island. I kinda liked it, but I only had a little. 'Cause I was still very full from the dim sum in the morning. And I ate two slices of watermelon right after coming from the Botanical Garden.

There's this row of houses right outside from the Botanical Garden, apparently Karpal Singh lives there as well. We saw two Indian fellas rip off the railing from the main gate of one of the houses. Then those fellas just sped off on their bike with the loot. The most ironic thing is that all the houses had big ass 'Rakan Cop' posters in front of their houses. So much for a successful anti-crime programme eh?

Next stop was to lepak at Tanjong Bunga. A lesson I learnt was to never wear heels to the beach. But then again, it's not as if I had other choices. I would wear sandals and then go barefeet if I knew I was going to the beach and had more space in my bag.

This house looks pretty normal right? But it's currently topping my wishlist. You may wonder why...

It's because the backyard looks like this.

I stayed at Toh Seng's brother's house. Nice place. My favourite bit of the house was the fridge. I've seen many people collect magnets and stick those on their fridges, but they have the coolest collection I've seen so far. The mini liquor bottles have real liquor in them. Don't the masks and cuckoo clock look absolutely cute?

Traffic back to KL was smooth. Thank goodness. But I was tired and sleepy at work. Distracted at most times. I came back with a fall. An emotional one. Sigh... There's always a boo-boo to every happy story, isn't there?

Proud to be Herself?

I've been contemplating this for a while, and I'm still undecided up to this point. Many people have told me not to read that brainless Singaporean bitch's blog, but I still do just for the heck of it. Even Deb and Darshini told me not to! Which bitch? That one who was blonde so she could feel like she's one of the white race and somehow is now sporting a blue-black hair colour, mebbe because she's already has a white boyfriend and there's no need to pretend anymore?

I didn't even bother to diss about her when she blogged about how it was alright to be raped by a man just because he's good looking... And white. And no... Posting up a defence after making it a point that you don't care what other people think about your views, time and time again, doesn't help in making you clear up your case. But I just read her latest entry, and despite how lovey-dovey she seemed over her (I guess, visually impaired 'cause he ended up with her) boyfriend, she was whining about how unfair it was for white people to have coloured eyes, and other races don't. How stupid can that be? My eyes are dark brown. Isn't dark brown a colour? Is that bodoh, or is that simply bodoh? She's got a lot of posts which angered a lot of people, but I never read those before. So this was the one that made me really sick. Has the chemicals from all the hair-dye she uses damaged her already puny brain? Or was it just the classic case of bad genetics? Or bad parenting? Her parents prolly never taught her how to lover herself, and her fellow racial members. Get a life, self-hating + self-denial bitch.

P/S: At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite myself, her link is still up 'cause I might continue reading her blog... For entertainment from anger, I guess. No clue about what other purpose it serves.

Riding up north

Pearl of the Orient... Here I come!!

So jakun... As if never went to Penang before. Sumore only going on Friday. But I still can't wait. Meeting up with friends and getting angpows. Most exciting of all... Penang food! Char kuey teow, assam laksa... You better watch out. My stomach is bloated like a pregnant cow's belly right now but I can still think about eating all these food. No wonder no guy wants me :(

Anyhoo... Today was the first time I ever felt like I hated going to work. Seriously. Everyone else are still on holiday but I gotta drag my ass up from bed and go to work. Didn't even do my own work today. Had to finish up someone else's unfinished work just because she's on leave. If cannot finish own work then don't go on leave la! KNS. Sumore can go to Singapore... As if she's willing to shop there. So kiamsap punya people. Go there also waste breath. ^&$^&$%*%&$#

I hope tomorrow's gonna be better. There's the lion dance troupe visiting the office, and planned 'Ghost Rider' after-work outing at IMAX. Sleepy like hell but I'm not letting my body have the rest it desperately needs.

Xin Nian Kuai Le

Chinese New Year... For Chinese, it signifies the beginning of a new spring and of course, a new year. Since the new spring has come, my home is unusually filled with plants and flowers. Well, not that much, but still more than usual. 'Cause usually we won't have plants lying around except for mom's bonsai trees. Just to add a little bit of CNY feel around the house.

I think I look like I'm too much into the CNY theme on the first day. But what hell... Red is in what!

Anyways, I won't be hoping too much on getting a lot of angpau. The newspapers are spinning that the economy's getting better but what do they know? Know how to spin lor! But no harm in trying to maximize my profits by putting on a thick face in the office and go around asking for angpau right? Yeah... I'll be able to get that fucking sexy pair of Aldo heels faster that way. Muahaha... Gong Xi Fa Cai everybody!

I wanna marry a Rock Star

Brandon, leave your wife. Let's elope. And I'm gonna save you and kill that ugly caterpiller living above your lip. I love you.

Doesn't Gary look so damn cute when he smiles?

Veli sepesel day

So it's that dreadful day of the year again. It never meant anything to me, but I must say... I had some pretty interesting events unfolding for me today.

Firstly, I woke up this morning and suddenly felt like cleaning up my computer table. So I did. Was going through the papers in my plastic folder before I throw them away, and guess what I found? Don't have to be so creative with your answers la... I found old love letters. Of course I threw them away! Meluat... Out of 365 days a year, I have to find these things today. Really suey!

Secondly, my Art Director enquired about my status. Not financial status. What other status can he ask about on Valentine's Day right? But it wasn't for his own use, he's married with a baby girl. He was asking me what I thought about his friend, this dunno what Finance Manager or Director or something. Wanted to hitch us up. Kept on promoting the good qualities of this guy to me. But I don't think I'm gonna give it a go. He's 30+ la. Where can? I know mature guys are better and more reliable, but it's so hard to accept someone so much older, more so the fact that I don't even know or speak to him. It's gonna be so hard for me to even speak to him from now on. Geli... Don't you think it's kinda weird that he's such a great guy (as advertised) but is still single up to this day? Why didn't the pat kung introduce my much age-appropriate (in other words - OLD) and still single colleague? I think she desperately needs to get laid. Something's wrong with her mind. Anyway, I'm gonna come up with a counter-attack tomorow against the pat kung and ask him to tie these two up together instead. Even if he didn't sound as weird, I wouldn't want a guy without the balls to even talk to me. Can even gossip with the pat kung after I finished my session. Dunno what the fark they talked about me... Oh, and my mom so not understands her daughter. She was actually up for the whole idea. Talk about parents who can't wait to get their children hitched. Hrmph!

Thirdly, I helped my male colleague to shop for Valentine gifts. Everything very nice and cheap. If I didn't teman him, sure the fella so kesian cannot find what he wanted to give to his girlfriend. Thank goodness for Cupid Ashley.

Fourthly, a sesat cab stopped in front of my house about 20 minutes ago. At first, I thought it was my brother who took the cab home. Then the cabbie came down and yelled something. Me, my mom and dad looked out to see what was happening. Then the cabbie said he was delivering flowers. My heart nearly skipped a beat.

"Wuah... I really have a secret admirer." - My inner monolouge.

But mana tau... The cabbie wanted to go to Jalan Rafflesia. I live on Jalan Cendana. KNS. If you want directions, just ask for directions la. Don't say you're delivering flowers, then only say you can't find this road. Bodoh.

So there. Valentine's Day for me this year was not so bad after all.

The start of my CNY

After all the drama, this is what matters the most... A happy ending.



Muse concert tickets are sold out.

Gwen Stefani, Linkin Park and The Killers coming to Malaysia in 2007.

For real??

I can't wait. I'll seriously jump off from my office block if I miss Linkin Park this time. Same goes for The Killers.

Busy as a Bee

Despite all the fucked-up-ness I had to endure yesterday, it was still a great day. I learnt that given time, people will eventually reveal their true self. A colleague I used to think was nice and cool, isn't really what she seems at all. I can see through the facade now. Thank God for a new and more real person. She's more of a WYSIWYG. I prefer that. And we can totally have a bitching session together and release our frustrations. I learnt that the path I've chosen, isn't familiar at all. I still so have so much to learn. Thank God for a good boss who's willing to teach and train me, to say the least. Thank God for meeting with some inspirational people along the way.

So we did some more media visits yesterday. Had the opportunity to rub shoulders and even had a friendly debate with two of the editors from Star. They're a real great bunch of people, I must say. Must be the big and nice office... Makes them all happy. Wong Sai Wan is probably coming up with a sequel to why modern women can't get married soon. Pity the fella, had to dodge our shower of bullets. Met Jennifer Ong from World Asia, and she gave me more reasons on why I should stay strong to build my career path. Not directly to me though, but I felt her passion for her work very inspiring. Yalah... A bit long-winded but it was all about the passion for work. I'm so looking forward for this year's HAPA.

We had a late dinner at Vansh, this really cool Indian restaurant in Starhill Gallery. My colleague, June used to work there. I'm gonna apologize now for not remembering the name of the dishes. Was too caught up with eating. Lol. It was difficult to take the pictures already, especially the pics outside of Vansh. Apparently pictures aren't allowed. And kesian my boss and colleagues. Have to wait for me to finish taking pictures before eating. And because of that, I couldn't concentrate taking perfect pictures la. Some ended up blur.

Vansh means 'The latest addition to the family". The manager, John hooked with us up with some wicked dishes. And the best part is, everything was on the house at the end of the night. Muahahaha...

They call this the "cigar". John explained why they call it cigar is because of the "fire" you taste after eating it. At first I thought smoke will come up after biting onto it, but I understood what he meant after eating. Really power!! This stuff is not available in Malaysia, so they got it imported. From where, I forgot. So I guess that means you can't get it anywhere else. There are three dips for it: Mint yoghurt, Chilli and another yoghurt I forgot what it's called. I like the one I forgot.

Mutton lovers, beware! Their award-winning lamb shanks will get you Addicted. Spelled with a capital "A" 'cause it's just so darn good. The meat is tender and juicy, but yet firm at the same time. Not to mention it was full of flavour.

The "Indian pizza". No cheese. Because it's not really a pizza after all.

This is simply an exciting dish to tease your tastebuds. My boss described it as a burst of vodka in the mouth. I call it my "fake vodka". June mentioned they have the real thing. I gotta try the real vodka one in the future.

My drink. I forgot the name. Something something masala. It's got mint, pineapple and something else I forgot. Very refreshing. Great for the coming drought. And it wasn't even served with ice! But next time, I wanna try the one my boss had. Kinky drink. It's called "Karma Sutra". Lol.

Look at the decor. So pretty. The walls are replicas of the mud walls in India. They can't make the real thing here so it's just a replica lor.

So we walked around Feast Village for a bit. It was such a beautiful place. I was happily taking pictures while they were walking ahead of me. Then June told me that I wasn't actually allowed to take pictures. So I kept my camera before anyone tried to mess with me.

The best part of the night was the washroom. If you come to Feast Village, you gotta come to the washroom. Come and you will know what I mean. No explanations needed. And entrance is FOC.

You don't have to worry about the shy-high parking fees when you come to Starhill Gallery. It's only RM5 after 6p.m. Beats Sg. Wang and a whole lot of shopping complexes in KL city. And just like how my boss described, there's no punk girls with leotards running around here. Many people would appreciate that.

In the meantime, I'm so guilty of conflict of interest with this entry. But I don't care. I'm just sharing my personal experience. Can't wait to go to Tiffin Bay next time!


Broke my own record so far. Only left the office at 10.30 p.m. Damn the bloody media visits. Hehe... Fun but tiring. Got truck load of work waiting for me when I get back to the office. Tomorrow and next week's gonna be the same. Not to mention the stupid CNY thing which I'm not supposed to be worried about in the first place. If only more people can put in their share of dedication in as well. Aargh!!

But looking on the bright side, I'm having dinner at Vanch, Starhill Gallery tomorrow. Pics to be up if I can really make it. Wish we could go to the Ad Awards thingy tonight. Could've been fun, but I don't think I can make it to work tomorrow then.

I do love my job.

Graduation = Celebration?

Who cares about a stupid ceremony anyway? I have an awesome job now :p

Actually, I do care. It's the day when all my pent-up emotions come surging and well up my tear ducts. When the right moment comes, happy (and sad) tears will come flowing down my cheeks, feeling so relieved for finally achieving a milestone in my life. Feeling proud about myself for making it through these four difficult (and amazing) years. Feeling lucky for meeting some of the most wonderful human beings, whom turn from unimates to buddies and lecturers to friends. Feeling relieved that I didn't screw up my studies and end up disappointing my parents, despite the other disappointments I commit. This is gonna be a BIG day.

My dear friends who are graduating with me... Let's camwhore to the max!!

After 17 March 2007, my life goes back to dedicating myself to BHR. I am now. And I'm loving every single moment of it. Learning to build up my foundation in my job is not easy, but definitely crucial and cool, if you can see the importance of it.

P/S: My secret Convocation fantasy... To have "Don'cha" by Pussycat Dolls on full volume blast on the sound system while I'm walking up the stage to get my scroll. Kinda like I'm walking up to accept a Grammy awards. Muahahaha... So Rock&Roll.


I question myself... "Who am I?"

Am I the self-loathing and world-hating bitch who's filled with unconditional rage for every talking thing in the planet?

Am I the love-filled homegirl who just can't grow up, who can't seem to find her own liberty in this big, big world?

Am I nothing, but yet everything in between, all at the same time?

Do I have a loving family who loves me for me, and friends who knows me best?

I may once had, and most probably still do, but that doesn't keep me from taking things for granted. I have a tendency to do so.

Why is it that I whine and pine for things I can't have, but ignore about things that are most precious around me?

Why is that I procrastinate, when I can get work done in a matter of minutes?

Human beings are complicated creatures. I'm a perfect sample of this twisted population. I want to embrace my flaws and put them on display for the world to see, but I'm told they hurt people's feelings and I should keep them away.

Tell me, how can I find my true identity without having to betray the real me? How can I be nice, still with a little kick from the spice? Is it too hard for me to just try, or the world has asked too much from me? Sometimes the effort has to come from both sides. And I await the day when I go crazy, as two worlds collide.

History comes alive

Everyone MUST watch this!! It's such a good comedy film. At first I thought only the good comedy actors like Ben Stiller and Robin Williams were in it. Was surprised to see Owen Wilson... At the size of a tiny figurine. This movie puts the word "fun" into history. It really does. Loved the whole Jedediah vs. Octavia thing. They look like a pair of tiny loving gay couple by the end of the movie.

There's this quote from wax mannequin Teddy Roosevelt which I really liked. Teddy was trying to convince Larry to fight against the problems of his job, and said...

"I'm made of wax, Larry. What are you made of?"

Deep, wise words from a wax mannequin of a great leader indeed.

I'm Willy Wonka

This week has been filled with awesome chocolatey goodies. Such a relief for a chocaholic like me. Thank God for Beryl's warehouse sales. Look what I've got...

Oh yeah, I'm such a nut. Not all of 'em are meant for my consumption la. Some are for CNY giveaways. At the end of the day, what makes a gal happy? For me, it's just fulfiling to have tons of chocolates. In between me legs *lol*

Speaking of CNY giveaways, I'd like to show off my baby. These are the CNY-themed chocolates we're giving out for BHR clients, partners and media relations. My first project ever!! It's been hard to get it done, but I finally did it. It's cute and unique and most importantly, my boss likes it. Glad the supplier was kind enough to get it done nicely, with such limited amount of time. Thanks Robin! Still got some flaws lor... But nevermind la. No choice edi.

Damn cute right?

By the way, meet my newfound love... Dome Café's Chai Latte. Here's the description right off its menu: Green tea extract with cinnamon, clove and ginger topped up with gently steamed milk and finished with a distinct lid of milk froth. Lightly dusted with cinnamon.
Since I can't have coffee, I've always secretly harboured a green eye toward people who get to enjoy sipping on the wonderfully aromatic lattes, cappucinos, etc. So when I had my first Chai Latte, it was love at first sip. The froth was simply divine, feels so soft and fluffy when your it touches your lips. And since it has ginger, the taste kinda reminds me of the good ol' teh halia. Can't really taste any green tea flavour though. I just love my Chai Latte. But I can't afford to have it everyday :(