(Happy?) New Year

So I finally did it. After such a long time of secretly wanting to have that kinda hair. Yeah... I did something to my hair that I have always said I wouldn't. It was supposed to be a trip to Wei Wei's new salon for just a haircut. Btw, Wei Wei's my hairstylist. She works magic into my crowning glory. Muahahaha... Back to the hair. When she suggested I curl it to look better while I grow my hair, I said to myself, "What the hell... Might as well lah". So say hello to the newly curly-haired Ashley for the year 2007.

Do I look like your Japanese fantasy? Lol. I'm never kawaii enough for that. And since my curls are nothing even close to Beyonce's waves, I'm not your bootylicious fantasy either. This is just... I dunno. Maybe a new start for a new year. And a way out from my constant bad hair days too.

About the new year... While everyone else is busy getting ready for rave parties, countdowns, one-night-stands and everything else that chalks up the sales of condoms, I'm lazing around at home. Lazy wanna go out. To think about it, it's been a few years since I've been out for countdown celebrations. Actually I've just woke up after sunset. It feels so damn good after a really long sleep. More than 12 hours. Yum! But I did go out with two good friends last night. Had dinner at Souled Out. It was nothing much, but deeply felt. Hope we'll have more eat-outs together in the future. Ate Sake San again. I mean, who could resist that fine piece of oriental pizza? And we had the stuffed tofu puff, and ordered the caramel pudding for desserts. The pudding was so nice! But sure damn fattening lar. Nevermind... I slept all day and haven't eaten anything yet. So that's good enough compensation ;)

Since I'm still undecided about whether I'll have a good new year, I'm gonna let myself deal with it. You guys go out and have a good one. I think ultimately we all will.


deb said...

nice hair!! all set for la bodega already. :) :) :)

Ashley Liew said...

Wokies! I'm fine on weekends. See how the other 2 old ladies are doing la.

WQ said...

nice hair bah, i also just highlighted my hair.. :p

neeways, a belated x'mas wish and happy new year :p

Ashley Liew said...

Eeehh... Wai Quan I wanna see ur hair lah