Got my fix

Aah... After being deprived of the ever-so-wonderful experience of shopping, I finally got to do some today. With part of my own money. Big part of my own money, from my salary. Can't say I don't feel sad parting with the moolah, but I'm mostly proud of my newfound independence. But not total flying without wings kinda independence la... Was supposed to shop for CNY clothes, but ended up buying working clothes instead. Sigh... But they're absolutely gorgeous! At affordable prices sumore. Got this really cun satin dress, but since I'm too short, gotta alter it. Damn it I've stained the dress eight after buying it. I'll kill myself if it can't be removed. Aarghhhhh!!

Vanness Wu was at Sungei Wang Plaza as well. For those without any clue who Vanness Wu is, he's one-fourth of F4. Yes, those gay-looking dudes from 'Meteor Garden'. He also acted in some movies but I forgot the name. There's this boxing one that he did and got some praises for it. I used to luurrvveee F4, mostly because of Vic Zhou. But when I think of it right now, I can't believe I was once a fan. Malu... Anyway, I thought it was kinda a sad affair. 'Cause I didn't see a lot fans there for him. I don't think there was even 100 people. Now when you're an international star, that figure does seem a little pathetic. More than pathetic, actually. Although that was my estimated figure, I may be wrong. I'm ready to apologize if I really was. He was there for less than hour, one hour tops. That I'm definitely sure of. He prolly signed some autographs, made some hardcore fans happy and darted off. I heard some screaming fans while heading for dinner after my shopping spree, but they were not loud enough. Compared to the time when I went for Vic's autograph session 6 years ago, this is really sad. But F4 is not as hot as 6 years back, so... It figures. I do think Vanness is a talented chap, but hated his work with that Korean fella, was his name Kangta or something like that? So gay. If Vanness didn't work on that he prolly would've been better off. Lol. Or maybe it was Rain's latest and Lee Hom's upcoming concerts that have overshadowed his promotional stopover? Kesian... Let's give him a break, shall we?

Shit Face

I just don't get the whole celebration over a loser face in a national newspaper. Worst is, even Kenny Sia has that fella's face on his blog. Sheesh... I just don't get it. What's with the attention showered on him? I'd like to stress here that I don't wish I was getting the attention. I just don't think he deserves it. The journalist probably had to do OT to edit all of his quotes to make it readable, all these after a torturous interview session filled with fake, American wannabe accent. Weird? Not at all. Wasn't unpredictable that he came back to uni after spending only 3 months in the US, thinking he could speak like a kwailo. But of course you don't have to guess all that falls flat back on his face 'cause even Borat speaks way better English than him. Seriously.

Yes, I couldn't help but share a piece of my mind on But I didn't put my words wisely though. Sounds like I was dying for the attention. Again... I'm not. I just don't think these kind of people need to be given an opportunity to think they're great. They're not. Not a chance.

Beautiful Sunday

From Gasing Hill, mom and I went to the market. I don't know why, but I really like the market in Serdang, even more than shopping in Jusco sometimes. Don't mind the not-so-hygienic and overly-chaotic situation at all (A fact that surprises a few friends of mine. They don't even think I can cook in the first place). Will be broken-hearted if the dumb asses relocate the market in the future. It was in the papers. Apparently they need to relocate the hawkers due to the badly congested roads. Or they'll build a centre for the hawkers. That's so silly. Can't they just leave the place alone? Yes, the traffic is terrible. But it's just a part of the place's identity. And it's amazing how another trip to the market, a weekly chore, can turn my nearly-depressed self into feeling positive about another new week ahead.

Scene: Buying chicken at the chicken-stall

Mom : Wait here. Need to go get coriander leaves
Me : *blank face*

(Mom passes me RM20 to pay the chicken-stall uncle)
Chicken-uncle : (Looks at me while getting our chicken ready)
You studying ah? Form 4? Form 1?
Me : (Wide smile on face)
No la. I'm working.
Chicken-uncle : (Embarrased)
Ooh... What you work as?
Me : Office-work
Chicken-uncle : Ooh... Good la. Not like us. Have to sell chicken. So dirty and tiring. Sit in the office nicer.
Me : (Smiles. Pays chicken-uncle and walks away to look for mom)

So there. Being mistaken as a high-schooler lifted up my spirits for the coming week :) A difficult week. Coordinating for an event down in S'pore is not easy, so to speak. Hope the cocktail party goes well. I can't go. I wish I could. But I'm not allowed to. Bummer!

On a totally unrelated note, I've never been a local entertainment industry fan. But I like this:

Nice. But I didn't really like the part where Jaclyn Victor came on. She just spoiled the song. At least for me la.

Floral Affair

Even only after less than 3 hours of sleep last night, I managed to pull my ass up from my bed and make it to the Flora Fest parade. Been bugging mom to go 'cause I was really itching to take some photographs. Managed to arrive in time despite the fact that we both had never ventured into the unknown world of Putrajaya. Seems to me a pretty nice neighbourhood, but a tad too isolated from the rest of the "happenning" places. Anyway, we'd never be late. VIPs have their own time zones. On this side of the planet, it's called the "Malaysian time zone". Bad mistake to leave my sunscreen at the office, 'cause I practically melted under the sun when it finally came up. But nonetheless, I think the whole thing wasn't too bad. Despite the dickhead RELA officers who kept yelling at the crowd and blocking photographers' views. I'm not saying all RELA members are dickheads. I just think those idiots standing near me today could've done a better job. Yes, they're just doing their job to control the situation. But there's a need to master the art of being authoritative or risk ending up being a pain in the ass. They really think they're some generalissmo of some sort in that uniform, being really rude to the people. I mean, you could try better at asking people to sit down rather than push them back and looking like you're attempting to dry-hump someone. And when you ask someone to sit down because people at the back can't see the parade, you might as well move your not-so-cute ass away from the camera's view! Aren't they supposed to be courteous? Let's not talk about being pigeon-eyed, but if I were a tourist, I'd be soooo turned-off by Malaysians and won't be convinced no matter how much of advertising revenue the Malaysian Tourism Board has thrown into VMY.

I think I took damn lots of pictures, but I'm not gonna post too many here. Just a few nice ones will do :)

Didn't keep count on how many floats and bands there were. But one came after the next, I kinda like that combination. makes it less packed and more time for my camera to adjust. Surprisingly, my camera didn't act up today, despite the huge amount of zoom-in shots and sun exposure. The first float was the VMY '07 float, followed by the first brass band from VI Institution. There were lots of school bands involved, but I just couldn't keep track of which was which. Only remember there were St. John's, Kuen Cheng, CBN, Cochrane and even Jinjang! My favourite float was the Johor float.

Why? Because Johoreans have a wicked sense of homour. Big foot. Lol. All these great spirit when they've been hit by such devastation. Impressive eh?

Who said taking pictures is easy? Must take care of skin also... This Korean media person is using Biotherm sunscreen sumore

And lastly, to end a Malaysian affair, must do it in a true Malaysian style mah.

This isn't fair!

Found this on Perez Hilton's webbie

People, take your eyes off Carmen Electra just for a sec. Just a sec. Pay attention to Dummybeast instead. 'Cause it's a "blink or you'll miss it" kinda thing. I don't know why but I caught it. Goddamnit. Dummybeast's face looks like my ex's face.

I want spoof with my face in it too *stomps feet* Umm... Maybe starring Daniel Wu. Or Nicolas Cage. Or Hugh Jackman. Or Joey G. Or Jason Statham. Or... Ok, ok. I get it *zips mouth*

Carmen Electra's spoofing lonelygirl15. Honestly, I don't know who she is. But according to Uncle Google (as how my bro calls it), lonelygirl15 is a fictional videoblog of a girl, created by a bunch people, whom I think have too much time in their hands. Daniel is a character off this videoblog, and why am I talking about Daniel? Because Dummybeast is a reference to Daniel aka Danielbeast. And Daniel does look a lil' bit like my ex. I don't get why the picture in Carmen Electra's spoof look that much like him though.

Talk about weird stuff we can find on the Internet. Sheesh...

Downside of being a Grown Up

You know what's sad?

That you don't deserve an allowance anymore (since you're working), and you can't make noise when your parent(s) ask you to pay them back once you get your salary.

Life sure is depressing as hell.

Maybe hell is nicer. Have you seen those hell notes? Dunno how many billion per hell bank note wan leh! Plus those "gold" people burn for the dead? Even ghosts are richer than me!

A Matter of Trust

Being an outside, independent, non-committed observer sure gives me an opportunity to see a lot of things in a clear manner. Since I'm non-committed, my feelings won't be clouding my judgement on the issue. What issue? You would ask. Let me share this with you.

This may not be necessarily true for all, but most of the cinko guys I know make really good and faithful boyfriends. Cinko boyfriends tend to place their girlfriends on top of their priority lists, and work hard at their relationships. The ones I know pay for their girlfriends' expenses, become their 24-hour on-call driver, call their girlfriend "wife", remember important dates and plan special activities for the day, yada yada yada... You get my point lah. But like all normal human beings, cinko boyfriends aren't perfect. They may have loads of bad points, like smoking, gambling, or the occasional wandering eye. But there's just one bad point that I really can't understand. Or rather, can't accept. Nope... Never have and never will.

Cinko boyfriends are extremely possessive and filled with jealousy. Yes, the emphasis is absolutely necessary and totally not an exaggeration. In fact, I couldn't have thought of a better way to represent their annoying qualities. Most of my girlfriends who are dating cinko guys sometimes don't earn my respect. Don't get me wrong... I love my girlfriends. I don't look down on them, I just don't get why they let someone to tell them what to do, where to go, what to wear, who to hang out with, etc.

That's why I believe trust is a really important factor in a relationship. No trust, no way it's gonna work. What's wrong with us girls hanging out with guys other than our boyfriend? What's wrong with us wearing whatever clothes we like when we go out, even if it makes us look like a slut? What's wrong with us NOT asking for our boyfriend's permission on where and who to go out with late at night? I don't see anything wrong. Nothing is wrong if there's a strong bond between two people. Girls shouldn't be asking permission from her boyfriend if she can go out with her friends. What's his authority to be telling her so? Unless he's dating Paris Hilton, then I'd sympathise the fella. Back to the point... Just because us girls hang out with other guys, it doesn't mean we're cheating. Why can't some people understand the concept of a platonic relationship? Do they honestly think a person can retain a normal state of mentality if they don't have a mixture of female and male friends? Whoever's getting jealous easily is the abnormal one. Not the other.

Sometimes I wish my girlfriends can understand what I'm trying to say to them. But they don't. Maybe they don't see what's wrong. It gets frustrating. I'm no feminist. But I don't need a dick telling me where to go when all they know is to point upwards.

Maybe they feel like they're respecting their boyfriend when they obey to boyfriend's demands. I beg to differ. Respect in a relationship means giving enough trust to your partner so that he/she won't be walking around with thoughts of you being a potential cheater. Let's just say hypothetically, I'm dating Hugh Jackman. I'd love him faithfully and be a great girlfriend. But I'd still want my 'me time'. Hanging out with friends and such. And he doesn't have to worry. 'Cause he knows my friends are just my friends and he's my love. Now who doesn't love Hugh Jackman's ass? :p

Apparently I'm no preacher, 'cause no one buys my two cent's worth of thought. Two very close friends influenced this entry. One really does need permission to go out with friends, even with me. One had to ask people to lie about her whereabouts 'cause she didn't want King Boyfriend to be jealous.

Can't blame me for being dateless. I'm too picky. Maybe that's not such a bad thing, you know. I know what I want and only want guys who can handle me. If they can't, maybe they shouldn't have tried. Saves up time and prevents ill feelings. Considering the nature of the industry I'm in, working late nights and meeting new people all the time, jealous guys are never on my list. I'm so not bothered to nurture their insecurity. If you're so insecure about me or rather yourself, then maybe it's better if you dated yourself. Seriously... Show some trust in your love, people!

In Drag

Nice one, Robbie.

I forgive him for 'Rudebox' now :)

Age ain't nothing but a number?

Looks can be deceiving.

Yes. I agree sometimes it does.


Don't I look my age? FYI, it's 21.

One shitty brainless stupid muthafucka commented that my face tricked him to believe that I'm not actually 21. Stupid fucker. You try plastering makeup onto your face everyday from early morning until late night, and having to dress up according to a dress code that's more suitable for people 10 years senior than you... Let's see how YOU deceive others about your age. Some people don't know how to speak honestly, without making others feel like stabbing a thousand daggers right up their asses. And twisting those daggers round and round like the 'Eye on Malaysia', until the asshole becomes big like 'Eye on Malaysia'.

To the stupid idiot, I wish that you will NEVER EVER be re-hired by your ex-boss, aka my current boss. One, 'cause you're stupid to the point of no salvation. Two, 'cause I hate you. You're not even cute enough to comment about me in the first place. So learn how to keep your mouth shut. Or speak honestly, in a more diligent manner.

Sexual Frustration

I Wanna Fuck You edited to become I Wanna Love You...

What has become to the world? It's Akon's fault.

Would I want a guy come up to me one day and say "Ashley, I fuck you so much"?

No. Unless you're Hugh Jackman. Or Jude Law. Or Nicolas Cage. Or Daniel Wu. Or... Okay, I better stop here before I type until the sun rises.

I'm so worried no one will ever be able to tell the difference between love and lust anymore. Myself included. Could there be real love existing anymore on the surface of earth? But then again, a relationship wouldn't work if there weren't a sprinkle of lust involved. I mean, if you like someone, sex is a definite factor, regardless if it was or wasn't the first thing on your mind. It's gonna come eventually. I dig fuckable guys. What is my definition of a yummy screw? Cute celebs. But unless I'm willing to forsake all my belongings here in Malaysia to fly over to America and become a groupie, then my dreams of sleeping with any of the guys I have dirty dreams about will never ever come true. So that leaves me lonely and sad at home every weekend night, while my peers are out fornicating at the hippest and most happening night scenes. I wish I had that kinda life. That kinda personality. But I just don't. I'm not a flirt. And that explains why I don't have guys lining up from my front door to Setapak waiting to date me. Will my inner frustrations drive me up the wall and one day succumb to the sluttism Paris Hilton has preached to the world? Nah...

When I complain of being not good enough, or feel insecure of my shortcomings, people tell me that I'm not as bad as I think. They tell me I'm still young, compliment me for looking pretty and admire my strength. But I say, fuck that. If I'm really that good, seriously, how come ugly bitches get confused over which guy they should date, and I'm locked up in my room daydreaming of my Valentine's date, without having a clear vision of his face, 'cause I don't have any in the first place?

Saw a teenage lesbo couple walking while holding hands today. I suddenly realized that I don't get it. I don't get them. I don't get lesbians. I mean, I get gays, but not lesbians. Maybe Deb can gimme a lecture about it but I doubt I'll ever be convinced. (Deb's a closet les, not a real one. Yet :p) Gays can definitely satisfy their sexual needs. After all, they're fucking with their dicks. But how do lesbos do it? People may say, "Use dildo lor". But what's the point? And it's scary 'cause I was gonna blog about this and dear Deb posted a video from 'The L Word' on her blog. Circles? If everytime also circle then will be boring right or not? I don't think I'm a homophobe. Sometimes it's not their fault. But I still think homosexualism is wrong. 'Cause sex is meant for men and women to procreate. If men started to fuck other men's assholes and women licking each other's pussies, then the human species would become extinct. They've started. We just don't know how far they'll go.

The real cause of this entry was dogs. Goddamn stray dogs. I don't hate animals, but I really can't stand this (huge) pack of stray dogs roaming in and around the resential area I live in. They're such a nuisance. Are the authorities waiting for the day a little kid gets attacked or mauled to death by these flea-infested dogs before taking action? Maybe so. It's always the case. Don't make me talk about how these stupid dogs howl in the middle of the night, pretending to be wolves. It's so dumb. Saw a pair of them fucking among the big group this morning on the way out to the LRT station. So not a nice sight early in the morning! That means there's gonna be more stray pups that will grow up to take over the elders' place. Can I just buy my own gun and shoot them all? I promise I'll try hard not to misuse it.


Saw this fella wearing a shirt with these wordings while walking out to the LRT station after work today...

A man is never completed until he's married
After that...

Lol. What's wrong with marriage anyway?

Jigsaw puzzle

For this year Valentine's Day...

Can I please have my own Mr. Right bring me out for dinner at Café Café?


Monday Blues

Doesn't life suck and become all depressing when all your effort seem to be just a pile of crap just because your superior is attacked by the same disease that hits you every month? By that, I mean the disease that gets to me every month = PMS. (Mostly, it attacks multiple times per month).

I'm not beaten down to an all-time low. In fact, I don't feel beaten at all. Life isn't all butterflies and daisies. I get that point. But it's just harder the first time, I guess.

In the (rap) words of Timbaland:

So, cut the crying, cut the coughing,
Cut the weazing, girl
Quit the blaming, cut the naming,
Cut the sleeping, girl

Thinking about Sunday night cheers me up a wee bit. Loved La Bodega. Love the friends whom I spent time with there.

The food was simply delicious. We were surprised by the elegant presentation. Never thought it'd be so... Fine dining-like. Had this really cool drink, Sangria, which is a mix of wine and fruit juice.

I know I'll have an awesome weekend

How would you feel when one of your daydreams/fantasies actually came true?

I nearly stopped breathing. And had to ask myself if it was really happening.

Yes, it did!

My colleague, Kim had reminded me yesterday about Malay Mail's event that we're supposed to go tonight. It was gonna be my first ever function as a BHR employee. So my nonsensical mind started on a spaceship cruise around the Milky Way, and I ended up imagining meeting Joey G (the Half-Malay whom I'm crazy about). And you know what? He really was there!! He was emcee of the night. But I didn't meet him. Nonetheless, it was satisfying. And I HAD to rub in into Deb's face (hehe!).

There was plenty of celeb-spotting to do. Well, local celebs anyway. Let's see... I saw Jungle Jerry, Sharifah Amani (the Malay who claims she can't speak Malay), uum... I forgot her name but I think she's Ashraf Sinclair's sister. Neh... That girl who went on 8TV's 'Trippin' with Rina. Then there were those people from 'One in A Million' (God knows who they are), Phat Fabes, Ben, Daphne Iking and Amy Search. It's weird, isn't it? He can bail out of his reunion concert but still manages to show up at an MM event. Pfffttt! Ashraf Sinclair was there, if I'm not mistaken. But I didn't see him. Hannah T and Ella were no-shows. Man, I'd so want to take a picture with Hannah. She's gorgeous. Daphne Iking was, erm, scantily dressed lah. She showed cleavage, and her ass was, woohoo... Scandalous. Damn perky. She won the award for Best Babe or something like that. Btw, Joey G won an award too. I just couldn't remember which. He said it's his first award for like, anything!

Things were getting kinda bored for Kim and I, 'cause we didn't know anyone. Then the mood changed. Saw Masami, a friend from ACP and I was soooo happy. Think her name is unique? She's a Japanese Malay mah. An IT student who interned at Cleo, and ended up working as a journalist at MM after graduating. Lol. I guess people make decisions that may seem a lil' bit strange at times. But that's just life. It's unpredictable. Met Chris, who swoons over Daphne Iking, and wishes she was his abnormal girlfriend. (I teased him about it 'cause he said girls like Iking would be hard to date. He'd rather date "normal" girls instead).

MNG & Victoria's Secret warehouse sale on Thursday. The MNG clothes were shitty. But I'm happy for the bras I got. Ooh... I've got my first set of lingerie too *wink*

My seat.

The pantry

The food @ MM event

Models for Limkokwing's Fashion Show

Big Bang Breakfast Show jocks

Errm... They're bringing sexy back??

(L-R) Kim, Yours truly, Masami

Don't ask me about how the whole event went. Didn't stay until the end. Not even after Chris' suspicious kind offer to send me home. Of course everyone was just trying to be nice and had a mask on. Wouldn't know until I really get to know the person. Would've stayed if I drove. Who knows I might win something from the lucky draw?

My Holiday

Finally I can go overseas for a holiday. I feel so malu for only having travelled to Singapore, my most foreign destination so far in life. It's gonna be more than half a year from now, but it doesn't hurt to plan right? Got the tickets already, anyway. Just have to pray that die-die also must get leave. So excited to think about the shopping, makaning, sightseeing, jakuning... All in a foreign land. Well, not so foreign, actually. Just wanna exaggerate a bit. Disneyland, perhaps? Depends. But gotta at least pass by LV's store. Must be really magnificient. Must stop salivating over this newfound excitement. Gotta go hit the sack. Nites.

Congregation of Bumis

After much pestering and reminding my mom about today, we went to Titiwangsa. But only after jungle trekking lah. I nearly died after climbing the first hillslope. After so many months of skipping exercise... My knees were like a symphony, all the snap, crackle and pop. Just shows how badly my body needed a workout. Anyhoo, I managed to convince mom to go to Chow Kit for breakfast. Finally can eat my favourite pan mee, also after so long. The place I went to was 'Restoran Kin Kin'. They serve the tastiest dry pan mee ever. And it's not those mixed with the dark, thick soy sauce wan. This is clear, and is served with egg, anchovies, fried onion and chopped spring onion. They also have the spiciest dried chilis for you to mix with your pan mee. A word of caution though, don't put too much if you can't handle spicy food. I never tried the chilis before, so I did today. I put in three spoons. Big mistake. I should've stopped at half or one spoon only. Took me quite a while to finish my bowl of pan mee, and I had to order a cup of herbal tea midway of eating. My lips felt like they were barbequed Taiwan sausages after I was done. Only felt better 10 minutres after that. I'm gonna stick to not putting in chillis whenever I eat here again. Don't expect to be layan-ed with high class, friendly service when you come here though. The owners aka workers tend to be lcly. I suppose it's because they're so famous. Lots of people come here for their pan mee. So famous until a new shop has opened at the opposite row of shops, having a signboard which bears a resemblance of almost 99%, also selling pan mee. Copycat rival case. The remaining 1% is the different name. The rival is called 'Super Kitchen'. I hate the fact that they're now even more lcly than before. When I used to go there while still studying in TARC, they let me have a bigger bowl of soup and extra chopped spring onions. Now they malas wanna layan oredi. Sumore no more pork in the soup. Kiamsiap. Not scared I go Super Kitchen ah? :p

Before: Yummy Pan Mee

After: Kacau-ed everything together with super spicy dried chilis

After makan, continue journey lah. I encouraged mom to be gangsta. Check out where we parked the car. In front of a vacant bungalow lot. Scared no parking mah...

We weren't the only gangstas.

Can you blame us for behaving badly? Obviously Titiwangsa was not meant to handle such amount of crowds.

The line to the Eye on Malaysia was insane. But not too bad also lah. I waited for about 30 minutes in line. Seriously not too bad, considering the size of the crowd. Thank goodness it was a cloudy day. No sun, no rain. Just nice. Ooh... Spotted two cute angmoh guys in the control cabin :)

Impatient kid

Honestly, I felt disappointed while riding up in the air. While the air-conditioner in the gondola was working fine, the sound system was fucked up. Had to endure really irritating 'bzz-bzz-BZZK' noises during the whole ride. I forgot how many rounds we went. Maybe 4 or 5. Didn't keep track. Was too busy taking pictures. Also apart from KLCC and KL Tower, I don't think there's any place else worth looking at/for while spinning up and down the air. Makes it even more meaningless for tourists, 'cause they'd only recognize those two landmarks. Btw, the ride was smooth and steady. Gotta give credit for that. Another irritating thing was the fact they kept the VIP gondola empty the whole time. I mean, what's the point? Isn't it better if they actually utilized it to cut down the amount of people waiting? Sheesh... Fuck the VIPs lah. Plan to take some night shots in the future. But too bad they won't have fireworks no more. Saw some pictures of last night's launch on Jeff Ooi's site, and omfg, they're spectacular! At first, I didn't feel bad about not going. Now I'm dead filled with regret. Knn.

Antsy people!

Most recognizable landmarks

Mata di Malaysia

I'd feel so bad if I didn't at least walk around with mom after the ride. Initially I didn't have the mood to, but went anyway. I reckon the Ministry of Tourism went through hell to prepare for VMY '07. Could tell with this event itself. It was kinda chaotic. But have to look back at the circumstances again. It's a big thing, on a weekend, sumore so many bumis roaming around, all in groups or families more than 6 persons. Even the stalls rented out for businesses to have a chance to promote their goods were 99.9% bumi-operated. The only Chinese-owned stall I noticed was the one I bought an ice-cream cone from. Headache!! Eyesore!! Btw, the so-called imported green tea ice-cream sucked. Was surprised to see fire-eaters and clowns (some on stilts). I wanted one of those flower-shaped balloons. But I'm too old to go ask for one :(

Just a totally gross picture for no reason. Mom asked me to take it anyway. Don't wanna let it go to waste :p

Horse poo

After Titiwangsa, we went to Jusco. Got another pair of fuck me heels. This time in red. Hot!!

Before I forget, check out these two videos. First one is a guy surfing on a chair, doing not one, not two, but THREE backflips while he's at it. Damn terer. Second one is a guy who played his bamboo shoots to the tune of Frank Sinatra's "I Did It My Way". Kinda interesting. Please excuse the grainy quality. I think I've made it clear enough in the past that my camera sucks.


Just realised how big of a kampung girl I am. Nearly got lost while walking through the other side of office today. Man, I never thought we had soooooo many departments and such wide space!! Luckily I had my tag on. If not then the security guards would shoo me away 'cause they'll prolly think I'm a trespasser or something. Finally understand how corporate the place is and would get it when people talk about bureaucratic red tapes. Was also my first time up to the hotel. Wuah... So damn classy lah! At least the reception area was impressive. That was as far as I went. Don't know how the rooms look like. Needless to say, I nearly got lost again... TWICE!! Made a trip to the back of the ballroom, into the kitchens. The place smelled like rotten melons. 'Cause they had tons of honeydews stored there. But I don't think they're rotten lah. Just smelled weird.

Am working on my first baby right now (not related in any way to sexual intercourse, mind you). I'm so worried about it not being able to fit into expectations. Now no more stress, just worries. Haih... I think I prefer stress, compared to worry. At least stress gives me that drive to work harder. Worrying just makes me miserable. Nevermind... A little bit of (work clothes) shopping and facial tomorrow should do the trick. Hehe...

Only if...

If I kept my fingers crossed and prayed hard enough... Will it really happen? I'm gonna die of excitement if Smashing Pumpkins really did make a comeback.

My First Day

Bad things to happen on your first day of work?
  • Waking up late 'cause too used to the snooze button.
  • Can't find anything decent to wear
  • Nagged by mom for taking too long to get ready
  • Realise you've got a hole in your pantyhose AFTER a million of people has already seen you

Very bad things?

  • Waking up with a swollen eye. Can't get any better than this.

Good things?

  • Being on time for work.
  • Helpful colleagues.
  • Cool boss who isn't kiam siap in teaching you things, answers your questions and has patience for newbies.
  • Colleagues to have lunch with on a first day.

So there. I made it through my first day of my first real job, still alive and kicking. Although very tired and body aching from the reflexology massages. But it wasn't too bad. Not too bored until I had nothing to do, nor too busy until I had to do everything. Was kinda sleepy in the afternoon though 'cause my body wasn't used to the new timing yet. But it'll get better soon. Realised I need so much more effort on a lot of things. Must work hard toward improving self. I so deserve the 'Best Newbie' award for staying back 3 hours after working hours. Boss asked to stay to learn more new things ma... Can't say no wat. I'm thankful though. Gotta go to bed now, or else I'll end up worse than this. Nites!

P/S: Pictures after I get the keys to my drawer. Felt so bad about leaving my things around that I'm not gonna bring more valuables to the office yet, until I have those damn keys. And those OL's who seem to crowd every restaurant/stall during lunch hours around the city? Don't hate them. I'm one of them now. Though I try hard not to dress like the rest of the pack.

Radio Mess

The Malaysian radio scene isn't too much of a pride to begin with, (Think constant song replays, DJs who try to hard to be funny, sound sophisticated, etc... You get the idea) so I was devastated to find out the latest development of the sad scene. I was left to survive with my radio-enabled phone and its handsfree kit (God bless!) while in Genting, and I happen to have caught the morning segment for three different English radio stations. The lamest and most annoying one (fourth one la) was out of reception. Haha! One jock was left alone in the studio, and I'm still not interested in his konon funny jokes and pranks. Another station that hired I guess two jocks from its sister station reshuffled the morning segment, and now has three jocks for the breakfast show. Why is that annoying bitch still allowed to be on-air? And the most heart wrenching thing to happen, my favourite jock has gone. He was back in the scene for a year, and what a happy year it was for me. I even got to meet him in person while we celebrated the anniversary. But now, I can only wonder what happened to my favouritest radio jockey. Sigh... Please come back soon. I miss you.

Stupid pussy

Someone should tell that cat to stand behind the yellow line. It's dangerous to stand so near to the tracks. I mean, it should know from all the warnings posted. Lol

My New Year

How did I spent the first day of 2007?
Went up to genting with mom, to meet dad.

What did I do there?
Walked around, took pictures, ate a lot, made mom buy me stuff (got a really nice scarf!), watched the Mysteria show, didn't sleep, ate sumore.

What's nice about that?
Nothing much really. But dad menang judi so of course I ciloked some moolah *grin* The Mysteria show was kinda fun, 'cause there were awesome magic tricks (think ala 'The Prestige'), cun chicks and guys, breathtaking acrobatic tricks and a halfway foiled piracy attempt. My new scarf is cute!!

What sucked?
About 98% of everything, which I'm too tired to type out. Why? Refer below. Worst? I forgot my mp3 player, but brought the spare batteries -.-" But thank god for handfree kits! Which I left in my bag. So in the end at least I had radio stations to listen to.

So what else besides Genting?
Just got home from a reflexology treat. The experience was painful like hell. But it's supposed to be good for me so I'm not complaining. I guess if anyone had a hidden camera beneath my face, I'd win big bucks on 'America's Funniest Home Videos'. And I'm not even American to begin with.

Anything else?
I'm so gonna die tomorrow! My first steps into the corporate world. Aaagghhhh!!!!!!

Is it 2007 already?

Okay, I'm still a lil' depressed about the changes I'm going through in life, so I had some whiskey. Aah... Good ol' Chivas Regal. Just a few sips to make me ding-dong. But then again, I poured out like, half a glass of it :p Didn't even finish before I threw 'em down the sink. Could use a shot of dirty tequila now. But I'm not out clubbing, so... Forget about that. Ooh... That explains the new and slutty panel I have on the right handside bar. Guys I'd like to fuck. Funny how just a small quantity of alcohol can mess with your thoughts. And while I was googling for some more pics, I came across this one of my Italian dream. It's very raunchy. 'Cause he's buck nekkid. Won't post the pic here, but anyone interested in having a peek can go to this link:

I'm wondering, do Italian footballers have some kinda stripping bet after matches? If they do, I'm damn sure gonna save up money to buy meself a plane ticket and a ticket to any of Juventus' matches. But only if they strip at the end of the match lah! That would totally be worth the price to pay. Found some pics with Buffon wearing speedos as well and boy, does he look sexy or what?? But his fiancee was naked though, not him. So no pics of that.

Buffon's fiancee... Another delicious man getting hitched soon. Life sure is depressing like hell. Now when will my hunky, sensitive sex god fall into my laps? I'm still waiting...

Cool Coffee

Just wondering... Why didn't they ever teach me this kinda stuff when I was a barista? Bet I could get tons of cute guys' numbers without breaking a sweat. And these people kick other baristas in their asses!