How can I feel better?

I'm not sure how I feel... Sad? Dazed? Tired? Depressed? Confused?


Forget it. I can't bring myself to dwell about my overly sad thoughts. So I thought of a way to make this entry a lil' more cheerful. Pressies!

Got all my Chrissie pressies while roaming the Midvalley wastelands today. Now I'm broke.

Note: People... Do NOT, well, at least try your very best NOT to shop at ROOM. They provide the suckiest service ever. There was this he-she that I asked for help this afternoon while I was looking at their miserable pillow cases, and he-she gave me this look that clearly questions my financial ability to shop at that goddamn place. Fuck! How dare a he-she look down upon me? Just because he-she is too sad to accept his-her own dick, and counts the days until he-she chops it off, 'cause he-she can't wait to have his-her's equally pathetic lover shove his smelly dick into the newly fake vagina, and not into his-her asshole anymore... Fuck you, and fuck your sad sexual identity crisis. So people, go shop at Home Circle. They have much more adorable stuff, better service and... got discount sumore. Hmph!