New Year's Eve Bling

It's new year's eve and I don't have plans to go out. Had earlier thoughts about going to watch "Sherlock Homes" but decided against the idea after thinking about the crowds and horrible traffic. Will sneak out for a quick session of window shopping though. Mr. Bun asked me out for dinner but I'm still undecided. Every place will be full and he's finishing work late. I'll see if my tummy calls for a feed later tonight. Have fun welcoming 2010, everybody!

Today: F21 jacket, white sparkly tank top, black shiny leggings, black velvet heels & giant silver stud ring

I wish for a golden new year

Gold Watches

My favourite Korean

I know these gadgets aren't as cool as an iPhone, iPod or Blackberry, but I am dying to have them anyways! Any idea how and where I can get my hands on them? Lest you may think I have not thought about eBay yet, let me tell you now that I have. But those things are as unreliable as a free membership trial at your neighbourhood gym. If there is anyone travelling to China, Hong Kong or Korea anytime soon, you know what to get for me. I'll gladly pay!

Pucca mobile phone

Pucca USB

Pucca MP3 Player


Unfortunately my list of the 9 biggest things that I did in 2009 does not feature Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Sophia Loren and Fergie as the star-studded cast... but you'll have to bear with it. Here's hoping that memory does not fail me...

1) Planned a beach wedding that was not mine - One of my personal biggest achievements yet. There were some incidents in between the project that could've got me all jaded but thank goodness all the perseverance paid off in the end. Learnt how to ignore and not let incompetent bitches steal my thunder. Sometimes you gotta pity them since all they are good at is bringing other people down so they can make themselves look kinda useful. Also learnt a lesson for my future wedding: NEVER have it at the beach!

2) Quit my first job since graduation - It wasn't easy to walk away from a lovable team but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. It's great to have gained some excellent friends along the way. Now that's something you don't find everyday!

3) Joined the education industry - Not as a teacher, mind you. Still working in Marketing Communications but playing with a totally different game plan. It's been seven months now and I'm just finally getting a hang of things around here. I'm thankful it's a very new place and despite working alone, there is vast and undeniable space for growth. It helps that people here are really nice and genuine too. Sure there are gossips going around at times, but never the "backstabbing to get ahead" kind. Corporate vultures, take note. You might still have time to repent and kickstart a new lease on life. Just sayin'.

4) Became a bridesmaid for the first time - Swan Wui popped my bridesmaid cherry by asking me to be in her ji mui entourage for her wedding. I was apparently, made head honcho since I did a lot of bossing around. Can't blame me, I was born bossy and fussy. I decided all the girls should wear yellow during the tea ceremony, shopped for props that we made the heng dai entourage wear, made some of the props and somewhat organised the bachelorette night. Of course, there were lots of good friends who helped and I didn't do everything alone. I'm not Katherine Heigl from 29 Dresses. Could never be. The after-party proved how great the day went and everyone was beyond happy for the couple. Waiting for babies to come. I wonder if Swan Wui is capable of popping my baby shower cherry next...

5) Started developing lesbian fantasies - Only reserved for Lady Gaga though. LMAO. Seriously though, the Jason Mraz and Lady Gaga gigs were my first two live concert experiences and they were both unforgettable in their own ways. I was literally right in front of Mraz's mic and it was so surreal to catch him up close. How I would love to add the word "personal" into that sentence... I would've traded my mom for a closer view of Gaga, but who I am to beat the Singaporeans to the front row? But her gig was simply electric, despite having to wait over an hour and being squished to death by sweaty, jumping Singaporean teenage brats.

6) Started freelance writing - I've done similar things before but they were very scarce in my younger years and I never got to see them being produced. This year, the ball started rolling with a job that is now officially fucked up and I have disowned a "friend" due to her irresponsible and nonchalant behaviour in the entire incident. It could've costed my relationship with another friend but we are both victims and he's far too noble to put the blame on me. I'm no longer partaking in any activities or gatherings that she may attend, e.g. Christmas gathering this 26th December. Friends ask me why I'm not joining them and I just refuse to repeat the story again because I would seem so immature. What can I do? Force them to choose between me and her? That is so High School Musical. Anyhoo, thankfully something good did come out of a bad situation and I'm now shamelessly whoring my writing services to peeps who need copywriting for websites, press releases, newsletters, bla bla bla. Do email for details.

7) Learnt how to drive - Tell me seven months ago that I would be driving and I'd tell you that you're outta your damn mind. I am now a certified terror on Malaysian roads, thanks to my lovely and patient boyfriend who stayed beside me while I was struggling to get used to getting behind the wheel, and allows me to drive his car everyday now. Tell you the truth, I wouldn't be arsed to learn how to drive if it wasn't for the desperation for transportation to my new workplace.

8) Wore a saree for the first time - Darshini popped my saree cherry for her big fat Indian wedding. I borrowed a beautiful purple saree from my colleague and Bebe's aunt helped us (Bebe, Deb and moi) frantically tie our sarees on the morning of Dar's wedding ceremony. Obviously, we were the frantic ones because we were absolutely clueless about tying sarees! But in the end she made us look GORGEOUS. Dar's wedding was a sight to behold. There she was, this Malaysian Indian bride with her lone white groom from England, surrounded by her family and relatives. Not forgetting (in Dar's own words) the Mao Ze Dong reformation army marching in behind the bride at the start of the ceremony and scattered all around for the rest of the day.

9) Sold my family's house - Technically it was my mom who sold our house, not me. But I was just trying to make a point. It's been hard for me lately. At times I'd be lying in bed, staring into space and find it weird to think that in a few months, another kid would be replacing my place in the same room. I've been told to get over it but it's kinda hard. I've been living here for about 10 years now. We haven't even found a new place yet. But I'll definitely be blogging from a new place sometime in 2010. Maybe I'll get over it by then. Before that, I'll make sure to blog about the massive amount of stuff that we need to move from point A to B. It's gonna be scary...

Now I wonder what's in store for 2010?

Living in sin is the new thing

I need to distant myself from any shoe-shopping activity for at least a few months from now. Totally busted my budget this month. Now imagine how it would have been if I had found out about the L'oreal Warehouse Sale earlier. I would so totally be eating grass during lunch time at work for the rest of 2009.

Been dragging Mr. Bun around shopping malls on my search for the perfect pair of booties. I saw this pair on the Charles & Keith website months ago and they have finally reached our shores. They're super fabulous but I decided against buying them because I know realistically that they're pretty hard to match with the clothes I have in my wardrobe. And what if I run into someone else who's wearing the exact same pair of shoes??! That would be pretty damn obvious at one look. So I'll just keep them in my thoughts, instead of my shoe cabinet.

I was dumb enough to think that I'll never find any other great pair of booties, so I settled with this black pair of Oxfords.

Just imagine the shock and horror I experienced when I walked into this Japanese-y fashion store and found this sexy pair! They were haunting me in my dreams and I had to go back the next day and buy them. I'm now a happy (and broke) girl.

Not forgetting the pink flip-flops I've been wanting for the longest time. I kinda ruined them by ripping off the label from the straps but nobody's going to notice anyway.


On the fateful day of me not knowing about the L'oreal Warehouse Sale, I went to watch Ninja Assassin with Mr. Bun, Tze Chin and Ah Sao. You see, Mr. Bun had told me that he really wanted to watch 2012 and Ninja Asssassin (because he loves movies with lots of action, blood and gore) but I refused to accompany him (because I'm a selfish girlfriend). I got free tickets for 2012 from shopping at CHIC Pop but I ended up donating them as Old Man Greg's (colleague from the office) birthday gift. I finally agreed to watch Ninja Assassin because I saw a snippet of the movie while watching TV the other day and dayum, that guy is scorching hawt!!

I've always not paid attention to Rain because I thought all he could do to be famous was showing off his abs. But this movie had me going gaga over Rain. But I must say his face is still kinda fugly. It's even worse now since he lost so much weight training for the role. I'm thankful for the abs though *drools* I found a picture which showed his transformation over the months and homeboy is looking good! Check out those muscle definitions!! (Images are totally ripped off from the net)

My favourite scenes were of him half naked (obviously!), training in an apartment in Berlin. The topless scenes towards the end of the movie were not too good because of the overly disgusting battle scars. Mr. Bun had to turn over and smack me in the head whenever any Rain's topless scenes came on. I felt there weren't enough of them. Mr. Bun said Rain was topless for 80% of the entire movie and if there were more, it probably would've turned into a porno. Now, that would be something I'd like to watch.

He did train really, really hard for the role and he was saying in an interview that all he had to eat for a few months was boiled chicken breast and egg white. I guess beauty is pain. He had to give up kimchi for a few months but he's earned much fascination from girls and gayboys so was it all worth it? I say yes!!

Hey sexy, let me make it better for ya. I hereby announce Rain as Obsession of the Month!!!

Flavours of the night

I love love love night markets, or more affectionately known as pasar malam. My favourite is at Seri Petaling on Tuesday nights for two reasons. Firstly, adorable animal paos. Lastly, the world's best salted chicken. I just found out that the one here at Serdang has both the same stalls, which means I no longer have to drive all the way to Seri Petaling, nor having to endure the horrible smell of stinky fermented tofu there. Now I don't even have to choose between Seri Petaling and Section 17 on Tuesdays anymore (world's best asam laksa at Section 17!!!!)

Meet Bunny, Hello Kitty, Piggy, Hedgehog and Pumpkin in their assorted glory!

Don't be fooled by its simple looks. It is the most delicious, juicy and flavourful salted chicken that you can ever find. Other stalls may sell salted chicken that looks just like this, but they can only try and fail to achieve the same level of tastiness. Excuse me while I go ahead and feast on my piece of chicken. I can't type with greasy hands. omnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom

Counting my blessings

Human beings are one big bunch of spoiled brats in the mammal kingdom. That stands as a fact no matter how hard we try to redeem ourselves or sink further in denial. In case if you're wondering if I'm going to launch into a tirade against global warming and such, the answer is simply a "no".

Today could've been just another Monday where I join the rest of my Facebooking friends and update my status as "Ashley Liew is having Monday blues". But I am choosing not to. Before you judge me, I am not declaring myself as being more intellectually advanced than the rest of you folks. I just feel like I should be counting my blessings instead of bitching and moaning about being stuck in the office. 

I had visited a friend yesterday and came home happy. She is fighting an ailment but I am happy for her because I can see that she is doing so with much love and support. I am glad that she is not feeling lost and alone. Somewhere tucked within a corner of my cold black heart, lies a tiny spark of fear that I can never see her again nor have the chance to share my nonsensical warblings to one of the few people who actually gets me. This is starting to sound selfish because once again I managed to make it all about me. But I sincerely hope that she gets through these trying times. 

A colleague had been away from work for more than a month now. Her father is diagnosed with cancer and she immediately flew home to Philippines to care for him and be with her family. One can only admire such love and dedication from a caring daughter. I tried to contact her earlier but I guess her priorities were at the right place in the beginning. I just heard from her this morning, and I am touched by the fact that that she still manages to tell me to take care and say that she misses KL. I wonder where she got this super human strength to stay positive. 

My thoughts and prayers are with these two beautiful women and the people who love them. I wouldn't be of any help at this moment but that's the least I can do. I think I'm gonna press the pause button on procrastination today and finish my workload. I shouldn't be wasting away by moping around when there are people who are so kind and trusting to give me chances in life.


In this universe, there is always two sides to everything; black & white, left & right, up & down, Friendster & Fiendster... You get the idea. What I'm trying to say is, what is really huge and popular right now also has haters who dedicate their time and energy to mock its popularity. I'm sure there are also tons of websites out there dedicated to mocking the current "it" social networking site, Facebook. I've read through one once, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember the webpage. This particular one that I read has posts on the silliest and most entertaining Facebook statuses. I'm sure you can easily go on Google, find another one of these sites and have a good chuckle.

By the way, I just saw a status update from one of the peeps on my Facebook friends list and may I warn you that the level of emotional damage inflicted can be as bad as watching your parents have sex. I bet it also makes a brilliant submission to the aforementioned websites. Personally, I felt embarrased after seeing it because the same thing happens to me every month. However unlike her, I (and the rest of the female population) do not go proclaiming on Facebook that it is the time of the month. This person, obviously a chick, posted this:

Anyone can recommend me her a good psychologist gynaecologist?

p/s: Wtf is that dude, Nicholas doing leaving a comment??!


two fierce ladies join forces
made sweet music and a badass video
will Lady Gaga adopt me?

Walk, walk fashion baby

I love love love my new leather PVC jacket that I bought from CHIC POP yesterday. CHIC POP is an event by Tongue in Chic, where a number of online and offline vendors gathered at Zouk yesterday to showcase their stuff (They have it at other times too but I only went yesterday). In fact, I got a few pieces which I have been lusting over, thanks to the fashion blogs that I read almost everyday. They never fail to put my wardrobe on a walk of shame. That, or my fashion sense isn't all that chic after all. So I'm trying my level best to put myself on a more fierce level.

The Malaysian market catches up very slowly with the latest trends and I was pleasantly surprised to find decent stuff there. I was kinda expecting to find boring ahlian stuff we normally see while walking around Bangsar or any of the bigger malls in Klang Valley. Most of the vendors had pretty impressive pieces and I ended up buying a strong-shouldered dress (which I have no idea where to wear it to), a big and colourful link chain (it's nothing compared to the Yokoo one that I want, but it does somehow bear a resemblance to it), a cute metal bow ring in gold and a rad square stud ring in silver. It's bling-ing as I type this out now :) :) :) Sophia said it looks like something Lady Gaga would wear. I'm flattered *flaps wings* I had wanted to get another bracelet but it's too late now to regret my non-purchase (It was a one-day event). The bright side is I walked out of Zouk still with money in my wallet. Haha!

p/s: Anyone who wants to see my in my tightass black dress can call me for a night out and I'll have a reason to whip out my square shoulders.


Here is another reason why I am so in love with Lady Gaga. Her latest music video for Bad Romance absolutely rocks my socks. You have to just SHUT UP and WATCH to witness the awesomeness that is Gaga.

Apparently the single premiered at the McQueen fashion show that I blogged about earlier.

You'll never miss the fierce McQueen fashion that Lady Gaga paraded in her music video. It seems like the shoes and clothes were made just for her, or at least strongly inspired by her eccentric style. You'll have to check with McQueen to confirm that.

I know her videos are weird but aren't they just sexy as hell? She even went nekkid for it!! My two favourite scenes are when she freezes with all those diamonds in the air and the part when she shows off McQueen's glittery alien getup. You know what, I love the video so much I couldn't stop watching it and nobody can get between Gaga and me!!!!

p/s: Methinks Lady Gaga is trying to prove she doesn't have a dick when she donned that red suit at the end bit of the video. You can almost catch a glimpse of her vajayjay here.

Kiss my meaty ass

I read a feature in today's edition of The Star, and it talked about how we can help save the planet by skipping meat for just one day on this coming 25 November. The writer went to great lengths to try and brainwash regular meat-eating folks by describing how farm animals pollute the environment with their excessive gas emissions. Right yeah Mr. or Ms. Vegetarianism-is-holier-than-thou, I do have one question though:

If every single person on earth switched to become a vegetarian and ate leaves for the rest of our lives, where in the world are we supposed to get oxygen from then?

These vegetarian theories are pretty damn dumb, if you asked me. Before you judge me, I don't condemn vegetarianism at all. I just get peeved when these holier-than-thou peeps try to shove their beliefs down other people's throats. I don't care why you prefer to have a salad when you could be chowing down on a juicy chicken drumstick. Just don't tell me that piece of chicken is going to kill me when the earth that grows your plants is not less polluted than chicken feed. You can stick to your tofu burger as long as you want, just leave me alone with my meat-eating ways. Stop pretending as if skipping meat is a magical cure. It might be for some who have bad digestion, but leave us the freedom to judge and decide, will ya?

I get even more annoyed at some so-called Buddhists who go around preaching about vegetarianism. They say meat-eaters are cruel and kill other beings just to satisfy hunger. So harvesting a living plant does not kill it? Just because you can't hear the plant scream, doesn't mean that it isn't in pain. The most annoying part is the wide selection of "vegetarian meat" you find in almost every Chinese-run vegetarian shop. I think some other establishments have them too, but never as commercial as the Chinese ones. I thought being holy and vegetarian came with excluding the desire of wanting to eat meat, no? So why are these vegetarians being fed with mock meat and not being truly holy in the end? They aren't putting their healthy ways to practice by eating all these fried flour after all. 

I've been to a wedding lunch which served an entire banquet of vegetarian dishes. The groom's family were in some sort of a weird religion and they were staunch vegetarians. No need for me to get to the details, but the food sucked. We almost made a stop at the KFC right outside from the wedding venue right after the lunch. I was certain I could have at least a few pieces of chicken. That was the first time I never got stuffed silly from a wedding lunch/dinner. I couldn't believe that there wasn't an inch of respect for the guests from these people. You may swear off meat but if you were to ignore what everyone else preferred, then why bother inviting them? My point is simple, if you believe something is good for you, then great. Just don't go walking around trying to tell people they aren't good enough just because they don't buy into the same bullshit as you do. It's like me inviting Muslim guests for dinner and having a whole roasted pig as main course. 

Methinks I'll get quite chummy with Anthony Bourdain.

A foxy tale

Yesterday we had quite a scare at home. The security alarm went off in the afternoon and it freaked us out a little bit. Hold on, make that completely panicked. My brother got our cousin who lived opposite to come over to check out the house and he said the door was open and shoes were strewn messily at the front porch. I also got a friend living nearby to wait in front of the house. But she told me everything was normal. No doors were open. But it's not like we had any room to take chances. So naturally I had to tell my boss that I had to leave the office to check on things at home and I took 10 minutes to speed home from Putrajaya. Normally I take a 20-minute leisure drive home after work everyday.

I went in the house with my friend after I arrived. I got so annoyed by my cousin when I saw that things were exactly like what my friend had told me. We hesitated at first to enter but did it anyway. There was no break-in so we concluded that the bugger must've attempted to but ran away after the alarm went off. My neighbours had their houses broken into within these past few weeks, and most of them through the back door or roof.

The police came more than an hour and a half after my mom called. She called immediately after she got the alarm response. They had balls like the size of dried raisins that I pour out of the cereal box that I have for breakfast every morning. We told them there wasn't any break-in but we suspect someone must've tried getting in through the roof. It was obvious neither my mom or myself could get up to the roof and my mom asked them to check. Ten points for those who guessed they never climbed up to the attic. For those who still have blind faith in the justice system in this country, you might as well go drink straight from the gutter right behind your house. If you're lucky, you might just die from E.Coli or something like that. Fyi, they just kept smoking in front of my house and talked about us as if we were crazy and wasted their time coming over. Their ciggie butts are still right outside the gate. One joker even tried to comment that we had a fox up on the attic and the animal probably set off the alarm. Finally one of them just merely stuck his head up to the ceiling opening and concluded that there was no break-in attempts. This stunt, I already pulled off an hour before they reached. Another guy tried to protect their whole police integrity by threatening that they had already checked and we shouldn't spread lies by saying that they didn't check. That seriously left me wondering if they were professional jesters in police uniform. I live in a fucking joke of a country and I'm not doing anything about it!!! This feels even worse than being screwed over by a so-called friend. Somebody tell me why shouldn't we all just emigrate?

Quote of the day

A friendship founded on business is a good deal better than a business founded on friendship.
-John D. Rockefeller-


There could never be more truth to Mr. Rockefeller's words of wisdom. I had the opportunity to experience the harsh reality of his words today.

Just a few months back, a friend who worked in the events industry got my help to write and design an entire magazine which they specifically wanted to produce for a business awards event. Only a handful of complete materials were passed on to myself and my designer friend (muffin), even after they had postponed the event from the initial date. The event is scheduled to be on next week, but they are still taking their own sweet time to gather and compile submissions from clients till this week. They had wanted me to submit the final pagination and output files by yesterday. So that got to me. I snapped. I had a face off with her bosses (well, through phone calls, emails and text messages anyway) and in the end, the job got canned.

You see, the real problem didn't end there. I got a cheque for the cancellation fee but they pulled off some majorly fucked up shit behind my back. If you hadn't already guessed, my cheque got bounced. I already predicted this even before receiving the cheque. These particular business folks didn't fail to live up to my expectations. They failed to plan a proper working timeline and are now sprinting their way to meet an impossible deadline, but in the end I am the victim.

I bet they must be damn pissed because I initially refused to pass them the unfinished winner profiles. I clearly told them I am only passing them the approved files. But of course they had their own impressions of what I was going to submit. Finally I did send over the files, but this shit is still happening. Methinks their receiving antennas need some major fine tuning. Someone please scoop up their brains and soak 'em in acid before shoving 'em all back into their cracked skeletons?!! A 5-year-old know would know the payment is just for reimbursement of the work that we have already started. These brainless assholes are thinking that the money coming out of their pockets can buy whatever they think they can.

My friend is caught in the middle but I totally believe my anger is justified. I find myself yelling at her for several occasions but I really needed her to listen. They didn't get my point from the beginning, when I tried to manage their expectations of how deadlines for a publication work. It's just plain obvious that they never cared about how things work except for the way they want it to be, which is typically last-minute and without high quality. Although she might be dead trapped between her donkeyballs management and me at most times, there were tons of ways to work in a more organised manner. Clients who are difficult to manage still needs to be managed cleverly. They just allowed everyone to move in a typical Bolehland working pace. It's too late now to say that this day could've been avoided because it already happened. I really need to buy muffin a very nice dinner. Make that dinners. I'm sorry to drag a good friend into this mess. He is such a talented designer but I wasted his time, energy and effort. Thank goodness he has such an open heart. I could never be more thankful. I am blessed too because Bun has so much patience to listen to me curse up a storm about these fucktards.

I so trust that Karma's going to show them what a bitch she is. Holla at me, Karma! *high five*

p/s: Awards are so full of bullshit because honestly devils businessmen just buy them to showcase in a cabinet. What else is new in Bolehland?

Ashley in Chains

Finding myself working in an international school is an entirely bizarre situation itself, but it gets weirder as I find myself constantly having thoughts of leaving the country. The teachers are to blame for this. The single ones constantly travel around the globe and have not many actual physical possessions that hold them down. The ones who are married, and usually have kids, earn my respect. I always wonder where would they dig up such ease and spontaneity to pack up the whole family and relocate halfway across the world. I look at them with jealousy. Envious for my own lack of carefree spirit.

How can I escape from my rut?

What would I do?

Some people always randomly discuss about what superhero powers they'd like to own. I never really gave that a serious thought until tonight. If I had a chance to choose, I'd want to have the power to eliminate stupidity from other stupid human beings' minds. We all could live with a little bit more of decisiveness and start to pay more attention to the details in our lives. But alas! Some folks just don't get it, do they?

All hail McQueen!

I'm not big on fashion blogging but I do follow a handful of fierce fashionistas' blogs so that I can be inspired to dress up better (on some days!). But in the recent few days, people are raving about the latest Alexander McQueen's runway show. You know it's huge when you find me writing a post about this one because I have absolutely no knowledge about runway shows. Following pictures are conveniently ripped off from Tavi and The Shoes Girl's blogs :p

Huge, huge, huge and spacious runway to complete the alien-worldly ambience. I love those rails on both sides of the runway. Makes the place seem more morbid.

Then I see these unbelievable pictures of models walking out in those shoes. THOSE SHOES!! Check them out. 

They are impossible. How did it even cross his mind to make these shoes?! 

It's really odd to even try to think of how I'm gonna walk in these things.

Here come the alien models with their alien feet. Seeing them in a group adds more to the oddity. Shall we zoom into the close-ups and see exactly how strange they look? But I must admit though despite the queer shape, these shoes do draw up some weird fascination and perhaps kinky thoughts.

If I had to choose a favourite pair, this snakeskin pair would be it.

Phew! That was a feast for the eyes, wasn't it? So I read that Heidi Klum hasn't gone into labour yet and is still resting at home. I wonder if she's gonna sashay into the delivery room in a pair of these babies... That would be so rad and sick at the same time.


I am positively sure I am not the only person who loves a perfectly good lazy day. I am one who appreciates my weekends because it is the only time when I can literally laze around and do nothing, apart from dozing off repeatedly and occasionally prop my ass in front of the telly or the computer. I am doing the latter because I was trying to kick myself into starting some work but I guess there's not much of creative juice running in my sloth-like body. I'd very much prefer to gorge myself silly with whatever trash that is airing on the telly right now. But I turned it off because I can never write while it's on. Bad new is, it's not like I'm making much progress right now either. The practical side of me is begging to start transcripting those damn recordings and go on to writing some crap already but I guess it's not screaming loud enough. I'm still trapped here having nonsensical thoughts of how cool it would've been if I were in Japan with my ma and ah kor at this moment. I could've been. But what's the point of going if I had to spend thriftily in Tokio? I couldn't bear to imagine what an emotional torture that was going to turn out so I opted not to go. I wished the weather wasn't so miserable right now so that I could at least feel better about remaining in KL. Oh, I could swear I heard my mom yell at me while I was dreaming earlier today. She prolly nagged too much before leaving to the airport last night to leave that lingering effect on me. I miss me mom :( I hope she doesn't come home with souvenirs I could actually buy from the SS2 wet market like how she did the last time when she came back from Ozzy. That aunty got tricked into believing she brought home one-of-a-kind denim type leggings that only models in Australia get to wear. It was hillarious for me to see the exact same leggings at SS2 the very next day.

Should I go get some grub and then start writing? It's not easy trying to think of the food options that could leave me inspired to write. I could do with some real Japanese food. But I remember that I'm not in Japan. FML. The weather's too hot to even move around. I can't even sit still and not sweat. This is all those air-conditioner pimping folks' fault. We wouldn't have global warming this badly if less people had air-conditioners on. Now you losers are making me a hypocrite because there's no way I cannot install air-conditioners when I buy my own house someday. I think I need to run now and go sit under a cold shower for 10 minutes and hopefully it'll put me in a better state of mind.

Watch and ROTFL

Wee wang wang

I love love love this scene from a vintage Stephen Chow movie, A Chinese Odyssey. Here, he is tempting fate by challenging the Goddess of Mercy when he disrespects both the Goddess and his Sifu. The part I love absolutely love is when he starts to describe his Sifu as being an annoying housefly that just won't stop buzzing near his ears. He goes on to correct himself and say that it was an understatement, and his Sifu was in fact an army of houseflies. More hilarity ensued when he goes into detail about how he's like to rip out his Sifu's intestines and wrap 'em around the neck.

I always quote this scene whenever I meet someone who is even half as annoying as the Sifu. The difference now is that I can finally perfect my lines and annoy some people along the process. LOL!

Anyone else who misses the good ol' slapshtick humour from Mr. Chow?

Damn 7

I suppose the title above sounds more vulgar if you say the 7 in Cantonese, but what the heck.

I'm tagged by Chindiana on this "8 things you didn't know about me" list but since he's tried to be different, and I would like to be as well, I'll just go ahead and reveal only 7 unknown facts about myself. To make it sound anywhere near justifiable (and somewhat Da Vinci Code-like), I am listed as the 7th person he's tagging so here goes...

1) Sometimes I do wish it were true when Mr. Bun says that his Myvi can transform into Optimus Prime, especially when we're caught in a bad traffic jam.

2) I can't bake. Because we never owned an oven at home. Sooooo not my fault.

3) I hate pre-wedding photoshoots. I always condemn people who take them and find myself trying to be polite and keeping my mouth shut when it comes to friends who proudly show off their much photoshopped mugs in ridiculously overprized (and oversized) photo albums. It's too harsh to tell people they've been ripped off just so they can look foolish like everyone else. Which normal person prances around at the beach wearing a full suit (guy)/long flowy gown (girl)? And don't get me started on the el cheapo background effects that the bridal houses use! I'd rather use the money to extend my honeymoon trip or something worthy like that.

4) I badly want to put on my monokini and accesorize with chunky necklaces and high heels because I secretly wanna look like Paris Hilton or Beyonce at the beach.

5) My mother tounge is Hakka.

6) I can't live if I only owned G-strings. Granny panties are life savers sometimes.

7) Well, this is technically not unknown but rather, newly known. I have a girl crush on Lady Gaga!!!!!

I blame Deb

I've never watched 'The L Word' and am certainly not a big fan like Deb. She always talks about girls who bring out the lezbo in her (and how she's such a lezbo magnet. LOL). I've never given that topic much thought because I've always been more attracted to the male anatomy rather than a female's, since I already have the working parts on myself. But the recent gagafest about Lady Gaga's supposed penis has peaked my interest in a possible lesbian relationship, well, at least within my own head. But I'd have to ignore the dick part though. 'Cause if she really has one then it wouldn't be homosexual, would it? I'm starting to confuse myself.

For those who don't know what the hell I'm rattling about, please watch this and judge for yourself:

And you can also read this:

Normally I'd cringe and hate on the person after that but I honestly think that no matter if Lady Gaga was a real lady or otherwise, she rocks my world anytime. Now if there's anyone who can bring out the lezbo in me, she's it. Did you know she's admitted that she's bisexual? I'd totally have a chance! Now if only I'd put in more effort to seduce her and be a groupie while in Singapore. I wasn't anywhere near the stage during her concert but I can tell you she's got sexy back. And front.

Hey Lady Gaga, my beautiful vagina would like to make friends with your beautiful vagina. Wanna hook up?

ps: I seriously think I'm suffering from multiple post-concert lust because I seem to fall in love with every artist I watch live. But then again it could be pre-concert lust because how else can I explain why I spend a bomb just to watch them prance happily on stage? Not to mention I get all squished up and sweaty while doing that...

pps: If you can't get the joke then you should be reading your momma's blog about what she cooks for dinner everyday.

An eye opener

I've been reminded again today by my body as to why I should NEVER fuck with my lunch schedule. If I did, my gastric juices would punish me, with a capital P. It's probably illegal for me to admit this but due to my greater interest in shopping, I skipped lunch and was late for a meeting. But that doesn't sentence me to life behind bars, right? *blush* Anyways the "Warehouse Sales" was nothing too fantastic. Although there were some really gorgeous shoes from Nine West but the ones I really liked were out of sizes. So I *only* got a pair. Yes, *only* one pair.

Got something else too but that's another story to tell on a different day.

The branding workshop I went later in the day was such an eye-opener. I see more clearly now how a group of people (obviously the bigger players within the local education industry) come up with education plans that has goals which goes beyond just the profit-making side of a business. They hear the cries of parents who have no faith left in the national education system after the government constantly screws them over, and stands up to offer a solution. Some may argue that these people are taking advantage of the situation. But who are they to judge when there is a real NEED for Malaysians to be so self-sufficient and look for better alternatives when it comes to children's education? I know I have no faith left in the bullshit system that I had to go through for 13 long years. Ask me why the next time you see me and I'll gladly tell you which awakening moment that made me realise that I possibly might have to send my future kids to an international school. And don't get me started on how self-sufficient we are on other aspects. Hint: Water distillers, gated communities and all that jazz.

I also found out about some interesting history behind Loytape. Tell me which Malaysian who hasn't used tapes from this brand before and I'll stick 'em all over your face. It has a connection to the paragraph above.

I've never been to any meetings which was so unconventional. Can anyone say that they've been in a meeting where the CEO just gobbles up a whole bucket of fish head curry right in front of his employees who were brainstorming? Or that you could make a flourescent pink dolphin with green eyes with playdough while in meeting?

There were plenty of toys for the young and young-at-heart to play with so that we weren't bored or falling asleep in the meeting. That is so cool! We have another session next week and I can't wait to see how much more we can progress. The only thing I dread is the traffic jam along MRR2 to get home. Bleah!

Mean muthafucking chili crab!!!

So you might've heard I ran all the way down south to our neighbouring country so I could catch Lady Gaga live in concert last week. I have to be honest that I had a blast! Never in Bolehland would we get to go gaga over Lady Gaga's perky bottom on stage. So the money spent, time wasted, sweat shed and feet ache were all worth it. The crowd may be kiasu and Lady Gaga may be late but she brought the house down. There was no doubt about that. My only regret was being too naive to trust concert organizers when they said cameras weren't allowed into the arena. I walked in and saw every other person with a camera as big as a bazooka, while I had to settle with shiteous quality videos and pictures. FML. Never will I buy into that shiz again. Or maybe I should invest in a phone with mucho better quality camera functions??

I'd like to share my favourite video from the night. I like it mostly because it sounds way better when she talks than when the music is blaring off the speakers. Yes, did I mention my phone's camera suck? Here's Lady Gaga buttering up to her fans in Singapore.

Got to spend some time catching up with friends in Singapore and they were all lovely. Couldn't be more thankful and happier for their company!! Will be treating them very well whenever they're here in town. I took part in Singapore's national sport and bought some stuff too. Not crapload of stuff but some stuff which I can't get in KL. They're either too fugly or expensive here. I've had some pretty good food too. I'm beginning to think Singaporean food actually do NOT suck. It was probably just silly lil' me not knowing where the good stuff are. Was having some drinks with friends at Vista Bistro out at the East Coast when this local duo decided to cover Lady Gaga since she was in town. They were pretty good, although I find the singer was a tad too syok sendiri. LOL.

Now I'm thinking where my next vacation spot will be. Maybe Manila?

Keep it cool, what's the name of this club?

Nothing cures a twisted mind like moshing to the tunes of one of today's hottest pop act. I was semi-devastated just 2 days earlier, as reality started to sink in. My trip down to Singapore to catch Lady Gaga live was probably never going to happen. Thank goodness I still have someone who loves me enough to go with me. Finally we started to make it happen yesterday. Haha! I'll never forget how kind my brother was when he accompanied me to watch Crossroads (starring the legendary Miss Britney Spears) when I was in secondary school. Yes, terribly embarassing for him but it meant the world to me because I'm so in love with Brit Brit. How could a true fan miss her starring debut? Anyhow, history is repeating itself as my brother stepped up again while I had no friends who are happening enough to go gaga with me. Or maybe he was trying to get lucky with Singaporean girls in the moshpit? I gotta give credit to the guy. He's got taste. There probably wouldn't be Ahlians hanging around at Fort Canning Park next Wednesday.

I'm so stoked and cannot wait for the day to come!! Sitting around wishing and cursing Lady Gaga for not coming over to our shores is not an option. We Malaysians know better. I'm already thinking about what I should wear to the concert. I'll probably start packing 2 days before going off. Yes, I'm that excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that I have something really awesome to look forward to, my thoughts are not as sad anymore. I realised that my mind's been kind of mundane since Jac's wedding. Am I missing something here? I hope not. It gives me chills to think I've become an obsessive compulsive organiser/busybody/nosepoke of some sort. Shiver me timbers. I need help. Maybe seek medical help? Yeah, I'm so going to get help tonight. I'll be here: See ya?

Geek in the pink

I sooooo want these in my wardrobe!!!!!!!!!


Below is a SMS conversation between me and the boyfriend just a minute ago, as I was fuming mad over another matter. I love the fact that he made me smile with his attempt at making silly jokes.

Bf: Who is Transformers parents?
Me: Wtf?
Bf: Guess la...
Me: *types in question on Google and finds answer*
Me: Transparent. I love Google!
Bf: T_T
Me: Haha! Stupid. Thanks for making me smile dear. Muaks!
Bf: Muaks!

We're both trying to find a place in the sun

I miss being half naked under the sun, while exposing myself to the risk of getting skin cancer. Nothing puts me at ease more than falling asleep while listening to the waves crashing to the shore. I desperately miss that feeling.

My depressed mood seems unwarranted, especially when I find myself at lost while trying to search for the root of cause. But I sure can't deny I'm way down low, as opposed to the the great feeling of being on top of the world. How can one feel so pressed when there is no oppression exerted? At least there aren't any visible signs that may trigger my stress alarm. I might be giving myself more stress as I struggle to find an answer that may not exist.

Gotta give Stella a call. Need me some tips on how I can get my groove back.

Fly me to the field

I want to run freely, darting through the fresh and colourful blooms
Have dirt all over my feet
Flowers and grass all over my hair
Breathing in the cool and crisp air
Without a single knot left untangled in my mind
I want to be at that place
Where love is abundant
Where I can lose track of time

Cleaning up my act

Last weekend, I achieved a task that had initially been declared as already R.I.P. *cue tragic violon music* Who would've thought a couple of wise words from a Feng Shui Master can turn things around completely? My parents came home inspired by his wise words but of course, my mom went to work immediately, i.e. getting rid of the clutter in the house. Somehow that got me started too.

This is how my room looks like on normal days. By normal I mean pre-spring cleaning. Don't be deceived by the clean-looking marble tiles. There's actually dust piling up everywhere. EVERYWHERE...

That's the hallway right in front of my room. The luggage bag's been there since end April. I know, it's not thaaaaaat long right? But yeah, I can be a total slob. Just look at that big basket of clothes!

The first thing I ever found once I got down to work was a pile of moolah. I love finding long lost hidden stash of money! This should happen every single time I clean up my room. Then I'd clean up more frequently.

I had no heart to throw this box of goodies away. There were lovely birthday and greeting cards from friends and the boyfriend *hugs*

I found this gift box from Louise and can't help but post it up for some laughs. That woman actually took the trouble to scribble all over the damn box. Got it for my 21st birthday, btw.

Oh hell yes I'm ashamed. I threw out lotsa stuff. Many of them were not photographed as evidence *hangs head low*

Though externally my room still looks similar to the "before" shot, it has very much less dust. I'm breathing in cleaner air while I sleep now. And there are less junk within those cabinets. That pink tube-looking thing at the corner is my yoga mat which had been banished into the dark ends of the store room for quite some time. It shall be revived from now!

Dear Yoga Mat, don't you worry. I won't be leaving you alone in that stinky, dark store room anymore. I'll have you right here in my bedroom, where I will lay you down on the floor and you will have me spreading myself all over you and we will get sticky and sweaty together more and more from now. Font size

Farah's Surprise Birthday Party

Sorta kinda failed upon us because her car wouldn't start this morning and she had initially wanted to take an emergency leave. WTF. But in the end she came and we all still had a jolly good time lepaking, although the plans didn't go as smoothly as we had planned earlier.

With birthday girl & the glaring pink birthday card I made. ZOMG I look so fat here!

All the homemade spread. I woke up at 5.00am to fry those damn noodles. KNN. Never have I been so prompt to leap out of bed after the alarm bell rang once. I didn't even hit the snooze button like how I usually do. My colleagues then remarked that I should cook for them everyday. MCH. Kena insult kau kau.

Since I've just cleaned my room+stuff, I found a lot of stuff which I had otherwise forgotten that I owned. Wore a pair of peeptoe pumps I bought from Singapore last year. And true enough, I was clearing the shoe cabinet and was surprised to find a few pair of shoes I never remember I had. Found these kitty cat earrings too so I was rockin' 'em today. Meow!!

Have no idea how to end this post so imma leave you with a totally random and wtf picture I took while leaving the pasar malam earlier tonight. Will you go have coffee/tea here?