Red Bomb Scare

Just got news that a friend will be getting hitched next year. Hopefully not on my birthday. But then again, it's her right. I just have to show up with an angpow. She's the first I know to get married. Unless someone suddenly cuts queue and beats her to it. I guess my depression will only start kicking in when more friends go down the aisle.

Is my mom hinting that I should end my bachelorette days? It's not my fault, you know? It's those damn pricks out there who don't realize what they're missing! Shouldn't have told her about Kris' good news. But it's too much of a good news to be kept away. It's awesome!! The best part? Her boyfriend proposed onstage at a concert on Christmas eve. Can a girl get anymore luckier than that? God, I feel jealous. Yes... I terribly am.

Oh what the hell. I'll be man-hunting while working next year. That's one more week. I wish I could sound less desperate. But the pressure I'm getting these days, it's overwhleming. Lol. I guess I'll just have to see what life has to offer and roll onto my lap. Must.not.get.desperate.

All the recent fantasies invloving male VJs aren't helping either. Only makes my hormones rage worse. Bye people. Need to go on my mental date with them VJs. Goodnight!