Ashley in Chains

Finding myself working in an international school is an entirely bizarre situation itself, but it gets weirder as I find myself constantly having thoughts of leaving the country. The teachers are to blame for this. The single ones constantly travel around the globe and have not many actual physical possessions that hold them down. The ones who are married, and usually have kids, earn my respect. I always wonder where would they dig up such ease and spontaneity to pack up the whole family and relocate halfway across the world. I look at them with jealousy. Envious for my own lack of carefree spirit.

How can I escape from my rut?

What would I do?

Some people always randomly discuss about what superhero powers they'd like to own. I never really gave that a serious thought until tonight. If I had a chance to choose, I'd want to have the power to eliminate stupidity from other stupid human beings' minds. We all could live with a little bit more of decisiveness and start to pay more attention to the details in our lives. But alas! Some folks just don't get it, do they?

All hail McQueen!

I'm not big on fashion blogging but I do follow a handful of fierce fashionistas' blogs so that I can be inspired to dress up better (on some days!). But in the recent few days, people are raving about the latest Alexander McQueen's runway show. You know it's huge when you find me writing a post about this one because I have absolutely no knowledge about runway shows. Following pictures are conveniently ripped off from Tavi and The Shoes Girl's blogs :p

Huge, huge, huge and spacious runway to complete the alien-worldly ambience. I love those rails on both sides of the runway. Makes the place seem more morbid.

Then I see these unbelievable pictures of models walking out in those shoes. THOSE SHOES!! Check them out. 

They are impossible. How did it even cross his mind to make these shoes?! 

It's really odd to even try to think of how I'm gonna walk in these things.

Here come the alien models with their alien feet. Seeing them in a group adds more to the oddity. Shall we zoom into the close-ups and see exactly how strange they look? But I must admit though despite the queer shape, these shoes do draw up some weird fascination and perhaps kinky thoughts.

If I had to choose a favourite pair, this snakeskin pair would be it.

Phew! That was a feast for the eyes, wasn't it? So I read that Heidi Klum hasn't gone into labour yet and is still resting at home. I wonder if she's gonna sashay into the delivery room in a pair of these babies... That would be so rad and sick at the same time.


I am positively sure I am not the only person who loves a perfectly good lazy day. I am one who appreciates my weekends because it is the only time when I can literally laze around and do nothing, apart from dozing off repeatedly and occasionally prop my ass in front of the telly or the computer. I am doing the latter because I was trying to kick myself into starting some work but I guess there's not much of creative juice running in my sloth-like body. I'd very much prefer to gorge myself silly with whatever trash that is airing on the telly right now. But I turned it off because I can never write while it's on. Bad new is, it's not like I'm making much progress right now either. The practical side of me is begging to start transcripting those damn recordings and go on to writing some crap already but I guess it's not screaming loud enough. I'm still trapped here having nonsensical thoughts of how cool it would've been if I were in Japan with my ma and ah kor at this moment. I could've been. But what's the point of going if I had to spend thriftily in Tokio? I couldn't bear to imagine what an emotional torture that was going to turn out so I opted not to go. I wished the weather wasn't so miserable right now so that I could at least feel better about remaining in KL. Oh, I could swear I heard my mom yell at me while I was dreaming earlier today. She prolly nagged too much before leaving to the airport last night to leave that lingering effect on me. I miss me mom :( I hope she doesn't come home with souvenirs I could actually buy from the SS2 wet market like how she did the last time when she came back from Ozzy. That aunty got tricked into believing she brought home one-of-a-kind denim type leggings that only models in Australia get to wear. It was hillarious for me to see the exact same leggings at SS2 the very next day.

Should I go get some grub and then start writing? It's not easy trying to think of the food options that could leave me inspired to write. I could do with some real Japanese food. But I remember that I'm not in Japan. FML. The weather's too hot to even move around. I can't even sit still and not sweat. This is all those air-conditioner pimping folks' fault. We wouldn't have global warming this badly if less people had air-conditioners on. Now you losers are making me a hypocrite because there's no way I cannot install air-conditioners when I buy my own house someday. I think I need to run now and go sit under a cold shower for 10 minutes and hopefully it'll put me in a better state of mind.

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