As things heat up

Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I'm an agent of chaos. Oh and you know the thing about chaos, it's fair.
The Joker, Batman: The Dark Knight 2008
May the best man wins tomorrow. We rakyat truly deserve a little bit more of fairness around here. I personally wouldn't mind a teeny weeny bit of chaos in return of justice. Not that the candidates necessarily bring justice immediately, but it goes to show that if an upset happens, we're just trying to show how upset we really are. Let's call it our cry for help.

You know you're old when...

A father tells his son to thank you like this:
Dad looking at young son: Se**, say thank you, aunty.

*sound of my heart breaking into a million pieces*
Which effing part of my face looks AUNTY ??? This is what I'd like to call poor parenting. It's like teaching your kid that a horse is in fact a donkey. I can't deal with this. How can anyone call such a young, hot, fabulous, fashionable, trendy, chic, pretty and kind young lady an AUNTY?? I need to dig a hole and just die. Or better yet, throw that dad into the hole and just leave 'em there to die from drowning in a big puddle of rain water. That'll teach ya not to simply call me an aunty.
*storms off to buy a shovel*


Once in a while we all get to dress up and have a little fun. Once in a while we are invited to be at a happening party with gorgeous a theme. That sounds very much like a party I'd like to be at. Earlier this week I was invited to the OK! Celeb Fest 2008 at Zouk. Well of course I wasn't invited alone, but anyhoo I got VIP passes. That doesn't come very often. The theme of the party was 'Magnificent Masquerade', and we were all like a bunch of happy nerds going around shopping for pretty masks before the party. We wouldn't do so under normal circumstances, but the invite said that we'd be penalized by the fashion police if we were caught without any mask on. So of course we had to shop for some may-jah masks. But unfortunately the party didn't turn out to be quite like what we had expected. Sad. But that happens sometimes to parties that could've been such a blast... For everyone in the venue.

Let's start from the beginning. We were waiting for each other to arrive in front of Zouk and spotted some local celebs arriving by foot. And a little while later, some of them started arriving in their rented Benzes. That really brought the lolz. Never thought our homegrown celebs needed that kinda attention and drama. But I guess we all do, don't we? Truthfully I have nothing much to say about the event 'cause we didn't manage to have a lot of fun 'cause most of the group left even before halfway. Even yours truly didn't stay on till the end. I had to leave after they announced the so-called Best Dressed. She was a disaster.

Me with my mask n Mr. Bun with his. He could hardly breath in that thing :p

One of the performers of the night, and the only one I caught just because she was up on stage early. I didn't know her but her name was Honey Madu, if I got the name spelt right. Her voice was okay -- but she was too syok sendiri while on stage. Bask in the spotlight while you can, honey!

Emcees for the night - Serena C and Pietro from Mix FM

Here's JP accepting his award, which I don't remember the category.

Here's me with my lucky draw prize. Haha! I practically ran and jumped on stage when I heard my name called. Actually I wasn't even paying attention to the emcees talking but I just heard my name being called and knew I won something. And that something was a prize from Triumph. Yay for free bras and panties!! More on that later. My name got called in the first round, which means it's usually the smaller prizes and I hate that. That's happened twice! The first time at another party, my name was called first for the night and all I got was a whole range of Gatsby hair wax. Bummer. I ended up giving them all away 'cause I don't use those. But it beats not winning anything at all, I suppose :) I wonder who walked away with the grand prize at Celeb Fest. That lucky bastard/bitch is gonna loooooove soaking in that jacuzzi by the sea. Ask me in person if you wanna know what I mean.

So I claimed my prize at Parkson Pavilion yesterday. In my envelope, there was no voucher or anything. Just a letter from Triumph congratulating me for winning and of course the T&C. I was sure Triumph's trying to get rid of their old stock and decided to restrict me to a few ranges, 'cause they had a bunch of item codes written on the letter but to my lovely surprise, they were actually giving out their very latest range, the Eco Chic. It's so new that it's not even ready for viewing on Triumph Malaysia's website. So let's see... According to the tag on my bra, the Eco Chic range contains no farm drugs, no chemicals like aldehyde (tried to wiki this but couldn't understand a sentence) and no metals. I don't even know what's the support made of 'cause the salesgirl couldn't give me the information -.-" The range is also made from natural colouring substances to prevent allergies and to retain colouring from washing and natural cotton for comfort. I think that's cool. Now we ladies can be environmental friendly right to the inside. Here's a peek at the range...

I apologize for the visual torture. I'm no supermodel. Let's wait for the pro shots from Triumph okay?

Is it me, or is it hot in here?

Oh Miss Selfridge! You made me lust for this totally unnecessary dress which I probably wouldn't need in my wardrobe, but would totally die to own it anyway. But of course since your designs come all the way from the land of Ukay, the conversion rate is bloody hell high and it breaks my heart that I couldn't afford to have this yummy piece of fabric. You know, I was at your boutique yesterday, happily trying on both colours and falling in love with both! But I had to scramble out after I saw the price tag :(

Over reacting, you say? With my current paying salary I wasn't being even halfway to OTT. Just brutally honest. Can I also be totally honest right now to tell you that your dress made me look like a supermodel who just stepped out from a hip hop video on MTV? I must say, black made me look super skinny and red... What can I possibly say about red? Let's just put it this way... If I put on my devil horns I bet tons of guys would jump into the depths of hell to get me. But of course they'd have to get through Mr. Bun while they're at it. Nyek nyek...
So anyways, could you have a sale anytime soon? I think DNP would have it too if you say so. Slash off at least half the price for this dressie will ya? I'll pucker up and kiss your ass cheeks if you do.

Love ya!

Let time be me

Sometimes I wish I had the ability to freeze time so I can be stuck in any safe place I'm in. But other times I'd wish I could zoom past time without anyone noticing that I'm gone, or that I would not notice anyone else around me. To run away from all those thoughts that turn me into this pessismist monster that I am. I have no shiny red eyes or a long, crooked nose. All I have is a deep, dark and hollow shell which no longer bears fruits of hope. I can't understand why I am never satisfied with the way things are (no matter how good they are doing), and keep wondering what if there is something wrong. What if all these seemingly happy times are just a ploy to an impending doom? WHAT IF? The six alphabets and one question mark which intelligently combine to mark my death of normalcy.
How I wish to possess the ability to move on nonchalantly and breeze through difficult times, without any of these bullshit thoughts polluting my unsound mind. Or rather headstrong, like a horse racing through the meadows with its new found freedom. I need to be alone. But not long enough for everyone to leave me empty.