This is so in my favourite movies list

Movie: Scoop

Cast: Woody Allen, Hugh Jackamn, Scarlett Johansson, Ian McShane

I was not familiar with Woody Allen, and I totally didn't expect him to have such great sense of humour. Now I'm gonna pay more attention to this old guy's movies. This movie kept me laughing from the beginning, right 'til the end. Hillarious to the core.

It tells a story of how Allen's and Johansson's characters, Sidney and Sondra try to investigate Jackman's character, Peter. McShane's character, a dead journalist named Strombel literally had to get a scoop on a breaking news from the grave. Check out the whole Jack the Ripper thing. He connected with Sondra, 'cause she was a journalism student, but a hapless one. Nevertheless, Sondra was ambitious and dwelved into the investigations, with the help of Sidney. My favourite quotes from the movie came from the funny duo, right before they started their adventure. They were arguing about how to devise the perfect plan:

Sidney: We gotta put our heads together.

Sondra: If we put our heads together, you'll hear a hollow noise.

Hugh Jackman was looking delicious. He may play the part of a serial killer, but he was such a charm. He'd kill me with his looks anytime *drools* In the scene where he pushed Sondra into the private lake, I was fantasizing of him and me in that boat. Ooohh... How lovely to make out with Hugh Jackman on a boat, in the middle of a private lake.

Dirty thoughts aside... This is one helluva movie. Two thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

I am dying to see Scoop having heard so much about it but they are not showing it in the UK. I think they have forgottenthat so many people woul dcome to see Hugh.

I certainly hope they bring the DVD out so I can at least see that

Anne Hedley