Out of this world

Anxiously waiting for this maxi skirt with an amazing galaxy print to be packed off into the mail and delivered to me next week. The skirt pictured above is the closest I can find of my purchase. I can't believe I finally found it here at a reasonable price after drooling at the images all over the Internet. So glad I'm not crazy enough to order from this China website that I found earlier. Phew!

Who is Uncle Jang?

It's been a while since I had a nice relaxing time with my girlfriends so we decided to do just that. Sunday lunch at a small family-run Korean joint sounds like a great hangout to me. Jasmine's birthday is also coming up so what better excuse to meet up and have good food? Deb's going to be leaving to Oregon for good in two months' time so I'll try not to say no to meeting her before she leaves :( Here I got to taste bulgogi for the first time. I must say that it's a much better feeling to eat the yummy pork bulgogi than having to cook it all the time while I play Pucca Restaurant. Haha!

Almost famous

This is what I wore to Chic POP Street Market a couple of weekends ago. Aside from running into a girl who wore similar pants *rolls eyes*, everything was fab because I got photographed *here* and *here*. Hey, I'm not pissed off that I bumped into someone who wore similar pants, but I was offended that she kept hovering beside me while I was trying on a pair of shoes and the fact that I arrived at the stall first. I even overheard her telling her friend about some "no-no in fashion". You can very well go eff yourself, honey.

I was told by the photojournalist from Style Snaps that I was due for a prize but I haven't heard from them till today. Wonder what happened?