Snappity snaps 1

1. New headbands <3
2. Celebrating Winter Solstice at home with family
3. One of my attempts at self-praising - bought this cheeky tee for my hubby
4 & 5. Saying goodbye to my work desk and office as I leave for a new job come 2012
6. A snowflake on Christmas eve
7. Faux plant pup - totally adorbs and just what I need!
8. Korean BBQ dinner on Christmas eve
9. Beef tenderloin sizzling on the grill

Signing off 2011

My heart skipped a beat and fell on the lush green grass as I made my way onto the school field to run my final few laps here. In just about more than an hour I will be saying goodbye to the amazing institution which will forever mark my first foray into the education industry. It's been a great two and a half years working here but I shall be moving on within the same industry to join a new institution due to open in Nilai in 2013.

I haven't had the chance to share this piece of news but 2012 will truly be a new year for me. Well, at least in terms of my career. It all started with a few advances from the lost tribes of the rainforest which ultimately led to my decision to make a switch. I'll most probably be handling new challenges and gaining new experience as I will be part of a pre-opening team. It definitely sounds exciting and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I've yet to let all the excitement and nervous tension take over me but I guess that will come naturally as my first day of working at a new place comes closer. It's baffling to realise that you don't grow out of that awkwardness - it's the exact same feeling as a young child switching to a new school and trying to make new friends even though you're not born as or trained with the skills to be a social butterfly. Maybe I need to get over it now that I'm an adult and all? Pffttt

2012 is just sneaking up around the corner, waiting for the right moment to pounce on us and leave us in bewilderment as 2011 seems to have gone too quickly. I haven't been able to sum up my feelings in a track that could express how I feel right now. But I will share a song that has strangely been playing on repeat in my mind the whole morning.

Forgive me if I seem terrible with goodbyes. Because I can be. I blame it all on nostalgic feelings during the year end and how sappy that can make one feel. It's been a great run through 2011 and I'm awaiting to see what 2012 will bring me.

Out of this world

Anxiously waiting for this maxi skirt with an amazing galaxy print to be packed off into the mail and delivered to me next week. The skirt pictured above is the closest I can find of my purchase. I can't believe I finally found it here at a reasonable price after drooling at the images all over the Internet. So glad I'm not crazy enough to order from this China website that I found earlier. Phew!

Who is Uncle Jang?

It's been a while since I had a nice relaxing time with my girlfriends so we decided to do just that. Sunday lunch at a small family-run Korean joint sounds like a great hangout to me. Jasmine's birthday is also coming up so what better excuse to meet up and have good food? Deb's going to be leaving to Oregon for good in two months' time so I'll try not to say no to meeting her before she leaves :( Here I got to taste bulgogi for the first time. I must say that it's a much better feeling to eat the yummy pork bulgogi than having to cook it all the time while I play Pucca Restaurant. Haha!

Almost famous

This is what I wore to Chic POP Street Market a couple of weekends ago. Aside from running into a girl who wore similar pants *rolls eyes*, everything was fab because I got photographed *here* and *here*. Hey, I'm not pissed off that I bumped into someone who wore similar pants, but I was offended that she kept hovering beside me while I was trying on a pair of shoes and the fact that I arrived at the stall first. I even overheard her telling her friend about some "no-no in fashion". You can very well go eff yourself, honey.

I was told by the photojournalist from Style Snaps that I was due for a prize but I haven't heard from them till today. Wonder what happened?

Bitter heart

My chest is heavy with pangs of disappointment and regret. Disappointment that arise after realising how I am perceived in the eyes of others. Regret as I allowed myself for everything to run its course. Mask changing is not my forte and will probably never be. But now is a crucial time for me to really learn how to filter my thoughts. How did it turn out that the best quality that I thought of myself has now become the venom that could cause my own death? My mind begs for an answer but my soul is too fragile to handle the truth. I get too emotional when I'm criticized for being me. I'm still shaken from the awakening and trying to pick up my strength to move forward. I've been trying for years to move forward and become a better me but have always faltered. Could this be my last chance if I fail again?

I cannot let myself down anymore.

Go up or get out

I think I'm on the brink of a realisation here - My shelf life could possibly be up to about two years before I start asking myself the question, "Where do I go from here?" It's time for the dreaded chat... about moving forward or outward. I'm being hopeful and keeping my fingers crossed.

Lust, Caution

1. YSL Arty Ring
2. Hermes Constance Bag
3. Miu Miu Platforms
4. Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch
5. Chanel 2.55 Bag
6. Jeffrey Campbell Foxy
7. Jeffrey Campbell Lita
8. Alexander Wang Rocco Bag

Just some of the things that I will not hesitate to buy if I were a millionaire. Or at least married to one. They will forever stay in my 'can see, cannot touch own' list.

A trip to meet the king

Yesterday we took a drive to Raub, Pahang to one of Mr Bun's colleague's hometown. The guy's family owns an orchard so we were treated to a durian feast. We had the opportunity to sample one of the most popular and expensive species, the Musang King. There were only a few, as they were mostly kept for the selling market. The rest of the durian weren't bad - they were either of the D24 or D101 species.

Scenic drive into the villages of Raub.

What we came for... after driving for more than three hours.

Cracking open the prickly shell to reveal its tender flesh.

Nomming on some Musang King.

Here's a photo of Mr Bun looking a lot like Crayon Shin Chan :p

Took a look at the bunch of bananas lying around and thought I would never eat that much even in a year.

After all that durian, we made a stop at Bukit Tinggi for some sightseeing. I know this place well from my previous job, but some of Mr Bun's colleagues have never been here so we decided to come along. I must say, the place looks more decent now that the incompetent dog walker has left (insider's language).

Medieval warrior greeted our arrival.

Stupid goose that kept bopping its head up and down, not letting me take a photo.

Fat fishies.

Wish I'd have more time to take off on short holidays. Right now I miss being at a beach :(


伯母,已经过了一百天. 你现在过得好吗?希望你在新的地方可以安心. 我们依然非常想念你。希望你可以看到我们尝试继续生活,虽然你与我们不再。我想念你。

Stripes and Dots

Folks at work had a barbeque session during lunch today and it was a good opportunity for some relaxation and fun. Perfect time for me to squeeze in some camwhoring shots!

It's a no brainer that good food is always involved, especially here in Malaysia. My only complaint is we didn't have enough satay to go around :)

Now I'm sitting in front of my iMac trying hard to not fall asleep. It rained heavily midway through the barbeque and now the weather is perfect for an afternoon nap. Can't wait to get home to my bed.

Brunch at Hin Kee HK Dim Sum

Mr Bun and I made our way to SS2 this morning for my spine treatment and we had planned to have brunch at his favourite mixed rice stall at Wai Sek Kai, alas, it was not open. So we had to look for an alternative, and I spotted a new dim sum place right opposite. We weren't armed with high expectations as most dim sum places serve substandard frozen dim sum, but we were proven wrong as each of our orders came to the table. The food was absolutely fresh and made in good sizes as well. Price wasn't too steep and I felt it was worth every penny. To make it simple for you to know how good the dim sum here are, I'd say I might marry the chef if I was single and available, and if he lost some weight. I'd definitely be coming back. The restaurant is open every day from 8.30am till 12am, and is located at the same row as Kei Tak Sik.