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If I stopped blogging for 6 months and seemed like I disappeared forever virtually, would anyone miss me?

Happy Niu Year

Wishing you a swift and deft new year, just like my little moo here.
Gong Xi Fai Cai!

p/s: The new year definitely poses some challenge, with no spare even on the first day of spring. I'm still stuck here at home 'cause the buses all broke down and I'm waiting for my knight in shining Myvi to come get me. I promise I'll take things in a more elegant stride though. Like a calm ox, gently grazing in a green grassfield. But you really wouldn't wanna provoke me into a raging bull either. I think it's appropriate for 2009 to be a Year of the Ox. Shows how strong we need to be in such trying times. Until the good times come rolling back. Have a great time celebrating, feasting and resting!


I've been having mixed feelings right until last night before I finally went ahead to buy the Jason Mraz concert tickets today. Why mixed feelings, you asked? Because I'm passionate about fighting the Israelis and I don't want to support American products. And Jason Mraz is an American, geddit?

Boy, wasn't that the ultimate lame-ness you ever heard? The war is not ours to fight, no matter how much suffering there is involved. There's too much problems within our backyard and it's a too long list to name them all. So let's start being realistic. I'm not being selfish by the way. It's just something that we have absolutely no power to impact because no one will give a shit to what we say anyway.

Let's get back to my little adventure in getting the tickets, shall we? Aiming to be kiasu, I planned to wake up at 7.00am this morning and leave the house by 8.00am and reach Sg. Wang before 9.00am. Who knows if there's like a loooooooong queue till the entrance by then, right? But that didn't happen. I slept too late last night. I couldn't help it. 'Journey to the West' was showing on the telly last night and I couldn't resist. So I ended up waking at 8.00am and finally arrived at Sg. Wang at about 9.15am. There was no ticket booth in sight by that time. PHEW!! My gungho kiasu-ness would've gone down the drain. I only saw staff from Munchy's setting up their counter. Initially I thought they were selling their cookies in time for CNY. Turns out that they're part of the sponsors for Ah Mei's concert and they were part of her ticket booth. So anyways, Mr. Bun and I commited a sin and had breakfast at McDonald's while waiting. Is McD the ultimate American icon or what? Erm, okay... I'd better zip it on the whole political verbal diarrhoea fiasco.

We noticed the ticket booth being set up not long after finishing our breakfast and quickly moved into the queue. We were fourth in the line. It was about 10-ish at that time. So we had to wait for just another 1-hour plus. Not too bad lah. Better than Mr. Bun having to go through the torture when 'I'm not a plastic bag' was launched in Malaysia not too long back. Remember that fiasco?

Sg. Wang concourse in the wee hours of the morning. Not exactly wee hours though...

McD in a rare moment that you see it empty. In the foreground is our breakfast.

Staff from Marctensia and Axcess setting up the ticket booth.

I brought a copy of the newspaper as reading material while waiting. And guess what story got published...

I had wanted to bring a book to read too. In case I read the newspaper too fast and would've been left to rot in boredom. But I totally forgot about the book until after leaving home. Then I saw this guy who's also in the line reading exactly what I'm reading at the moment. It's 'A Thousand Splendid Suns'. We could've been book twins!! The book's a very good read. I'm already halfway through, but I think I'll only have the time to finish it when I'm off during CNY. I must apologize for the blurry photo. It's just taken with a cellphone.

Well hey, what else can you do when you're bored and waiting in a queue? Camwhore? Nah... that's too overdone.

Maybe a game of cards instead? Now that's impressive!

The line snaked till somewhere along SUB's entrance. I had just gotten my tickets and left at about 12.30pm. Hey peeps... See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya! I'm now excited to go scream my lungs out during the gig. Hopefully the organizers will make sure the barricades between The Pitt and The Rock Zone are secure and actually serves well as barricades. Or else the extra amount of money that I'm (as well as the rest of The Pitt ticket holders) paying is just gonna be good to pay their medical fees.

Scooch on over closer dear


Somehow words fail to express the kind of anticipation filling up my lungs right now. I M.U.S.T. go! God forbid if I can't get the tickets I want, I'll just stand waiting and listening from outside the arena on the event day. Must I purchase them tickets with credit card? *shrugs* It's okay... I'll call Axcess and pester them like hell with questions. Hah!

How I Welcomed 2009

This is a very delayed post. Almost half a month to be remotely exact. I can't even think of where to start bitching about how frustrating it was to transfer the pictures outta my phone. Crappy Bluetooth I've got. I still don't know if the fault's on my phone or computer. Either way, I still ended up in success after much perseverance.

Got a haircut hair trim at CROP STUDIO in Kuchai Lama on New Year's Eve. Pardon me for not partying the night away. I was down with fever. And I'm an old lady now. Bebe was right all along. Sigh...

Finally got my eyebrows threaded after months of procrastination. I know... How could I have survived all these months with fugly brows?? But I did. And guess what? I got cut by this lady's mad skills. She's FAST & FURIOUS. Fast service is good, but not furious till I get hurt in the process. I'm gonna look for better places to thread my brows next time. Any recommendations?

See how mad she was? I proved my point. Both left and right brows had cuts!! Sucks for me. The cuts still stung after my shower every day for the past week.

The only thing she did right was the legs. Did I mention she was fast? Pulling the wax strip off in a high speed surely helped me not to feel the pain nearly as much.

On New Year's Day, I shopped the day away!! Oh I rhymed...

Didn't really shop the day away. Even the clothes I wore in the previous picture were my own. I walked the whole stretch of boutiqes in Bangsar and nearly killed my feet in the process, but I bought nothing there. Ended back at Kuchai Lama to check out this boutique called TOP & BOTTOM, got a top and this gorgeous pair of heels. I've got two pretty, no, make that one fierce and one flirty dresses from another boutique two doors away. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of that one. Probably 'cause my unconscious memory cautiously prefers to remember a generous boutique that gives me a deen-see-kuang.

Here's the logo for anyone's who's interested to shop in that area. Not too bad. If you know Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park, then it shouldn't be too much of a problem for you to find the place. But if anyone ever tells you of a fishhead meehon around the area, don't bother trying it out. It sucks big time. I can't even remember the place's name, but it's very cafe like.

So there you go. That was how my new year was like. It's been not too bad so far. Just a little bit of mental breakdown here and there. I've got a lot of bits and pieces to pick up. But that's alright. People lose their minds all the time. I'll just need to have more self-control this time. Everytime.

Get up everyone


I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Please come Jason. Pretty puh-leez???????