How are things up there?

Hey Aimz,

In just a few days it would be your death anniversary and I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry that I couldn't attend the 30 days prayer. I'm playing bridesmaid to a school friend and had to skip going down to Seremban. I hope you know that I'm missing you from time to time and you'll be in my thoughts. 

To be perfectly honest with you, I do wish that we kept in touch more often before you left this mortal world. But I'll have you know that you brought Edwin, Esther and I together when we went to see you to bid our final farewell. Did you see us there at your house? I hope you liked the flowers we brought you. The florist didn't have many choices for flowers but they did their best. I know you'll get me if I could share the story of the 'artistic' Bangladeshi workers who put the wreath together. You wouldn't have guessed if I hadn't told you that they put it together, would you?

It wouldn't be easy for us to forget you, especially for Edwin. He did say out loud that you chose a date that he'll never forget. Well, not loud enough for everyone at your house to hear but just enough for me and Esther. No one knew you had a photograph of Esther and yourself by your bed and when your dad brought it downstairs to show us, it made us all sad for a little while. But in the end we're glad that you're no longer in pain. I hope your parents and Ben can heal from the pain of losing you too. 

You know, I went through my photo archives and managed to find a few photographs that we took together. I wished we had more. You may not agree with my choice here, but please know that it wasn't easy for me either to decide to let the world view my juvenile attempt of looking cool and fashionable way back when. Hope you're well and happy wherever you may be now and be good.

17 November 2006