Hanging out with friends

This wasn't a celebration. In fact I don't think there's anything worth celebrating... Until I passed all my papers and when I'm employed. Sigh... Why must I sound so sad all the time?

Back to happier moments, went out with How and Yoyo to The Curve. Both my dear friends were "The Curve Virgins". Lol. But I couldn't show 'em the hip and happening scene at the place 'cause it wasn't a weekend night. But I still enjoyed it. Hope they did too. Why did I enjoy it so much? 'Cause I had dinner at Sakae Sushi. Yummy!

Check out the high-tech ordering menu

DIY refills

The famous 'Paper Steamboat'

The paper steamboat was damn nice. The broth was clear and sweet, tastes just right with the meat and veges cooking in it. We couldn't get over how tough the paper was. Jakuns... But of course it's no ordinary paper. They probably serve two persons with one set, but I could finish one entirely by myself. I also had an Avocado Temaki and two pieces of salmon sushi. Don't bother bout the sushi here. They break easier than Sushi King's and tastes so-so. Come for the ala-carte meals. They're the stuff that makes your lips smack.

The Christmas decos at the Curve were so pretty, I couldn't resist another episode of camwhoring. Sorry for the blur pic, that's what you get with a sucky camera.