Joanna's Wedding

Last weekend was an opportunity for our group of UTAR yumcha geng to travel to and meet up in Malacca for Joanna's wedding. Few of us girls were roped in as bridesmaids so we had to arrive the night before her wedding day. Since it's been a while from my last visit to the bone-adjusting uncle in Malacca town, Mr Bun and I decided to drive down in the afternoon so I could drop by for a session. It would be wise to avoid the weekend rush hour drive down south as well, and our thoughts were proven right when I read all the posts and tweets about how horrendous KL traffic has turned due to the heavy downpour last Friday. We spent the few extra hours in Malacca town watching Les Mis and it was such a horrible experience, no thanks to uneducated individuals who didn't know it was a musical and started giggling everytime a sentence was sung as well as the little bitchy brat who kept moving in her seat as if she was seated on a sofa at home. The drive to Joanna's hometown was a challenging experience, and I was so glad when we finally arrived!

Sweet bridesmaids in peach

The groom arriving

First order of the day: Being served with breakfast for champions - Warm Carlsberg with a straw

Aunties and uncles from the groom's entourage took over at one point and finished off the warm beer. Their excuse was that there were roadblocks along the way on small Malacca town roads on a Saturday morning O.o

The bouquet toss! I was forced to participate although technically I'm married and the bouquet was destroyed on the first toss since no one really wanted to go and catch it. The bride had to forcefully aim it for someone to catch on the second attempt. Haha!

We decided to rent a homestay in Malacca for one night after the wedding dinner since we all hadn't met in a while and could catch up for an extra few hours while everyone was in town together. Lin's Cottage was a nice, clean double-storey house located within 2-minutes walking distance from Ban Lee Siang satay celup (apparently it's one of the more famous satay celup places apart from Capitol). However I have one big bone to pick with the owner; we weren't informed of an additional longstay guest prior to the booking and during check-in. There were 4 rooms available for all of us and we were all curious about this 5th room after we checked in but the door was locked. We only found out when a few of us returned home after midnight and saw the lights in the downstairs room switched on and shadows of a person walking around in the room. I was the first person to wake up in the morning and saw the main door left open. I don't have to tell you that we wouldn't be a happy lot if anything went missing had we left anything precious in the living room. To make matters worse, we weren't given individual room keys and were told that our belongings would be safe as we travelled in a group of friends and we wouldn't steal each others' belongings O.o

Look what we found! An old school OHP to project the seating arrangements :D

Disclaimer: We didn't coordinate our outfits.

My favourite part of a Chinese wedding dinner.

If I had to give proper credits to this woman, Shanice over here, I would have to admit that she indirectly played cupid to Mr Bun and I. She basically forced me to go on a trip to Redang after our final year examinations back in uni and that's how Mr Bun and I became friends. But we didn't develop feelings for each other until we left uni and started working in the cruel world.

My girl, Joanna and her husband. You know you chose a good man when he is willing to help carry your drunken friend to the car and back to home AND gives up his bedspace. In case you're wondering, the terbabas friend was yours truly. Man, I'm old and had no idea how low my alcohol tolerance has dropped.

Camwhoring session before we checked-out for lunch and bid each other farewell. The next gathering would be at my wedding later this year. Final group photo obviously stolen :P Courtesy of Chin.