A Merry & Silly Xmas Eve

Spent the eve of Christmas day with my PESS sisters... To make the long story short, we took a long time to decide on where to go, and when we finally did, the place was full. So we had to wait on tables. Geram... But its ok. Had a really nice meal, chatted damn a lot and of course, camwhored. Oh... The place we went was Milwaukee Steakhouse.

My kedondong juice. Damn nice. My stomach's damn full 'cause of it now

They gave out party packs to all the kids in the house, and some to the adults as well. Our table only got two packs, when there were six of us. Damn kiam siap rite? They had a whole gunny sack kept behind the counter... Still don't wanna give 'em out even though it was nearly 12 midnight. Bloody hell. Where's the spirit of giving? So we had to share the masks and hats for camwhoring purposes :p Ooh... And I saw that guy I used to have a crush on back in TARC. Actually this wasn't the first time I saw him. There was another time while I was interning in ACP. But same thing la... I don't have the nerves to talk to people. Let alone those I used to have a crush on. Can't recall his name. But I remember how Jasmine tried to get his number for me, but ending up giving my number to him instead. We did meet up once, but then I figured out he was such a malewhore. Btw, he doesn't look good now. Anyhoo, I reckon world peace would never be achieved, at least anytime soon. So I just wish everyone a good health, and be granted opportunities that they'll cherish. XoOxOxoOXxOoXoOxxOXO