He put a ring on it

Today marks the fourth anniversary since we started dating. Tonight he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I've already said yes before but tonight I'll say it again. Out loud. Because it feels so good to be filled with so much love.

We celebrated our anniversary with a sumptuous dinner at Xenri Japanese Restaurant earlier tonight. Gotta love those giant grilled scallops that we had. We drove home and realised that out of the tens of thousands of houses in this godforsaken place, it was only our little cluster that had a blackout. I got so pissed off I had to pass on some of that anger to the not-at-all helpful bitch from TNB who answered my call. Then I had to go upstairs to help the man look for candles. I bet he was silently cursing at TNB more than I was. Maybe more nervous than angry, because he had a sweet little surprise waiting for me in my room...

I walked in to find roses and my absolute favourite Korean in the world, waiting for me. Poor man had to shine a light from his mobile phone so that I could see them. Not to mention he had to shine a light on the ring as well. Then the moment came. He got down on one knee and popped the question. There was no other answer than "yes". Truth be told, I would never dream of any other answer to that question from him.

It takes a real man to love me so selflessly and only ask for my love in return. It takes more than a man to have the courage to open his mouth and ask a woman to marry him. Tonight my lovely boyfriend got upgraded to be my fiancé. I'm very lucky he chose me to be his fiancée. I love you, dear.

In today's materialistic world, I know some of you might be curious of how my engagement ring looks like. Don't fret. I'll oblige soon enough. My finger's not as dainty as my fiancé imagined it would be, so we'll have to go back to get it adjusted.

We're so filled with love that we're floating on cloud 9 right now. Fate brought us together as a couple and we promised each other that we'll always cherish this bond. It's not easy finding your other half in this complicated world but when you do, there's absolutely nothing that can come close to it. I love my love.