Making it official tomorrow

I haven't been updating because I was swamped with a new job, moving into a new house and preparing for my wedding. So far we've lived at our new nest for little less than a month and the big day is tomorrow. 

I haven't got good news about my current job because my present employers have put me in a very difficult position due to their inability to be clear of they wanted when they made me an offer. So on top of my stress cake of moving and getting married is a big fat juicy cherry of having to look for a new job. But unlike the past, I am now choosing to move away from asking "Why is this happening?", and picking myself up to walk on a new path. I shall not be bothered by idiots who made the decision to hire a rookie and then dropping it all without even providing any useful coaching. As much as I was worrying a few days ago about whether I could find a new job, I'm hopeful. It took some sobbing sessions to arrive at a slightly more positive stage but I'm glad I can move on.

So... I gotta keep my nerves in check for my big day tomorrow. I shall be updating with photos but we don't have Internet at our new place. The good news is, I saw TM contractors laying down the cables yesterday and it should be available in a month or so. Yippee!! I'm beginning to like this positive thinking thing.