Drugged by DOME

Wish I could say I was drugged by Dom (as in the hottie Dominic Lau from Channel V), and kidnapped to his home. But that would never happen in a zillion years. Besides, what's he gonna do with Harwin, Jasmine and Darshini anyway? Wuahahaha...... But seriously, we all felt drugged after having a drink at KLCC DOME (the 2nd floor wan). Might wanna think twice before ever lepaking there again in the future.

Five obnoxious, loud females, in a variety of shapes, height and colour met up at KLCC today, to bid farewell to one of the obnoxious, loud females. She's off to Club Med for three whole months, and I secretly wished I could go as well. Well, maybe not much of a secret after all. I asked her to take me along. But then again, my mom wouldn't have agreed 'cause according to her, people at Club Med cannot don't wear clothes wan wo... Picturing Jasmine on the beautiful land of Club Med, I pity the nudists there... *tsk tsk tsk* So we had lunch, talked loudly (duh!), made the longest toast in history, camwhored and... basically wasted time.

My lunch. Reminds me of claypot chicken rice. Not bad, but I'd rather have a claypot chicken rice

Longest toast ever: Deb getting high on H.K. milk tea

Showing off my Xmas pressie & Deb's hand-made card

Jasmine dipersiasueykan over my Xmas card for Deb :p

Someone's had a good meal

After Deb left, we went jalan-jalan a while. I bought cute lil' Mr. Toothpick Man. Sad 'cause I can't participate in the long-awaited MNG sales. Life is so bloody unfair!

Tealady who only pours half the cup

So I got back home tired, even more than usual. Who wouldn't be? Waited for an hour at the train station. Sob... Somebody please hire me quick so I can save up to buy a car. Omg... I'm reminded about my financial status. Steams me up when this topic is roused, rage rushes through my veins. I'll save it for the day I burn down some premise after I'm done with them muthafuckas.

P/S: People... Please be extra cautious when you get on and off any public transportation. After all my bad experiences in the past, I had a brush with a near-loss of my handphone today. Had it in the pocket of my shorts, and held my pockets tightly while squeezing my way into the train. Felt a hand brush against my hand and supple thigh. Fucking pickpocket. Wait a minute... Means he still molested my supple thigh lor? Aiyoyo... Now where got man wanna marry me?