Sacrificing my sleep for freedom

Yes people... It's time to drop off those baggages and heave a huge sigh of relief. 'Cause we're free... And happy! *nerdy dance* Well... Perhaps not 100% happy. There's still some weight left on the shoulders 'cause God knows how the results will turn out. Broadcast Journalism didn't turn out to be as bad as I had imagined. Maybe miracle happened today. I think it really did. The train didn't stall at the apartment. But seriously something tells me those CBs are gonna screw it up. I hope not. UTAR's gotta give us graduating students a break. Don't even get me started on the whole Online Journalism thing!

My body and mind feel so messed up right now. Didn't sleep last night, 'cause couldn't sleep. Too much going on in my insane mind... But I had to blog about finally coming to the end of the road before hitting the sack. Hope I can wake up to go out later.

There's nothing much about today, really. We sat for our final paper, went for lunch at the mamak... As usual. But deep down we knew it was the last time we could sit together like this and have a cuppa at our favourite mamak stall. There's the steamboat farewell dinner at Sunway tomorrow. Hope the people can make it. Should I make Yiu come back to Balakong and send me all the way to Sunway? I don't wanna be all princess-y and trouble the poor guy, but I'm not feeling the whole journey to Sunway. It's not like a short train ride to Midvalley. I gotta take this train and get down here, take another train and get down there, then gotta meet up with whoever at somewhere else, before haggling about how to get to the destination. Yup, I guess I'm gonna trouble the poor fella after all :p

I wrote this piece while waiting for time to pass in the exam hall. Got nothing else better to do. I don't know why but I was so inspired to write about someone or something that this came out naturally. I think it sounds cool. It'll be super-fly if some superstar buys it as lyrics for his/her/their song. Ahh... Wishful thinking.

by Ashley Liew

You see me standing there
But you just don't care
At all

You know you make me cry
But you can't stop all your lies
Oh no

I feel lost when you're not here
It gets worse when you're near
Why aren't you by my side
When it gets cold late at night

Come on now
Get your act together
If you want me to stay forever
But I think you can't do that
'Cause it's a fact
That you're a loser

Make me believe
That you can achieve
Things you said you would
Not always walk an unfinished road

I've been thinking a lot
You're not all that I got
Why am I still stuck here?
Wasting my time
With a loser

You see me walking away
But you can't stop me
I know just what you'll say
"Baby, please stay"
I'm saying goodbye
You Liar, Procrastinator, Poser, Failure
Now everyone knows why
You're such a loser

Baby, baby
Ain't it sad
When no one cares
About your sorry ass

I hope someday you'll see
All your stupidity
How it kills your soul
Leaving you all alone


annwyl said...

the truth hurts.°