Meet Mr. Bun

Introducing... Yong's Photoshop/Illustrator masterpiece. He doctored me and Mr. Bun's potrait. It's kinda cute, isn't it? I'm posting this now because we finally stepped out as an official couple in front of our friends. Not all, but just these few will do. Their satellite signals are very strong and efficient. Even my mom saw us kiss after he dropped me off home. And yes, I'm finally happy now 'cause I don't have to dream anymore :)

Threesome, anyone?

You can't have it. But you can watch.

I don't know what the fella is singing about. But I believe the concept of the video was utterly unnecessary... For any songs, for all that matter.

Hot Guy + Fugly Dudes

Watch this video. I can't help but notice that Adam Levine is waaaaaaayyy much hotter now compared to the first record. But the music sucks. Well, the song's catchy but they sound more like a disco pop band now. Look at how Adam flirts around with his eyebrow. Sexy! The only thing wrong about him in the video is the bloody bow-tie. Why can't he just wear a tie?? Anyway, they shouldn't be calling themselves Maroon 5 from now. Look at Adam's bandmates... They're all so fucking ugly. They should be renamed as 'Hot Adam Levine and the fugly dudes'.


Dear Mr. Tony Fernandes,

By now the whole of Malaysia (and most part of the world) knows how a great entrepreneur you are. Few years ago, I bet you didn't have your name in Wikipedia. And now, everyone wants to have a piece of you. While I know you're a genuinely nice man, I'd get tired of repeating the story of how I managed to build AirAsia into such a phenomenon it is today, if I were you. But of course, I'd still do it because can show off ma. But I know you weren't doing so when I had the opportunity to interview you. It's such a waste my story never made it to the non-existent "The U". It's a heartache, but I still love the fact that I had the opportunity to sit inside your old office back in KLIA, before LCCT was built. Man, the room was not an inch of what I'd expect of an office of a CEO to be like. I don't live in a mansion, but even my parent's bedroom is bigger than your office. Well, your old office at least. I wouldn't know how big your current office is. Most amazing thing was, we were just a bunch of varsity students still in our diapers, but you were willing to spend your precious time with us. How cool is that? Pretty damn cool. Can show off your guitar skills sumore...

Anyhoo, I'd like to thank you for being such a smart and generous businessman. (I'll get Kelly Clarkson to sing in the background for this part, but I don't have the budget, so let's forget about that.) Because of you, I can now fly to Hong Kong and Bangkok. It means a great deal to me, because I've always loved to travel despite not having the moolah to do so. And I'm not blessed with long legs so I can't be a stewardess. I'm especially happy since I can go to Bangkok. It's not extremely far from Kuala Lumpur, but it's not too easy for me to just fork out the money to go there anytime. But thanks to the free plane tickets that your company gives out, I'm soooooooo going there next year. Can you please continue giving them out so that I can go to Vietnam next? I have a few places which I'd like to visit before I'm wiped out from the face of this planet. Bangkok and Hanoi are two places from the list. Maybe you could explore flying direct to Italy in the not too distant future. I'd like to propose to Gianluigi Buffon. I'll invite you our wedding, I promise!

P/S: Tokyo and Bahamas sound kinda nice too ;)


I ran

And I fell. Hard. Now I gotta learn how to stand up and clear up the bloody mess I made. Gotta take it slow and steady from now. Learning what humility really means...

Kewl Kweller

Sometimes people just need a dose of silly, but good music. And I found Ben Kweller. His videos are kinda cheap-looking. But who cares? Good music is what counts. After all, he's got the balls to stuff a tampon up his nostrils to stop his nose from bleeding while performing on stage. Even Tommy Lee couldn't have done that.

Wasted & Ready
Force field super shield AA.
Junior high love affair is OK.
Jump on the big wagon cause I'm so Cal.
I'm big in every way. I'm running as fast as I can.

She goes above and beyond her call of duty.
She is a slut but X thinks it's sexy.
Sex reminds her of eating spaghetti.
I am wasted but I'm ready.

If you wanna move it so,
why don't you make it go.
Prove to everybody who doesn't understand.
All the nights, all the fights. You are out of sight.
Some say more with their hand. I'm running as fast as I can.

She goes above and beyond her call of duty.
She is a slut but X thinks it's sexy.
Sex reminds her of eating spaghetti.
I am wasted but I'm ready.

I am wasted but I'm ready. I am wasted but I'm ready.
Running as fast as I can. Running as fast as I can.

Why am I dealing with this feeling?
I'm maxed out like a credit card.
I'll continue to be my worst enemy.
It's easy but it seems so hard.
You're near but you seem so far.

She goes above and beyond her call of duty.
She is a slut but X thinks it's sexy.
Sex reminds her of eating spaghetti.
I am wasted but I'm ready.

She goes above and beyond her call of duty.
She is a slut but X thinks it's sexy.
Sex reminds her of eating spaghetti.
I am wasted but I'm ready.

I am wasted but I'm ready.
Running as fast as I can.

Creepy crawlies

Or I would rather call them eight-legged freaks. I'm not much of a spider-phobe person. But now I understand why Fear Factor contestants become such wimps and pussies when they're surrounded by spiders. I had more than a few dozen above my head just now. Few dozen ah... Not only a few okay? Where? At the bus stop in front of Serdang KTM station. There's a whole army of them on the roof. I'm still having goosebumps. It's that freaking disgusting. They don't look like those domestic, small, black-coloured ones. They're a bit bigger, kinda like hazelnut-sized, brown-coloured spideys. I know la... Hazelnuts come in all sizes and shapes, but just try to think of the more generic ones can? Some more got holes on their backs. Geli like fuck! Argh!! I can't go on blogging about them spiders. I'm totally grossed out.

5 Reasons Why I Blog

Aduhsssss... Kena tag liao. So have to state the 5 least important reasons of why I blog. Here goes...

1) To whine
Who doesn't?

2) To bitch
I do it all the time in real life. So what makes you think I won't do it in cyberspace?

3) To share
Sometimes about certain cool stuff that comes my job and lately, about Mr. Bun...

4) To fully utilize my Streamyx account
Abuthen... You think so syok to pay RM88 every month ah?

5) To prove the idiocracy of some "minister"
I blog, I'm a female, I'm under 25... But I'm employed. And loving it.

Next up! I tag...
1) Deb
2) Darshini
3) Jasmine
4) Danny
5) Amy

Rock Star Fetish

Are you kidding me? This is what I've missed? @%^$^#$^$@^$^#^%@ Chester is sooooo sexy *drools* The whole leather get-up... Yummy! So shagalicious! Why am I not working for Le Meridien KL ah? I could've sneaked into his room and seduced him. Ok fine. I'll dream about it tonight. At least that's the only thing I can do at the moment. Hmph!!

Doesn't smell too good

I thought it was supposed to be a damn good movie. It actually was... For one-third of it!! The ending really puts me off. I mean, if the script writer is suffering from a writer's block, then take some time off to get inspired. Don't give us movie-goers some shitty piece of work. Thank God I watched it with Mr. Bun. Less pissed off from all the cuddling.

On another note, I found this really funny video from Perez's webbie. Poor kid. He's gonna grow up being laughed at for this. Or become a really famous gay instead.

Got me twisted

Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn. That is the perfect way to illustrate my feelings right now. It's difficult to describe it, but I guess I'm like a little girl lost in a candy store. Gasping at how amazing and beautiful the world is... Then I stopped at one big and sexy candy, which I wanted real badly. The more I look at it and think of how yummy it would taste, the more badly I want to have it. And before I knew it, someone came and snatched it away from me. Yup, that's kinda like how I'm feeling at the moment. Today is supposed to be perfect. A day off from work to go see Chester Bennington, and come home feeling like I'm in heaven. But noooooooo... All this has to be taken away from me. I'm filled with an unmeasureable amount of rage, hatred and jealousy. I mean, if it were some random people who got the chance to meet Chester up close, I wouldn't mind. But she was so selfish to keep it to herself. Worst, she wasn't even a fan of Chester in the first place!! How bithcy can she get? Saying sorry doesn't get you anywhere, my dear. Can you shove your anger down your throat if I got to snuggle up to Mike Shinoda and you couldn't? I'm so turned off by the whole situation that I can't even stay for the event. Left the miserable place and had lunch with Mr. Bun. He made me smile for a while. But when I got off at the train station and was left alone again, a shield of self-pityness wrapped tightly around me once again. I was clinging on to whatever strength I had to stop myself from breaking down. Now I know how bad it feels to not get what I want. Want so badly... Whatever la. I'm gonna need at least a few days to get this out of my system. At least I get to know another person's real face today. I still love Chester, even more now that he's shown me who's worth being my friend, and who's not. Now I'm gonna have to cross my fingers and pray everyday that Linkin Park's having a concert in Malaysia again.

Spa Virgin No More

Seems like I got plenty of cherries to pop eh? For those who have been following my blog since my Friendster days... You might remember my entry about losing my concert virginity. Yesterday, I went to a spa and well, lost my spa virginity lah! (Btw, why do I have to make everything sound so lewd?) Got off from work yesterday and I went upstairs for a treatment. I don't give my body enough sleep, so I might as well be nice to myself and indulge in a treatment once in a while (Fyi, it's not entirely my fault that I don't get enough sleep every night. It's Mr. Bun's fault). I must say... The spa was pretty impressive at first look. Not as if it was my first time going there, but last week it was just to ask for pricing and stuff like that. The staff were incredibly professional. Let me paint the picture for you. Usually when you step into any retail outlets or anywhere that has to do with monetary transactions, you'll either be greeted with so much warmth and enthusiasm OR people don't give a fcuk about your existence, am I right? Even for those places that gives so-called professional service, the staff are pretty fake, aren't they? They only greet you once they've clocked in and don't give a shit while they're on lunch break, or toilet break, or whatever. At the spa, I was really surprised that the staff who were walking in and out literally stopped in their tracks to greet me. So polite leh. I mean, there was this moment when I was sitting at the waiting area and was staring into space, admiring the setting and suddenly, a staff stopped in front of me while she was passing through and greeted me. Terkejut I...

Anyhoo, I would love to share my experience in detail but umm... I don't want my blog to be X-rated. Don't get me wrong, there are no "special" services offered (I hope!), but it's just unavoidable to feel sensual in a spa because I was literally stripped down. And there was a pair of stranger's hand touching me all over. I tell you... If a delicious hunk was attending to me, I'd be cheating on Mr. Bun big time! Serious! Without any hesitation. Now I see why Yong's friend got hard while he had a spa treatment. LMAO!! Thankfully I had a very nice lady to attend to me la. So I wasn't exposed to the danger of becoming a slut or pervert or anything like that. And who doesn't get naked in a spa? You tell me la. Best part is always the massage. 'Cause I luurrvvveeee massages. Apart from that, I really liked the milk bath. I was soaking in the milky water and it feels so damn good. Feeling rather XXX in the tub too *wink wink*

Ok lah... Enough with my hamsap nonsense. I think I owe you people an introduction of Mr. Bun. He's my beloved sweet boyfriend. Why do I bestow such a name upon him? It's not much of a big thing really. The name just came accidentally from Jasmine and now it's stuck between me and Deb. Even he doesn't know he's called Mr. Bun. He only knows about "Maybank". And if he reads this, he'll know. And I'm ready for questions. Oh... I don't get to sleep 'cause we're on the phone every night for hours. What else were you thinking of? :p

P/S: Here's the spa I was talking about:

Three little words

Make a big difference for two persons in a relationship. They turned my life upside down and suddenly he's the only person wandering this complicated maze in my head. I hope he doesn't get lost in there. When he said them, my heart was pumping so fast that you'd think I was high on drugs. No, I wasn't. It was something else. Blood wasn't just flowing through my veins... You know Niagra Falls? That was the rush I felt. Now how do I bring myself back to reality and just relax? I don't wanna think too much and over-analyze. It's nice to know there's someone who cares and I just wanna be loved.

Taman Linkin

I better work out

I better get high

Gotta slut it out

I'm telling you why

Bennington is coming to town...

Woohoo!! Can April 4th come faster????