Sweet dreams are made of these

I started out late catching up with fashion and trends, plus I have never lived for designer items and don't think I ever will. But there are two things that would make me an extremely happy girl if I could call them my own. Yes, they're expensive but they can probably last long enough for my daughter to pass on to hers. That would make the perfect excuse to go out now and grab 'em, no? Now if only I could chew off the leash Bun puts on me whenever I talk about shopping. Meh.

Classic Chanel 2.55 Bag in Black

Miu Miu Suede Chunky Heel Platform Sandals in Black

101 memories in Taipei

The boyfriend and I just came home last night from our virgin trip to Taiwan. Since we only had a week to travel, we decided to just stay in Taipei city to get to know the place better. We spent the sixth and final night in Jiufen (about an hour's drive away from Taipei city) and then realised when it was too late that we needed more than one night to really discover the beauty of that place. The first six days in Taipei city was extremely hot. Growing up as a Malaysian, I always thought that we had 365 days of summer but Taipei decided to show me what summer truly meant. I didn't remember summer was this hot when I visited Hong Kong a few years back. Being in Jiufen was a nice break from the wicked city pace. The air was fresh and the mountains were beyond magnificent. Not to mention we stayed at a really nice and cosy bed & breakfast. Now that we're home and as I look through the pictures from our trip, I'm missing a whole lot of delicious food that we absolutely cannot find here. The best thing about Taiwanese and their food is the price ain't skyhigh and the portions are impressive. You'll definitely get what you paid for and leave as a satisfied customer. It's not like in KL where you pay RM15 for a seafood broth and have to dive into the ocean to find your seafood bits.

This was the first trip that I invested more effort into my style compared to my previous ones. My hair was beginning to look funky in a not-so-nice way so I hauled my butt to my stylist in KLCC about a week before leaving to Taipei. I don't think I could live with having to keep pictures of me in Taiwan with bad hair. I even took time to plan my outfits so I'd have nicer pictures to keep. What I've done in the past was just count how many outfits I'd need for a trip and chuck them all into the luggage the night before departure. At first I thought we didn't take capture enough pictures to preserve all the memories but we ended up with over a thousand shots. Not too shabby, I guess.

We spent our first night in a 4-bed room because the room we booked wasn't available yet. The hostel's owner, Magos met us at the Taipei Main Station and led us to the hostel. She did apologise and was very helpful with questions about where to go and eat. The place is very small and basic - everything you'd expect when you're travelling on a budget but also very convenient and clean. We had a clean room, comfy bed, clean shower, hot water, free Internet access, free filtered water, free use of washing machine, access to the MRT right across the street - all the simple works but good enough when all we needed was a place to sleep for a few hours after roaming around Taipei city for a whole day. Check out www.taiwanmex.com if you are considering to travel to Taipei city.

Day 1 wearing: Black & white striped top with shoulder accents, black short shorts, black flats, sling bag in tan

This handsome little guy actually posed when I was trying to take its picture. It returned to its normal people watching pose when I stopped pointing my camera towards it.

Day 2 wearing: Gaga tank top, black skinny jeans, black flats, sling bag in tan, vintage camera chain, Miu Miu inspired headband

Day 3 wearing: Girl with tiger head tee, black bubble skirt, studded gladiator flats, sling bag in tan, vintage camera chain

Day 4 wearing: Leopard zipper dress, black flats, sling bag in tan, vintage camera chain

Day 5 wearing: Blue cardigan, baby blue striped tank top, khaki short shorts, sling bag in tan, vintage camera chain, sneakers

Day 6 (Day) wearing: White ruffled dress, weaved leather belt, sling bag in tan, cutout sandals, white leather and chain bracelets

Day 6 (Night) wearing: White silk shirt, black tank top, black short shorts, sling bag in tan, sneakers

Day 7 wearing: Deck cards tee, long strechy pants in black with pink waistband, sneakers

My airport outfit going home wasn't too exciting. I recycled my first day outfit and only wore flip flops because I desperately needed comfort over style after days of long distance walking. We had to go for feet massages on the fourth night simply because our feet couldn't bear with us anymore. The blind massage centres at the MRT stations have miracle workers. I had this sharp pain on my heels as soon as my feet touched the ground and they took it all away. On my next trip to Taiwan, I'll try not to walk so much. Need to leave the computer now or else Bun will either die from starvation, eat without me or strangle me to death. You can choose one.

typhoon can't beat the bug

I'm typing out this entry with a throbbing head and an aching heart. Taipei managed to dodge Typhoon Consoon and I have a strong feeling that we wouldn't have to cancel our flight to Taipei on Wednesday. But I caught a cold this morning and I'm feeling a little chilled to the bones. I've managed to survive the cool winds of Cameron Highlands for three days but one blast of air-conditioning in the office knocked me to fall flat on my face. This sucks sooooo bad. Mister or miss flu bug, can you please go away now and leave me to be on holiday in peace? If you want me so bad, you may come back next week. Just not now. I've been too excited for this to happen. Did'ya know I even planned my outfits for this trip? I've never planned my outfits for any trip in my life!! Please just go away. TQVM.

Queer dedication

I dedicate this quote to my not-so-many queer friends who may or may not be living at large with their sexuality. You know I love you [heart]
"If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in queer to work: Hello. Can't work today, still queer"
Robin Tyler

She ain't Linda Lovelace

My friend, Chindiana (recently more known as Diana Chin) blogged about the quirkiest Top 5 names of GROs that he had met before and I couldn't help but think of a similar situation that happened to me on Friday. No, I didn't meet a GRO but instead I met someone with a really wacky name.

My shoulders and back were in knots so I decided to head to my favourite massage joint, Thai Odyssey. Felt obligated to mention the name of the place so that no one is going to think that I frequent some dodgy massage parlour. My usual masseuse, Naan was back home in Thailand so I had to settle for another person. As new masseuse was working on my back, I felt that she wasn't beyond spectacular compared to Naan so I figured I might as well stick to Naan when she comes back because she could speak a little bit of Mandarin. New masseuse had me practically dead set on not wanting to use her anymore as she pulled the towel away from my chest when it came to that part of the session. Naan usually keeps the towel where it belongs. But who knew that towards the end, I changed my mind. New masseuse had this spectacular move which she used on my neck and it led me to heaven. My stiff neck had never felt so relieved before. So there, new masseuse won my heart with the smooth neck trick and I decided to switch from my next visit onwards.

So after the session ended I went to the counter to find out her name. The receptionist gave me my receipt and wrote it next to new masseuse's staff number. It spelled 'P-O-R-N'. My eyes nearly dropped out of their sockets when I saw her name. That was kinda like my private LOL moment. I'm positive her name is pronounced as 'porhnnnnn' in her home country and is no where near 'porn' and what that means. We need to get our twisted little heads to start thinking straight.