Make a choice

“We often feel paralyzed by choice and make no choice. But the thing is, no choice is a choice. If you’re not doing something about it, you’re doing something about it.”
- Chris Guillebeau

I found this quote online and couldn't help but think of how apt it is to describe my thoughts right at this moment. I need to take a moment, calm down, analyze my situation and think clearly before making a decision on my next game plan. I feel like I should do something and live with the consequences, rather than waiting for something to happen and left to regret the outcome. Wish me luck. Lots of it.

Abby's birthday

It's my darling Datin Abby's birthday today and I'm so happy that we got to spend some time together, catching up on our girly talk over brunch. We initially had the idea to meet at Publika and I've been wanting to go check out the place after 9 out of 10 people I know who have been there gave me rave reviews. But then I remembered the very reason why we could catch up today was because it's a public holiday for the installation of the King and it would be the dumbest idea to head down to where the new palace is O.o

So we decided to meet at this Italian place called Casa del Cocco at Taman Danau Desa. I found this place with Mr Bun the other day, after realizing that a Korean place that we never tried before but wanted to, has already closed down. I usually shun places that has a limited menu but I actually like this place because the food's kinda great and the prices are super affordable. Not that I keep tab on the price of every dish, but both my visits thus far has not gone over RM60. My first visit with Mr Bun had two mains and a pizza, and today we had three girls with a main course and drink each, plus a pizza. How can you not love that?!

Check out the logs behind me. They're for the pizza oven. This place has a huge oven that takes up almost 1/3 of the open kitchen.

My pork herbs burger. My only gripe was that the buns were actually panini bread and they were kinda too hard to get away with being called a burger.

The birthday girl with her pork chop, which she deemed 'too porky'. Don't ask me.

Elvina decided to join us after waking up from her long, deep beauty sleep.

Her garlic pasta. It's not too big of a portion, I feel it's just nice. But this woman got hungry after just over an hour and wolfed down a slice of cake when she got home. She complained that the pasta portion was too small. I think she just has a case of the worms in her stomach because she had two slices of pizza to go with the pasta.

Our mushroom pizza. T'was nice. I love their thin and crunchy crust. I had the porky pizza with Mr Bun the other time and that was good too. They have a couple of dessert pizzas on the menu but I don't think I'll be brave enough to try those. 

I bought Abby some macaroons and it totally made her day. It's nice to see how friends appreciate and get excited over little things you do.

This is how they looked like when I got them home from The Gardens Mall yesterday. I took out Delectable's ribbons and replaced them with cute ribbons with 'Happy Birthday' printed on them <3

Trust me when I tell you she wasn't faking it. This woman had a massive sugar rush by just looking at them huge macaroons. I don't know what happened after she went home to her boyfriend lol.

Happy birthday Datin Abby!! Aren't you honoured that your birthday this year is declared as a public holiday and it's also an earth-shattering occasion? I came home after our brunch to an endless stream of tsunami and earthquake updates and it's hard not to get worried about what's going to happen to the affected areas. I guess we'll have to stay tuned for these couple of days. I remember it rained almost close to 24 hours back when the tsunami hit Japan. It was strangely sunny and warm today even though it's happening closer to home in Indonesia.

I was wearing a brand new mullet dress that I picked up at Cotton On while I was out getting Abby's macaroons. I couldn't help it!!!! Oh, please don't tell Mr Bun that I've been a naughty girl, out shopping when he's away ;)