Sam's Happy Time!

Four words: Fucking excellent. Must watch!

So good that you'll leave the cinema thinking that these robots really do exist. Mr. Michael Bay, can I call you Mike? Look Mike, you just nailed it. Killed it! The CGI's were more than perfect, the jokes were funny and you made bumblebee look like a little sad puppy when it got caught. It's just a robot for god's sake but I was actually afraid of it getting hurt. Really! Mike... You're just super cool, you know? But no thanks to making my boyfriend thinking that his car would actually transform into a robot. Anyway people, please go and watch it. You know I don't lie about these things. It was so good that the people in my cinema hall clapped their hands after the show ended. So drama la these fuckers...

Outside These Four Walls

How I long for the days when I had the liberty to say "Screw it" to any work I didn't feel like doing, and say "Fuck you" to anyone who gets into my face. A job is part of growing up, and definitely a part of my life. Please do not misunderstand that I hate my job. I love it to bits. I just miss having time to do the things I oh-so love. Like going for a movie (with student discount!) in the middle of the day with Danny and walk around Midvalley until both of us get bored. Or finish reading an entire book (for free) at Borders and MPH. Have an afternoon nap right after finishing a 2-hour lecture. Take a 2-hour lunch break and talk kok with my friends at UTAR mamak. Yumcha in the middle of the night for few nights in a row. Go for late night movies. Have makan outings with deb deb, Miss World, Jas and Dar.

I really miss the carefree days. I know, I know... I should shaddup and not complain. It's over and done with. But still miss lor :(

But I won't ask to go back in time. Because back then I'd still think it was impossible for me and Mr. Bun to be together. Lol!

My blog is as 'un-happening' as my life right now. Mostly dealing with repeated motions. It's about one and a half months until my trip to Hong Kong. I can't wait to break free of this cycle. It's good. But too long can drive me cuckoo. Actually it's still not that bad la. Since I know a little bit more about the travel industry now, I can plan for more holidays in the future. Surely got cheaper price ler... I don't know when my boyfriend is going to get his passport done. I'm itching to go to Vietnam and want him to go with me. But I haven't spoke about it yet. I've got Langkawi and Bangkok waiting in line. Vietnam should come next. And hopefully not too long later, it's backpacking across Europe. It's in my 'Things to do before I die' list, apart from a gazillion other things. One more thing coming up in September: Bukit Kepong. No, I'm not planning a communist rebellion. It's a significant part of my life which I'm (truthfully speaking) happy about. Let's talk about it when I get back from there, shall we? No point in counting chicks when the eggs aren't hatched. Hint: Think the Ben Stiller movie with Robert de Niro. Don't say I'm so bad never give clue ah.

I'm gonna be so bored this weekend. The boyfriend's gonna be away. I wanna watch Shrek 3 before he leaves. I think Paris Hilton's gonna be released from jail today or tomorrow right? Let the world rejoice for the freedom of the socialite!! As if the world is going to be saved from violence and global warming when she's released. I was watching E! the other day and the slut told Ryan Seacrest that she's gonna help make a difference in the lives of female prisoners. That she's gonna help develop a transitional home to help them get back on their feet after released from jail and not fall into vices again. Let's see... Let's all see.

Rather be dead

The Bad that makes me feel like dying
Chapped eyelids
Still no news from big bro
Unfinished workload

What makes it still worthwhile to be living
Mr. Bun
A day off
A boss who doesn't scream at me for taking MCs

But I still feel very sick. Badly. Gonna go lie down now...

What Kind of Baby Am I?

----------------------------------- SEPTEMBER BABY -----------------------------------------

Active and dynamic. Decisive and haste but tends to regret. Attractive and affectionate to oneself. Strong mentality. Loves attention. Diplomatic. Consoling, friendly and solves people's problems. Brave and fearless. Adventurous. Loving and caring. Suave and generous. Usually you have many friends. Enjoys to make love. Emotional. Stubborn. Hasty. Good memory. Moving, Motivates oneself and others. Loves to travel and explore. Sometimes sexy in a way that only their lover can understand.

Hey kawan-kawan, accurate or not? Let me know ;)

Burglary... The Aftermath

How ironic it is to come home to this after watching 'Ocean's 13'. But the fuckers who broke into our home are a humiliation compared to the Ocean gang. I just found out we weren't the only victims. Mei Ping's house was broken into as well, on the same day as ours were. Looks like it was a planned attack on several houses in my area. I tell myself to forget about it. That it's already over. But what if the nightmare comes back? What if the nightmare gets worse the next time? It's so sickening to realize even my own home is not safe anymore. I was wrong about my room being untouched. They went through my parent's and my room. Took my piggy bank with less than RM20, all in 50 cents coins and my Olympus camera. My brother's Lumix was right beside it but they didn't bother taking it along. Other than that, they left my room in a mess and a painful memory for us to keep. I was so disgusted to find my clothes rummaged through. I felt like washing them all, after thinking how those fuckers' filthy hands had touched them. But I took a deep breath, sucked it up and slowly put my room back in order. They even thought I had money in my Pucca-bank but it was solely for display purposes. I realized 'cause Pucca was moved from its original position. Anyway, my heart is still aching and I still can't stop worrying. Can't stop thinking about so many what ifs...

I'm a different person as I was one day ago. My heart just died a little inside. Is there no more security left in humanity?

This Week

- Suffered from Monday Blues but went ahead with work anyway.
- Mr. Bun went back to his hometown so I'm left all alone in KL, with no one to play.

- Had my department's monthly meeting and suddenly got severe work stress after realising how heavy my workload really is. And how other fuck-ups play a role in adding to my stress by delaying their work and then my work also delay then I kena boss.
-Kena tiu from mom because of my bad temper + lack of manners. Ok lah... Will work hard to change.
- Mr. Bun called to tell that he's bringing home his mom's homemade glutinous rice dumplings for me to eat. Yipee!! And other stories about me which he told his mom (So funny the way his mom interviewed him in detail about his girlfriend. Kakaka)

- Boss not around so can finally work at my own pace. But not really, because fuck-ups like to ask me to do last minute work for them.
- Bought a new pair of Nike sneakers, pokai for the month, at the beginning of the month.
- Determined to go to Mr. Bun's place as many times as possible to work out. Getting fat and sluggish.
- Mr. Bun called to tell that his mom made dumplings without pork lard, especially for me!! Without her knowing the fact that I hate lard in the first place. Wow, this woman telepathic ah? Hmmm... Must be careful of not letting her detect my plans on cheating on her son :p
- Packed my stuff to bring while staying over at Mr. Bun's place.

- Had an okay day at work.
- Mr. Bun dropped by after lunch to pass me dumplings before heading back to his place.
- Had a lovely time eating dumplings with my colleagues at 6pm.
- Came back out to finish up on work and saw 3 missed calls from mom, 3 missed calls and 1 sms from the boyfriend . Couldn't get through mom's line so waited before leaving the office earlier than usual.
- Mom told me that our home had been broken into by a burglar.
- Called Mr. Bun to tell him what happened and to wait for my call.
- Frantically tried to call second brother to check if my valuables are still around. Phew!! Untouched.
- Called mom to ask how things are and to tell I'll call back later.
- Left the office without Mr. Bun picking up my calls to tell him I'm leaving. Extremely bad mood because I didn't know how to react to the whole situation and he's not picking up the phone. Millions of random and unhappy thoughts swirling around in my head. No mood for gym.
- Monorail station fucking packed. Had to wait for the next train while standing next to a smelly immigrant. Couldn't be bothered because I was too caught up in my own thoughts. The boyfriend finally answered after a few dozen phone calls.
- Got picked up from the LRT station and kept silent for 99% of the time during whole ride home. Collapsed onto Mr. Bun's mattresses after putting down my bags and started to cry while holding on tightly to his arms. Confused tears couldn't stop flowing and Mr. Bun patiently consoled me while I wet his mattress (with tears, of course). Didn't dare to complain much to the boyfriend because my troubles were peanuts compared to what he has gone through before (Actually, nothing much la, I was just in a state of confusion. Scared and helluva mad at the same time).
- Called mom after stopped crying. Fucking burglar took away dad's bigass MILO tin looking thing with RM500++ worth of change inside. Broke in by cutting off the lock. Btw, mom was watching TV while telling me this. Niamah... Still got mood wor. Anyway, then I felt much better, especially after all the crying and thank goodness I was with the boyfriend. If not sure traumatic like hell at home and stress level would hit off the roof!
- Free massage ;)

- Work as usual.
- Body aching as usual.
- Missing Mr. Bun.
- Watching 'Ocean's 13' with Kuan Yee tonight.
- Booked tickets to watch 'Men in White' with Mr. Bun on Sunday.
- Hopefully things at home are okay.

- Gonna sleep 'til damn late.
- Then wait for Mr. Bun to pick me up after he finishes work.
- If gym is still open, must go for a work-out.
- No money for a Saturday night drink but feel like having one.

- GYM!!
- Go for movie with Mr. Bun.
- Go home.

Shoe Fetish


I think I have a problem with shoes. I seem to be buying a pair with every month's paycheque. Just when I thought I could stop this month, here I am filled to the brim with pangs of guilt. Feeling like I shouldn't have bought the Nike sneakers, which I just did, and am trying to feel less guilty by telling myself that I need them. Yeah, really NEED them. I tell myself, I'm going to Hong Kong in two month's time and at this moment, I can barely breath after climbing a fleet of stairs which is less than 30 steps. How to shop till I drop then? Haven't shop already drop lo...

Mission possible: To go to Mr. Bun's place every possible day and work out like mad in the gym. Probably throw in a lap or two in the swimming pool as well. Hmmm... Then can lose weight for Langkawi in November as well. Muahahahahahaha... Nobody's gonna say that I put on weight anymore in a few week's time. Watch this space.


I'm feeling rather deperate right now for my hair to grow long overnight. No... I didn't pull off a Britney "Oops, I shaved my head" Spears. I just miss having long locks :(

Back when I was an intern at ACP

Zany students + Equally zany lecturer

Who could resist a Baskin Robbin's 31% promo? Such clever marketing strategy they have...

With Danny for our Air Asia presentation. You'll never guess which brand's shirt I'm wearing ;)

My 20th birthday

Was bored in UTAR library, so camwhored lo. At least I'm not like that slob behind me...

My favourite camwhore picture (which didn't require any Photoshop)

So how ah? Should I keep holding on until I have long hair or keep chopping 'em off? Choices... Choices... Any suggestions? Perhaps remedies on how to make my hair grow long faster?


From its humble beginnings as Universiti Tak Ada Ruang (nickname courtesy of Mr. Bun), UTAR has since evovled into this:

Babi ah... Until now also haven't give me back my caution money. Now want to open new campus ah? Somemore make us poor students pay for development fees. I got use your UTAR Kampar campus meh? Make me pay for what? So diu!! Kns...

Crying Bully

Not the most serious journalistic piece of news written, but entertaining and funny like hell.

Feeling crappy, Feeling jazzy.

I guess that makes me Crazzy? Meaning crazy. Deb's right. I do sound depressed lately. I realised most of my depressing entries are posted during my working hours. Gosh... How can the job I love so much make me so depressed? It's not the job... It's some people, trust me. So how to reduce depression level to keep working progress ah? Listen to Michael Bublé la, of course! Since my crappy PC has no sound card, my mp3 player is being put to good use again. Talking about my mp3 player, now I realised 512MB is soooooooo not enough. I need want *cough cough* a new iPod *cough*

I'm never a jazz person, but Michael Bublé is just irresistable. I do feel much better when I listen to his songs while working. Very relaxing. Even more so if the vacuum cleaner stops making all that fucking noise. At one point, I was actually lip-synching and moving my head around. Two seconds later, I stopped because I suddenly remembered that I'm in the office. Not owned by my father somemore. Bublé's songs also remind me of my barista days. Back when I had that piece of green cloth over my torso, smell of coffee in my hair, surrounded by coffee beans+milk+coffee powder+frappucino premix+ice+Starbucks mugs+chocolate syrup+caramel+cheesecakes+sandwiches+panini breads+Bearistas+pastries, jazz songs ringing in my head, feeling rather lewd when I wipe milk off the steamer (it does look like baristas are wanking that thing, if you care to notice), being annoyed by customers who ask for 'cili sos'. Oh... If you ask, I'll be glad to share my most hillarious Starbucks barista story. I think no one can beat it by far. Ok la... Need to zoom back to BHR mode now. Enough of Starbucks flashback.