If I believed in new year resolutions

Let's see... If by any chance that I would buy into this whole 'new year's resolution' bullshit, what can I do to make things better?

1) Spend more time to improve communication channels with the family

2) Exercise more

3) Spend less money

4) Save up more money

5) Drink more water

4) Eat more fruits

5) Go for more facials

6) Smile more

7) Be less angry

8) Be more friendly to stangers

9) Be less bitchy to annoying individuals

I guess that's it. I'm not gonna start whining about things that are out of my control because they just simply are. I like the quote on deb's blog. It says,

"We're adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?"

I'm 22 this year. I'm no longer a teenager. But I still miss telling people that I'm only 17. That was five years ago. A lot has come and pass me by in a span of five years. In another 14 hours, it'll be a new year. That's it... Just another new year. Not a new beginning for me. Things will never have a fresh new start even when the clock strikes 12. The pain will still linger, and the growth will turn malign. Words that are spoken can never be taken back, and will continue to hurt. Money can never be enough and we keep breaking our backs trying to sow the roots of evil. Happiness is something we keep in our hearts, thinking that we will find it someday. But there can never be a truly happy life. We can only find brief moments to feel slightly happy, a few seconds stolen amidst the craziness, giving us hope and keeping us hooked to an unfulfilled desire for true bliss.

What are we looking for in this life? Why do people hold on to meaningless relationship which has no pulse beating for the longest time? Why do people tell blatant lies? Why can't we make each other's life less of a bitch, even if we can't keep them happy? Why can't human beings be more responsible and care about each other's feelings? Can we ever be less selfish?

Forget about losing weight. My resolution is to be less selfish. It's my only answer to every question in my head and the only medicine for my pain.

A lovely pair

Look what I found over the weekend. I've been looking for such a pair for quite some time, and now I've found 'em. There were lots of other cute ones as well but this was definitely love at first sight *swoon*

I got love from Manchester

Deb... I've camwhored with my Christmas gift!! Channeling Posh Spice, Rihanna and Katie Holmes, all in one! Lol

Thanks Darshini and Deborah for the gigantic pink peepers!

Darshini, have a wonderful Christmas. Hope you're having a blast. This would be your first official Christmas in England, I think. So have a blast. Don't forget to go shop until you drop. How I wish we have such sales back here in KL.

Deb, you're probably just reaching Doha by now. Hope you had a great time while back at home. Although we only met for curry mee, we'd still have time for kulfi when you come back next time.

Love you girls xoxo

This adds to the long list of why I love P-Nasty

Watch it for a good laugh. It'll cure you of any Christmas blues, if you're having any. Happy holidays people!

Channeling Paris and Perez

I'm gonna pretend like I'm Paris Hilton for two seconds and go "That's hot!" Yeah, finally Mrs. Cruise is slowly returning into human form once again. I envy rich celebs sooooooooooo much right at this moment. They can buy all the hottest shoes and bags. And make such a weird skirt and a plain turtleneck look so damn gorgeous.

p/s: Picture ripped off from perezhilton.com. As if you don't know already...

Tranquility in the war zone

So many people have been clearing their annual leaves and that means the office is much quieter than usual. Not really though, I can hear people talking more loudly since there's less people around and there aren't so much of peace and quiet anymore. Don't see a lot of people walking around and everyone else who came in to work today are feeling slow and haggard. Even my boss came in this morning and told us that she's feeling lazy. And she's a workaholic! It's that bad. The holiday bug has bitten everyone's ass. I guess I'll just spend the day going through pages and pages of words and spot for grammatical errors. That's the most relaxing work I can think of yet. OMG wtf do they have to block my favourite websites? I'm gonna rot to death today. Arrrggghhhhhh........

Gonna have lunch with Mr. Bun, deb deb and Miss World today. YAY!! It's been so long since I saw debbie long legs. I met Miss World a couple of weeks back when I was clubbing at Zeta Bar. My god she lost weight and looks hawt! Not that she was clubbing. She was at work. And no, she does not work at Zeta Bar. I'm bringing the girls for some curry mee and I hope it packs a punch. I eat at the noodle stall almost every morning and they never have the curry mee ready in the mornings. But their stuff are delicious so I have faith in their currylism.

Something sad happened to me last week. Left my watch in the office and it got stolen. I thought it was misplaced so I tried searching. But to no avail. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank goodness my dear dear loves me so much and now I have a new watch. A Titus! *muaks* Now I gotta cook 100 homecook meals in return. Pretty good deal eh?

Can't wait for the Christmas party we're having tomorrow! I've got the most awesome gift ever and I'm anxious to show it off! I think the person receiving it will be utterly impressed. Just thinking about the amount of hao I had to pull off to get my hands on the present makes me shiver. I normally don't succumb into pulling off these sort of behaviour but this episode has shown me that these kinda stuff works. Even if I hate doing it.

Just less than 2 weeks to a new year. I don't find myself asking if I'm ready to face a new chapter like how I did last year. Maybe because I'm already put in place. Things at work are still very much a challenge and have not been monotonous. There's so much more room for changes and growth. And I'm looking forward to that. Wonder if I can finally work on my people's skills? PEOPLE people PeOpLe pEoPlE pEOplE PEopLE peOPle PeoPLE pEOPle PeoplE pEOPle peOpLE PeoPLe

Tis' the season to be jolly?

As I sit here post-work on a Sunday afternoon, my mind is collecting the unpleasant thoughts brought back from within the office as well as out of the office. It is now December, and after December has come and gone, it will mark my first year of work. What a oompaloompa year it has been!! Forgive the melancholic tone, I'm caught up with some ugly mess at the moment and I still can't quite figure out how to settle it. I guess problems are brought to their own demise when time passes, but it sure feels damn depressing while I'm still stuck in the moment.

2007 is so much different than how 2006 was. It seems like it was just yesterday that I went Christmas shopping with Amy at Times Square while she accompanied me for my second interview. Oh, did I ever tell you guys that I went in my jeans and I swear I could've lost the chance 'cause my boss was shocked that I wasn't dressed appropriately? But I'm there for a year already anyway, haha! So walking around the mall and seeing all the Christmas decos reminds me so much of the days before I was working. It's only been one year and I swear at some days I feel so jaded. Like I'm gonna kill myself after being diagnosed with hypertension. Sounds dramatic? Yeah, but it's only true after you're stuck in the office from dawn till dark everyday. Thank goodness for weekends. A friend once told me that he doesn't even know what's a weekend anymore. But his case is very much different. He owns his own bloody company. He doesn't deserve any day off 'cause he's earning so much more. Haha!

This job has taught me so much, and I'm still learning a lot from it. Most important lesson learned is how people who seem to be our best friend end up being backstabbers. And people who seem to make life difficult are not really that bad anyway. And yes, I've got plenty of challenges and issues that I must learn to overcome. Apparently I've been named as a politician. Aahhh... Siri Drama Minggu Ini. That's how some people keep things alive in the office. I wonder if my backaches are caused by stress, or a ghost sitting on my back like in 'Shutter' (the Thai ghost movie) or from all those backstabbing. Could be a combination of all three.

I've been told over and over again by people who care that I must learn to control my tone of voice and work on my facial expressions. At home, I'm a spoiled biatch. At work, I'm a little bit of everything or nothing at all, depending on who you're speaking with. Some may know me as a sweetie pie or some may call me a moody cow. Or a mad bitch who bites. It really depends on who you're talking to. I don't fit into just one mold. So... Do I make this as my new year's resolution? To polish up on my people's skills... It's hard, but I do have to really work on it. But I sure ain't gonna be the fake slut who says hello and hugs every person she meets on the street. You can count on that.

From Muar with Love

Mr. Bun says I left out a cup of tea in the total amount of RM5.70. So you imagine lah how economical the meal was!

Excuse this post for being one day late. The weekend ended a day ago but I just got the photos from Mr. Bun this morning.

We were in Johor the past weekend for one of his friend's wedding. Passed by Muar so the boyfriend proudly brought me around to show me the town he grew up in. It's amazing to see how such a small town with just a few roads have sooooo much of great food. I only tried some, and yearning for more! But it's okay, the boyfriend promised lots of more great food the next trip down south. Food pics ahead!!

Chicken rice ball ala Muar style. Can you believe it that both of us had two rice balls each + a plate of chicken, and the bill only came to RM5.70? Gosh... I can't even get a decent meal with that amount of money in KL.

This is some world-class stuff here. Famous Muar otak-otak. I've never had any in KL. But I can tell I've had the best just from Mr. Bun and my colleagues' reactions. There are fish and prawn flavours. Tastes kinda same to me cos they're spicy as hell, but I like the prawn ones better cos I get to chew on the tiny little shrimps. And now I'm the Muar otak-otak girl who everyone wants to tumpang buy whenever I go down *swt*

No, I wasn't in Penang. Look back at the title of this post. Muar's not famous for oyster omelette (orh chien) but this stall draws the crowd. Don't ask me where it is. I'm bad with the roads there. You gotta bribe Mr. Bun for him to tell.

We find bliss in the simplest things in life. People (including us) were queueing up for this red bean ice (hong tou ping) for at least half an hour. It was so good that some bastard jumped queue for it. Doesn't look too fancy eh? Unlike the usual rainbow coloured ABC we get everyday... You'll know why everyone else loves it once you put a spoonful into your mouth and start to chew. Trust me.

Lastly, a simple plate of good ol' char kuey teow. It's not just a Penang specialty you know? ;)

But the best is still home cooked food. Prepared with a huge sprinkle of love and care. Mr. Bun's mom tapaued a big tupperware of porky for me to eat at home. Delicious stuff. And I just had mom's cooking for dinner. All together now... BURPPPP!!!!!!!!

Chester makes me horny

Things are sexy only in the first minute of the video. Can practically see his rib bones jutting out of his skin, but who cares? Chester's half-naked!! Excuse me, I need to go get a pail to catch my drool.

The 'F' Word

I was once told by a friend, "Forgive and you shall forget". But I begged to differ. For my previous relationship that ended on a not so amicable note, I can never forgive. But I have loooooooong forgotten. You may think I'm saying this because I'm living my life in self denial mode, but I'm very certain that this is not a case to forget only when I have forgiven. (Wtf why do I keep typing 'firgiven'? It's so annoying).

Yeah, but why is pinkyfreak suddenly reminiscing about her past romance if she has forgotten? Or rather, moved on? Well if you notice the chatbox on the right panel of this page, you'll notice this guy named Greg who magically appeared and posted a note about my ex lying in the hospital now and he's just dropping by to pass the message. Funny, I didn't know so many ex-coursemates from TARC would be fans of my blog. Or really, just this one fella. Anyway, no point in telling me about his pain or death because this person is out of my life. It's not about me being cold hearted. It's about really sticking to what I believe in and not wanting to have anything to do with hurtful people who can only end up as a devastation. People say children are like a clean, white piece of cloth who is coloured and patterned by their parents, peers and everyone else. I say we are who we associate ourselves with. I do not believe in making contact with someone who is showing remorse for his faults only after something precious is out of his reach. Makes you think twice before you ever take anyone for granted eh?

I told Mr. Bun about the messages. He was thinking that Greg wasn't really Greg, if you know what he means. I sort of think so too. Hidden intentions. False pretenses. Masked deceptions. Even if it was a sincere gesture to rekindle a friendship, I would not hesitate to withdraw my hand and keep it safe in my pocket. Much safer in the hands of bun bun. I was worried that my stories of the past would bother the boyfriend. But I can't control his thoughts. So I asked what would his reaction be if it was his ex girlfriend who extended him an olive branch. He gave me a dead no as an answer.

"What if she said she was in the hospital and wanted you to come for a visit?"

"I'm sorry but I know clearly if I want someone kept out of my life, I would not make any contact. Actually, I've forgotten about this person until you mentioned about her. Or maybe the time when I saw her viewing my profile on Friendster".

Well yeah... I forgot about my past until Greg appeared. To be honest, there are bits and pieces of memories which of course I'll never be able to delete from my memory. But those are just memories. Things that have happened to help me learn as I go through stages in my life. Not things to look back upon and cling to dear life as they pass me by.

Why make life difficult by putting the blame on someone else for not forgiving and therefore not being able to move on? At this point, it's not really about whether I have forgiven. I simply do not care. Anymore. So just cut the sameoldsameold story of pointing the finger and shifting the blame to someone else. Life as an adult is not easy, so just cut the crying, cut the coughing, cut the weazing, quit the blaming and cut the naming. I think you need some prayer, so get your act right or else we wont be speaking. So is it gonna be who blames who? I'm tired of these things, I'm tired of these scars, I think I'm gonna get me a drink, I'll call you tomorrow. Sounds familiar? Ripped off and kinda edited from Timbaland's rap on Aaliyah's 'We Need A Resolution'. Hehe... But ever so right to describe how things are when the bond between two is broken. Broken. Quite a heavy word. It's either you fix it or you leave it for something new. I chose the latter. Because there is no point in holding on to what isn't right. I have a job that I have to work hard for to improve. I have a man who I am deeply in love with. I have a family who I care about and work on not letting them feel like I treat them as a dump. I have friends who pick me up when I'm down. I have a list of places I'd like to visit before I die one day and I'm saving up for this dream. I have a dream wedding which I can see inside my head and finally I think I can see the groom's face clearly. So many things rolling in my life and I'm not gonna let it all slip away just because I can't move on from the past. I have. It's clear to see.

So why can't you?

A beautiful song ruined

I love Home by Michael Buble. I fell in love with his voice with this song. The song even made me cry. You know la... When feeling lonely, kinda empty and with a dash of emo-ness. Always pulls a little string in my haert when I hear this song. It just makes me feel... I can't really find a way to describe it. It's a beautiful song, but it makes you heartbroken. And you kinda feel Buble's emo-ness in his voice too.

But I heard this on the radio last night. Imagine the horror and trauma I went through. It was extremely disturbing. I couldn't stop ranting about how bad it was to Mr. Bun. Even took out my CD and let him listen to the original version. And good enough, he hated what was played on the radio too.

I guess this is one of the instances when people try to remake one's work and fail miserably at it. Westlife sucks. I suck too. But I'm not remaking anything with my failures. Ahhhhh... This is not supposed to be a complaint post. I'll just stop here *zips mouth*

First time blogging from new office PC

Oh I didn't update about the good news. I'm no longer stuck with the old-age machine which I cannot identify if there's any Pentium processor. The point is, I no longer have to bear with that thing lah! I have a new PC!! With built-in speakers so I can listen to songs sometimes. With a black keyboard and I love black keyboards! Too bad there's no flat screen :( But things are so much better now that I can't even complain anymore. Not really, I hate those new Microsoft softwares. Word 2007?? It's practically from another world. Now I've figured out how to use it. Did I mention I can finally use my thumb drive? Geez...

I'll be on holiday in two days' time. How good does that sound? Absofuckingly great!! I'll be by the beach... But I don't think I can don a bikini this time around. Not fat lah... It should be around that time of the month, if you know what I mean. So I'll just spend days dozing off on a hammock (if there's any) and read. I'm so kiksemkiksemkiksem cannot wear my white bikini. I bought it and never worn it once. I do have an issue with it though. Scared got wardrobe malfunction. I don't want to show my goodies off to Langkawi beach boys and my friends. They'll probably cast me off or throw me into the Dayang Bunting lake and not save me from drowning **help*gulpgulp***help me!*gulppppp*****bubble bubble bubble**bye bye assley!!

If God forbids me to go up the Mount Mat Cincang and take pictures of the breathtaking view... I'm so gonna be pissed off. Who wouldn't be? Two visits (equals to two years) and I still don't have the privilege to be spellbounded. Mch. Not even Mr. Bun can stop me. I have a new Canon and I wanna put it to good use. Just to share... I don't actually know the name of the mountain until I start working here. And if you still need to ask why? means you don't know me well. But that's not a crime anyways. Only to a handful of people, it is though. And no, I'm not staying there. I'm on holiday for god's sake, not going there for work. It's not like I get super low room rates anyways. So I'll be a chocolate importer for a day. But it's important to keep people around me happy and round. Lol!

I happily took out the chocolate bar a colleague gave me after his return from an event at Langkawi a month or two back. Suddenly had a chocolate craving. When I ripped the aluminium foil open, it was kinda strange cos the chocolate didn't look like the usual. But I went ahead to break off a piece and took a bite. It tasted awful. Shit awful. How can chocolate be so damn disgusting? And chocolates don't just expire in a month. The I realized the box had this written on it... 'VOBLERONE". Mch. I threw the whole bar into the bin. Awful, imitation chocolate don't deserve to see another day of light *SUPER ANGRY** To balance out my anger, I gorged a tube of my chocolate-flavoured Petit Plus. Yummy! And now I feel so stuffed.

Absence does make the heart grow fonder

If filial piety was an examination subject, I would fail miserably. It was just four days ago and she'll be back in another two days' time. But I woke up this morning not remembering my dream, head filled only with thoughts making me realise... This is the part of me I'm missing. Always there, but constantly thrown aside for superficial things that falsely seem better. I know loneliness is an unbearable feeling, but yet I tempt the days of being left alone to chase after me... Much like flashing my bare ass to an angry and hungry pack of wild wolves, screaming "Eat me!", before realising it's all too late to find an escape. Things and people we take for granted are always the most precious gifts in our lives. Just because we get clean water by just turning the tap, would only we realise we'd die without our supply. The thought and fear never crossing the mind if it never happened. I had a close call. All my fault. I'm still trying. I hope I can be better. I want to be. I know I need help. Which is why I broke down and asked. I'm trying everyday.

Dinner @ Chef & Brew

Been celebrating a couple of friends' birthdays recently, but I'd just like to blog about this place called Chef & Brew that we went for Sue Ling's birthday. I can tell you that the food here is nothing much to shout about. But the deco and ambience wasn't too bad. And thank god for those cute butter flowers!! Even though the waiters were very friendly, but they were kinda annoying because they were too hurried to clear of our tables... Even before we had actually cleared up our plates. Seems like the restaurant didn't have enough plates to use -.-"

Toasted bread and super cute butter flowers as entreés.

Deep fried sotong

Mango and shrimp cocktail

Birthday girl peeking into the camera behind the mokkalattay

Grilled Bombay chicken

Baked fish supreme'o

Spaghetti seafood

C&B club sandwich

Hainanese chicken chop

Try to guess which one of the dishes was mine. Mr. Bun could only get the right answer after three attempts! Even after I gave him a freaking obvious hint -.-" Eh why am I sweating twice for this post ah? Weather's not hot. It's raining very heavily as I am typing this in. Am very sleepy after just coming back from Sunway Pyramid. The new wing is such a bore! Gotta go now. Gonna get my bones twisted and cracked at the massage parlour. Sounds like such a dirty place isn't it? But it's not dirty at all lah. Btw, for anyone wondering how to get to Chef & Brew, it's at Plaza Damansara at Bukit Damansara. Kinda nice place to sit around to talk about cocks and bulls despite a few things that set it back from many other restaurants out there.

Can all malls in Malaysia be like this?

Can I just say that Pavillion Kuala Lumpur absolutely rocks my world? Like, it just took my breath away. Instead of the usual straight ahead kinda entrance, Pavillion's is angled in such a way that it faces directly to Bukit Bintang. Such close attention to detail! There was a red carpet yesterday when we went during lunch because of the soft launch so it felt really grand when I walked in, with the flowers and makeshift tents specially set-up for the VIPs who came earlier in the day. When I went down the stairs, it kinda felt like I was a VIP too. And the sun was shining brightly down the glass roof so that added maximum effect to the whole daydream experience. Though the mall may not be on the same par as Starhill, nevertheless it has the potential to take down all the other malls in the Klang Valley. Bright and wide spaces, unlike the cramped pathways we get in every mall in the city. Since it was a soft launch, not all the outlets were open for business yet. But apparently it's on full occupancy. Loads of international brands previously not available in Malaysia. And deb deb, I've got a nice surprise for you in just a bit. I fell in love with the place because it sorta reminds me of Times Square Hong Kong and a little bit of Harbour City. Very stylish and chic. Hope it stays the same and not be as polluted like KLCC, if you know what I mean *cough cough* budak punk crowd *cough cough*

I saw these two little things in the pastry counter of √Čtoile and I bought 'em right away. They were just screaming "Buy me! Eat me!" into my face. I couldn't resist and gave into temptations. But right at this moment they're still resting in Mr. Bun's fridge 'cause I was too full and tired to eat anymore last night. Maybe it's their sinister plan to trick into freeing them from the dessert counter. Hmmm...

Strawberry tart

Mango something...

Walked around to check out the place for a bit and then I saw it. I saw people carrying bags with boxes of it. I stopped and stared in shock. How could this be? Is this for real? Am I not imagining things? Or am I? Then I snapped out of it and (in the words of Mr. Bun) like an aunty, went over to ask where in the world can I get some of those. "Downstairs", said the shocked girl. So I dragged the guys downstairs and threatened not to let them go back to the office if I didn't get any. What is 'IT' you ask? My friends, I present to you the most awesome thing to have happened to KL-lites since my birth 22 years ago...















'Nuff said.

Am I Loving It?

Trust me, I'm no food blogger. So I'll just leave it to the experts to shamelessly take photos of every grub they put into their mouth, regardless of the venue, whether a fine dining restaurant or the neighbourhood mamak stall (albeit with professional-looking food shots to entice me to go try out food at the place which is blogged about).

This morning I was early to KL Sentral since the boyfriend had to work the morning shift (I was there even before 8am okay?) and decided why not I grab breakfast to go from the newly opened Subway outlet? Off I went to the information counter since the Subway bunting was useless 'cause it didn't say where the outlet was, it just had a few pictures of some sandwiches on it and told passerbys that it is now open in KL Sentral (wtf). Unfortunately (or should I say fortunate, keep on reading) Subway is only open from 8am so the shutters were still not up yet. I had to turn back out and pass by McDonald's, which I didn't really pay attention to at first. Then I saw another bunting in front of the golden arches and saw something really amazing. McDonald's Hotcakes is in Malaysia!!!!!!!! Finally... So I had to tapau and get a taste of what us Malaysians have been deprived of in the yummylicious world of fast food all these while. I ordered the Hotcakes set with sausage (not the long ones, the flat and round ones). The set comes with a piece of hashbrown and coffee or tea. The cup for hot drinks are slightly bigger this time around. No pictures 'cause I don't carry a camera with me nowadays. Tried to yank an image off the local McDonald's website but it's so not updated. No information or promotions on the new item at all. Anyways, I wouldn't say the pancakes taste like they're blasting me through the roof, but it was decent enough. Nice and fluffy. But three pieces of those with a sausage is a little heavy. Not to mention the hashbrown. But their hashbrowns are always good. Mmmm...

Last evening me and the boyfriend went to have claypot chicken rice at Pudu. The stall beside Maybank. If you're looking for good claypot chicken rice, this is the stall you should go and try out. They use charcoal to cook the rice so when you get your pot, you'll see that the rice is evenly cooked. I love it 'cause there was no hint of aweful burnt smell that we usually get from the cookie-cutter claypot chicken rice stalls. Even the burnt rice at the bottom of the pot didn't really taste burnt at all. Wish there was a little bit more of salted fish though. Don't really mind the 'lap cheong' (Chinese wax sausages) 'cause I'm not a big fan anyways. They throw in a few pieces of chicken internal parts, something you don't find elsewhere. I loved the one piece of gizzard I found but threw out everything else. It's not like they put in that many anyways. We ordered veges, and I must say their oyster sauce tasted much better than the ones I've had anywhere else. They had soup too but we didn't order any or else we couldn't finish our food. Again, no pictures. Maybe one day I'll have the courage to snap pictures at roadside stalls, without having the fear of uncles or aunties beating me up. I reckon a shot of the uncle working around his stoves would be great, with the flames and all. Argh... Ok la. I shall work hard on my guts.

How to get to the claypot chicken rice stall you ask? Coming along Jalan Pudu on Times Square's side of the road, go down until you see Caltex. There is a Maybank a bit further and you should turn left before Maybank. Then you can see the stall on your left. Car park is a bit of a nuisance here so you gotta be slick at finding a spot. There are parking lots further to the back but you can't the avoid the touts. So just be shameless and park at the back of other people's shoplots. Most of them are off-work in the evening anyways.

Pictures from a lan si country

This post is dedicated entirely to those who have demanded for more pictures from my trip to Hong Kong. So feast your eyes!!

My Dan Dan... MUAKS!!

On the bus to Ocean Park, passing through the infamous tunnel from Kowloon to Hong Kong

Hong Kong turf club

Ocean Park's cable system is mad!! Looks like an alien invasion don't they? The ride was bumpy and super fast. Surprisingly, my mom who's usually afraid of heights was comfy during the ride but I was a bit worried, and usually I'm the joker who shakes the cable car to scare others.

Me in Central.

I wanted to ride in these buses so badly but didn't :( Scared get lost in Hong Kong...

Mr. Bun: "I Cannot Accept Corruption"
(ICAC is Hong Kong's version of our Badan Pencegah Rasuah)

"We're Americans and we rule the world!! Everyone else can fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

From left to right: Mickey, Tranny, Minnie

My favourite Mickey character

Kinky underwear, anyone?

When old meets new

I don't know why they do it but the restaurant where I had my seafood feast has lobsters in these big plastic bottles. My mom said they were for tapau purposes. Kesian la they have to be trapped in the bottle since they were small.

Well, I don't know if I really love Hong Kong that much... But Hong Kong sure lurves me! Lol