Deb... We're Pregnant!

Finally had the chance to shop and eat away my accumulated stress. I'm not broke... Yet. Well, at least I try not to be. I look like I'm 3 months pregnant now. Too much good food in a day.

Posting pics of what I bought? You think it's lame? Frankly, I don't give a rat's ass about your thoughts, and I'm only doing it 'cause I told someone I'd post the pics to let her see what I bought :p I need more working clothes. Hopefully someone hires me real quick so I can earn money to buy some decent looking ones.

Every person that I've brought to Dragon-i has been hooked. So Kuan Yee wanted to have lunch there. The souffle was heavenly. When I put it into my mouth, I was immediately in yummy heaven. It had the perfect combination of egg white, red bean paste and banana. You just gotta try it yourself. It's sooooo damn good, that I actually wanna marry the man who made it. If a man made it la... The noodles were pretty good too.

Look at the amount of food we ordered at Bangsar. How not to get fat liddat? Sumore loaded with cheese, sugar, etc, etc. I dunno the name of the place, so I'm just gonna call it "Kulfi place" for the moment. I'm a newbie at Indian food, so Deb, Darshini and Harwin were kind enough to introduce delicious, new dishes to me. But not kind for long! Especially Deb... So evil! Tried to make fun of me with my masala tea. Hmph! Just 'cause she buat malu for her first time... Now wanna take it out on me la *bluek* Everything was so delicious, that even the fake vegetarian chicken tastes like chicken. Serious!

Wuah... Stomach damn full now. Damn it gotta really work 'em off tomorrow. Hula-hooping is officially declared as the activity of the day!