How fragile life is




Gambate Japan

The social media network has allowed everyone who has an account to give a piece of their mind whenever something major happens. I mean, major like the 9.0 scale earthquake in Japan and not a punk abusing his pet dog. I've not made any comments about any of these trending topics on the blogosphere, Facebook and such because contrary to popular belief, I don't have something to say about everything. I feel compelled to say something about Japan now because there is a live broadcast of a charity concert in Hong Kong right now and I cannot bring myself to hear stories about the victims and survivors. It's too heartbreaking. It also scares me to no end, thinking what if the same situation happened here in Malaysia. We are nowhere close to having the discipline, kindness and patience as the Japanese. Even if I was a survivor of a 9.0 scale earthquake here in Malaysia, I will be attacked in the aftermath of the disaster by ruthless beings. That I am sure. In these past few weeks since the disaster in Japan, I only have one thing in mind. How could this happen to such a beautiful country? Of course I'm aware there is no one to blame, even if a certain well-knowned Malaysian lady thinks otherwise. There is one thing that I realise, along with many other people, is that the patience displayed by the Japanese during trying times are extremely respectable. Some haters may say this is the result of the Japanese nation being too disciplined since young, but all of these can easily go right out of the window after such crisis. Very few nations can be truly united during such times and it is indeed a graceful thing to come out of a natural disaster. I may not be visitng Japan anytime soon but I wish everyone good luck and may you be strong enough to move on forward.

If this is what people say are one of those 'signs' of the world ending soon, I wouldn't be surprised and as scared as I was a couple of months back when we first read about mysterious massive deaths of birds and fishes. I've decided that the most important thing is to have my mom and Mr. Bun next to me when the final moment arrives. But if that doesn't happen then there's nothing I can do about it because everyone is dying anyway. I've come to terms that our civilization might end in this century and it's perfectly normal. It's not like we're the first and only human civilization that is wiped out from the face of Earth by a massive flood. We've got plenty of artefacts to show us that many other civilizations before us have also been through this before. It just makes it scarier for us as we are now able to see very clearly and sort of predict when 'the end' is coming. I know, it's not lovely knowing how and when you might die. But if it's going to happen then it will happen. It's just a cycle of life. A few thousand years from now, some highly evolved human beings might find artefacts of our civilization and start researching about us, as how we are researching the cavemen. I hope they find my blog and love it.