Only have one question after watching this movie:
Greek bikers no need to wear helmet wan ah?

Anyhoo, I'm sure every girl (and gays) who have watched this would have a favourite character or would want to be like one of them. Well me, I wanna be Bridget. Ooh... With that smoking hot bod and long, straight blonde hair. Why wouldn't I wanna? But it's not really about the physical... I wish I had that kinda confidence, that kinda charm to get any cute guy I wanted. But of course I don't have all that since I'm not a smoking hot blonde. I can try to have a hot bod by hula-hooping for an hour while watching it. Actually I did. I have to make myself do it everyday. Gotta work those flabs off. Bye-bye flabbies... Geez... Our minds are screwed up with all the amount of estrogen and progesterone we have. My hormones are still raging like a bull after all these years past puberty and I'm still crazy. And in 30 years time, there's menopause. I'm already pitying the guy who's spending the rest of his life with me. If I can find him...


deb said...

when i watched that movie, i wanted to be tibby. i wanted a small girl friend like bailey. :) young but is so full of life. knowing that she's got not much time to live, she goes around discovering things, getting answers for herself.

yup, i wanna be tibby. :)

Ashley Liew said...

Well Deb, I'm smaller than you. And I'm full of life. But I think I wanna stay around for a little while longer ;)