Hungry in Hong Kong

Sorry for the delay guys. Internet at home's fucked up and I don't have the time to screw Telekom Malaysia yet. Blogging from Mr. Bun's pc now and I've so much to share with you. The trip was great and I saw many interesting things and some not so interesting. Can't be blogging about every single detail or else I'll die. So I'm just gonna talk about the food!! Who doesn't love food? Anyway, I did manage to go the Ocean Park and Disneyland Hong Kong, so if you see me, ask me about how I got free tickets to Disneyland. Haha... I never thought I had such charm :p

Ham and cheese burger.

Grilled chicken burger. Why can't we have these kickass burgers in McDonald's Malaysia? By the way, the staff in Hong Kong has really cool McD uniforms as well. They have exclusive McD jeans!

Roasted goose drumstick and roasted suckling pig at Hankow Road. So good that it's even better than those expensive roasted stuff the so-called high class Chinese restaurants serve here. I forgot the name of the restaurant 'cause I wrote it in my notebook but don't have it with me now. It's opposite HMV though.

Puddings galore at one of the many dessert shops at Mong Kok.

Hmph deb deb... Don't think I can't get Krispy Kremes by myself ah!!

Eating grilled octopus in the middle of busy Mong Kok is absolutely fantastic, especially when the octopus tastes good!!

Not so nice street stall food. Their fishballs are so overrated.

Breakfast on the second day was at Metropol Restaurant, located at Level 4 of United Centre. If you wanna get here, take the MRT to Admiralty station and get out at exit D. Let me tell you, they use huge prawns here and they're really fresh too. The siew mai was heavenly... Definitely tops my list of favourite food. They had crab roe on top which bursts like tiny bombs between your teeth when you chew on 'em. The char siew pau was good too. Could really taste the fresh meat, unlike the processed ones we get here. Ha kau was okay, would be perfect if the skin was less thick. Chee cheng fun was good 'cause the prawns were big but the sauce was a little bit too bland. This place claims to not use any MSG or any food colouring, just try it yourself to see if it's true.

Bistro La Fourchette in Pacific Place. Didn't wanna eat at such places... Would rather do something local but no choice la. There was such limited choices of food in the complex. The sandwiches were great, but the creme brulee was not too good. Too thick on the top.

Dinner on the second day was beef brisket noodles at this small shop at Temple Street. They used dried scallops to make the broth and it was absofuckingly orgasmic. Why can't we have beef noodles like this in KL???????????

Had a seafood dinner on the third day at Lung Tang Seafood Restaurant in Lei Yue Mun Seafood Bazaar. Good good seafood. Fresh and cooked just nicely. Everything is so chewy here, unlike the overcooked and soft seafood we're so used to being served in KL.

Snacks at Disneyland: Mickey pudding and smoked turkey leg.


Egg custard, red bean snow and porky bun at Yee Shun Milk Company. The pork bun was damn nice ok!! Bread was crispy and meat was crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside *salivates*

Breakfast on the final day was at Tao Heaung in Silvercord Arcade in Tsim Sha Tsui. Average stuff they got here. Pardon some of the blury pics, the one after the ha kau is simply garbage. Not good. And xiao long bao was terrible as well. Kun tong kao was good, much better than the version here where you only get one big dollop of flour with some processed meat and a bad excuse for crabmeat.

Rubbish Food at Macau (so-called) International Airport.

So there... My short culinary adventure beyond the kitchens of Malaysia. Will leave you guys with a couple of random but interesting pics. Nite!!

I accidentally snapped this photo with Aunty Lo Lan passing by without realising it was really her. I thought it was some old lady looked like her. Mom diued me for not telling her and everyone else teased me about bumping into a ghost during the hungry ghost festival -.-"

Penis galore at Temple Street. There were tons of stalls selling sex toys, dildos, vibrators, etc but I wasn't allowed to take pictures of those so none of those lah!

Presents for my 22nd

This post is specially for people who actually care about putting a thought into what to get me for my birthday :p In other words, I'm telling people what I want to receive lah. Makes our lives so much easier, right? You're happy because you found something that I like and I'm happy 'cause I got what I like. Nyek nyek... So there's one whole month for thoughts and shopping to be done.

Presents I'd like to receive (in no particular order):

New Sony Ericsson W880 or W888 handphone.

Anya Hindmarch's 'I'm Not a Plastic Bag' Bag

This uber adorable Hallmark teddy. At first I thought of asking the boyfriend to buy this for me but then I realized the ribbon says 'Friends Forever'. Potong stim... So only friends can buy it for me.

Forget the birthday cake. I want me some Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!

Anthony Bourdain's novels. Not the fella.

Michael Connelly's novels. I've already got 'The Black Echo', 'Void Moon' and 'The Poet'.

Dior Addict Shine Parfum

Anyone who's planning to actually buy something from this list can actually leave a message and let me know. Muahahahaha.....

Gwennie Sold Out

News story on a world-famous pop star who's in Malaysia at the moment.

Relate the news to moral values in Malaysia.

Play up the not-so-intelligent statements made by the opposition party about the pop star.

Relate the pop star to her connection with Malaysia.

Make a bigger mess of Malaysia in the eyes of the world?

All I need now is a muse

My brother (eldest) bought me a Canon S5 IS yesterday!!! Muahahahahahahahaha...... Wakakakakakaakakakakakakakakaa....... It's my early birthday present and I'm happy I finally have a somewhat decent camera to play with. Thank you kor. I know how I always say I love my family but I think they disagree with that because frankly speaking, I do look like I'm extremely displeased with them at most times. But really la, I'm just better off with the bitchy face. So let's just leave it at that, okay? It's Monday and I'm not in the mood for work. But still manage to clear off some of my backlogs. So many deadlines to rush wey!! My mind is already in Hong Kong. I'm now sitting at the wantan noodles stall and slurping on the yummy noodles, chewing on the shrimp dumplings. Walking excitedly into the char chan teng and ordering milk tea, waiting eagerly for the egg tarts as they come out of the oven, piping hot. Walking a few blocks for the roasted goose drumstick. Ripping the meat with my teeth and wishing Mr. Bun was there to eat its skin for me. Perhaps make a stop at the dim sum restaurant later. After all, Hong Kong is famous for all these, and more. Aaaaahhhh... Friday won't you come faster? I'm in agony because I know all these are still just daydreams in my head.

P/S: Updates for my new cam later on.

Starry skies

I don't know if it's kiasuism or just overrated marketing strategies. Gwen Stefani is coming to Kay-el in a few days and is actually counting down the days until her concert -.-"

I read that Justin Timberlake's coming in October. Can't wait!! Mr. Bun promised to sponsor me front row tickets and I'm just waiting to throw my bra on-stage to Justin's face. So cute la Mr. Bun merajuk when I told him that. Then I made him smile by saying he can save time when we reach home, me sans bra. Lol.

Quite impressive concerts and artists coming to our shores this year, no? Then I read this: Not a big fan but it's still a pretty big thing for us kiasu beasts when you say Beyonce's coming here for a concert. I'll be in Langkawi by then. Nyek nyek!

When is Chester coming??? Along with his bandmates, I mean. Hehe...


So is this the biggest story in the spirit of Malaysian patriotism?

Sorry but I don't have Photoshop in my office pc but if you read the news on the website, you won't miss the mugshot when you scroll down the screen. Man, how I wish I could rap in Hokkien. Then I'd be the top news story of the country by now. Perhaps I should try yodelling in Hakka. Two more weeks left to Merdeka and I still have my chance for stardom... But you gotta give it to the fella and The Star. This is surely something out of the box, totally different from the usual patriotic stuff you get every year in the papers. Many hotels are going for the 'Tunku's Favourite Dishes' for their F&B. So lame... If I get another ad about that I'm gonna scream! The people upstairs should totally stay out and not try to test my patience with their attempt to join in the lame game. As if not lame enough already...

We Need More Happyness

I didn't realize the word was spelled with a 'Y' until Will Smith pointed it out. This movie really made it clear that we're all very, very fortunate beings really. But yet we complain so much about what we can't have in life. Try putting ourselves in Chris' shoes... I bet none of us has even half the determination and strength that he had. But yet again, he's really lucky to not suffer from broken bones after getting knocked down by a car or suffer from malnutrition. Broke my heart to watch the scene when they had to sleep in the train station's men's toilet. I was thinking about how I'd feel if I had my son in my arms when all he had were toilet paper as bedsheet. I be such a failure as a father. It's a good thing Christopher's such a good kid. And the closing scene was it. Will Smith just brings you to tears. I had mine brimming with tears when I saw Chris' red and brimming with tears too. This movie is a tearjerker but most importantly, it's a reminder that we should be more thankful about the little good things we have in life and be strong when we face difficulties. Thank you, Will Smith.

Just me and my sorrows

As I commute to work on the LRT this morning with Amy Winehouse (the lyrical and melodious genius that she is) blaring into my ears, I couldn't help but feel pressured than ever about my life. As I recall these past two nights, I've had my first two work nightmares and I absofuckingly hate them. We humans hate being pressured. But I can't help but coyly admit that I enjoy the mad rushes I get when I need to get things done. Like how I secretly love the pain I feel when I have a gastric attack. But that doesn't mean I like dreaming about all the bullshit I go through in the office. Then I remembered that if it wasn't for Sophia making so much noise for me to download Back to Black for her, I wouldn't have known what an amazing gift Wino has given to the world. Love it or hate it, I'm under pressure and I cannot run away from it. My thoughts were like a whirpool, like the water you see tumbling in a front load washing machine, creating an escape when you stare deep into it and get lost in your thoughts. I used to stare into the troubled waters when my family had a front load washing machine when I was a kid. It was my escape. I was walking down from the train station to my office and yet, as I cross the insanely busy crossroad of Jalan Pudu and Jalan Imbi, my thoughts weren't focused on the traffic. My eyes saw the hundreds of cars and bikes zooming by but inside my head, I was searching for a whirpool. An escape for me to drown my troubled thoughts, even if it's just for a milisecond. It seems like every memory I've had were flashing in my head, like a bloody slide presentation. I remembered the first time I've had my heart broken, tough times when I tried to heal from different kinds of pain and also the current bliss I found. The makcik who sells the most kickass kuih and nasi lemak at Hang Tuah station had those green bean kuih today and I bought two. I'm chewing on them now as I type my frustrations out for the world to see and for me to move on. I keep thinking today is Thursday and I nearly panicked this morning when I remembered I had one big load of stuff to finish before I go for a training this Friday. I'm supposed to be more professional and groomed when I come back next week. This weekend, I want to finish watching all the movies I downloaded and go back to reading Angels & Demons. Like what Amy says, I think I should be a corporate warrior instead. Corporate bitch sounds nice too, but not a lifeless corporate slug. Like those lifeless slugs who slugs around the office day and night without a real meaning in life.

Bleeding It Out

Is it just me or is Chester looking hotter than ever with each new music video released? Someone please tell Chester that I'm a cheap slut/loose tramp and I can't wait to sleep with him!! See how he was thumping the mic stand? *drools*

P/S: Mr. Bun will NOT be happy to read this. But I don't care lah

They've got to wait

I've only seen their faces on his computer screen. They had pleasant smiley faces, obviously happy on their son's convocation day. And I've had scenes in my head of how it would turn out on the first time we'd meet, hoping they'd still have the same pleasant smiley faces when they see me. Nervous over setting a perfect first impression and anticipation of the attention that would be showered all over me. Yes, I'm an attention whore like that sometimes. Just when I thought all computer screen memories and day dreams would come to reality, all plans would have to be pushed forward to a later date. Maybe we'll get the introduction when the year of Rat comes.

P/S: I'm not going to Tioman. Redang instead. And Redang caused this entry...