Goodbye civilization

When one goes away for a work trip, things at the office pile up while the dust settles in awaiting for the employee stationed at the particular cubicle to return. In my case, I've got 3 weeks worth of dust and headache work waiting for me when I come back in August. It's not even gonna be far from KL, where I'm going. It's just 45 minutes away. But yes... It's gonna take us 3 stinkin' weeks. It's gonna stink, literally. Going off to where, you may wonder. Let me just tell you it's where I can travel to France and Japan in 24 hours, while still being stuck in beloved Malaysia. Don't be surprised if you suddenly realize I'm temporarily wiped off from the surface of cyberspace.



No service tax at most restaurants

PETALING JAYA: Restaurants earning less than RM3mil annually and are not operating from hotels no longer need to charge their customers 5% service tax.

This followed a Government’s decision which took effect on July 1. The decision was made in view of the fuel and food price increase.

Customs deputy director-general (operations) Datuk Mohamed Khalid Yusuf said the move would deprive the Government of RM200mil in revenue.

He said during a press conference here yesterday that restaurant operators should drop by at Customs offices to apply for the revocation of their service tax licences.

He said there were 4,457 restaurants which earned less than RM3mil and the new decision would exempt 93% of them from the need to collect service tax. – Bernama



Picture this:

**After a meal at a restaurant**

Customer walks up to cashier to pay and given a receipt. 5% service tax still charged.

Customer: Eh boss, you earn less that 3 million yearly ah?

Boss: Yea lah. Abuthen?

C: How can you prove? I don't need to pay this extra 5% if you earn more than 3 million ok?

B: Prove what prove?

C: niamaccbbbq$^**&%^#((&**^kfg247&%^$87jfhsfheero;q.

B: knnccbZ7&djfge%&^$%&(jbgwshdg6&%VDH7%^&%

Catfight ensues...

Seriously, how much longer can we put up with this crappy government we have?

Left and right

Heart is what tells you how to feel. Mind is what tells you how to think. Should be something significant if both tries to tell you the same thing. I've had one of the more difficult days from work today and it didn't help that I got a rather unsupporting response toward the end of my depressing day. What happens when I try to convince myself that there's something deeper than what's seem on the surface, but both my heart and mind tells me that the treatment's wrong?

It's getting hot in here

I've finally gotten rid of the one thing that was sucking the life out of me. That thing, let me tell you, can make you feel like Gollum wearing the Ring. You'll feel invincible, as if you possess the power to shop every single thing in the world. That thing, my friends, is a bloody piece of plastic embedded with a memory chip and it's called a credit card. Thank goodness I didn't go "My precioussssssssssssssssss" when I cut it into pieces and dunk my hand into the garbage bin like how Gollum leapt into the burning lava. Actually I already got it cancelled about a month ago, but it was just today that I got down to destroying this parasite. It brought me lots of joy when I could purchase movie tickets, book for airplane tickets and hotel rooms online, but it also made me blind for a while for spending money that I didn't have. My friends, this is my advice for you. Be really sure and disciplined if you're gonna have a credit card, alright? It's not gonna be a pretty sight if you overspend. Don't say I didn't warn you.

What's left of the friggin' piece of plastic that nearly took away my life (and savings!)

On a totally unrelated matter... This was how I spent my weekend.

JUICE 6th Anniversary Party

Bad quality photo, but anyways we were camwhoring at the office before leaving to the party.

On the way to Poppy Garden on a Friday night. Woohoo!!!

Matchy matchy dress colour and handphone fur ball

Trying to fish for endorsement deals

Joey G!!! Andrea called him G Zai -.-" Sounds so wrong...

One Buck Short performing. They rocked the party!!

In case you're wondering... The theme of the party was stars & stripes. I forgot my starry earrings so Sophia had to draw a star on my chest for me to fit into the whole theme. Lol! Though we had a pretty good time at the party, it wasn't at all good when we arrived. I was faced with one of the devils from my past. Haih... I don't even have the mood to talk about it. All I can say is I gotta be more cautious from now on.

Saturday Night Drunkness

Part II celebration of Kuan Yin festival (lol... inside joke) was everything what the real Goddess of Mercy would disapprove. Alcohol, meat and the only thing missing was beef -.-"

It's empty...

Whatchiu looking at?

I'd better stick to sexy poses

Don't wake me up

September is the month when I was born.

September is also the month mentioned prominently in Greenday's hit song, "Wake Me Up When September Ends". And I love this song.

I've planned a trip to Tioman with the boyfriend in the coming September. We'll be flying on 16 September, to be exact. So when I saw this story in the news just now, I couldn't help but think that my trip will be jinxed, in one way or another, politically speaking. I wouldn't want the plane to fall off burning from the sky or anything.


Azmin: Anwar will be PM by Sept 16

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR’s plan to make Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim Prime Minister by Sept 16 is still on track, said the party's vice-president Azmin Ali.

The Gombak MP, however, said with the latest allegations hurled against the de facto leader, there was some “slowing down of the process”.

“I spoke last night to the four Barisan Nasional MPs who want to crossover and they said their commitment has not wavered even with the latest fiasco. So far, there is no change. We are still on track,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

Deep discussion: Azmin (right) chatting with Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz at the Parliament lobby Wednesday.

He said following a rally in Shah Alam on Tuesday night, they would be holding similar gatherings in Penang on Saturday and Kuala Lumpur a day after. He did not dismiss the possibility of street protests.

“Maybe we will use this forum for people to express their anger over what is happening and what is done by the present (Federal Government) leadership,” he said.

Azmin also said they were considering the possibility that the Federal Government might use this as an excuse to crack down on PKR. He denied that Anwar had orchestrated the sodomy accusations himself so as to draw the sympathy of the Malays, as what happened 10 years ago.

He said PKR had enough evidence of the people behind the accusations, adding that PKR president Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail had handed over proof to the Prime Minister.

In an interview at the lobby, Balik Pulau MP Yusmadi Yusuf called for the suspension of Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail and Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan pending investigations into the role they played in allegedly trying to cover up the assault on Anwar in 1998.

Yusmadi, who is from PKR, said the suspension was important as it would have a bearing on the “conduct of the investigations”.



Somehow I wish we can just fast-forward until the day when the whole shitty situation which our country's political situation strips itself off from all the circus acts. How can we allow all these donkeys people in power to fight about their own benefits in public while leaving us to tremble in fear while we think about the future? All these drama and debate over Malay-rights, fuel price increase, corruption, sodo-mee, inflation, mega projects which actually do help ease the people's public transportation woes being shelved and yada yada... I bet our hairlines are receding by the second as we calculate our expenses with the calculator. Not to mention that we Malaysians are really at lost thinking of what the real problem we are left to faced with and how it will ever be resolved.

Come to think about it, I think when time actually does stop until the moment all these circus acts are over, our country will be debt-ridden to the World Bank and we all have to live in poverty. No more gulit-free shopping spree for you and me...