I know I'll have an awesome weekend

How would you feel when one of your daydreams/fantasies actually came true?

I nearly stopped breathing. And had to ask myself if it was really happening.

Yes, it did!

My colleague, Kim had reminded me yesterday about Malay Mail's event that we're supposed to go tonight. It was gonna be my first ever function as a BHR employee. So my nonsensical mind started on a spaceship cruise around the Milky Way, and I ended up imagining meeting Joey G (the Half-Malay whom I'm crazy about). And you know what? He really was there!! He was emcee of the night. But I didn't meet him. Nonetheless, it was satisfying. And I HAD to rub in into Deb's face (hehe!).

There was plenty of celeb-spotting to do. Well, local celebs anyway. Let's see... I saw Jungle Jerry, Sharifah Amani (the Malay who claims she can't speak Malay), uum... I forgot her name but I think she's Ashraf Sinclair's sister. Neh... That girl who went on 8TV's 'Trippin' with Rina. Then there were those people from 'One in A Million' (God knows who they are), Phat Fabes, Ben, Daphne Iking and Amy Search. It's weird, isn't it? He can bail out of his reunion concert but still manages to show up at an MM event. Pfffttt! Ashraf Sinclair was there, if I'm not mistaken. But I didn't see him. Hannah T and Ella were no-shows. Man, I'd so want to take a picture with Hannah. She's gorgeous. Daphne Iking was, erm, scantily dressed lah. She showed cleavage, and her ass was, woohoo... Scandalous. Damn perky. She won the award for Best Babe or something like that. Btw, Joey G won an award too. I just couldn't remember which. He said it's his first award for like, anything!

Things were getting kinda bored for Kim and I, 'cause we didn't know anyone. Then the mood changed. Saw Masami, a friend from ACP and I was soooo happy. Think her name is unique? She's a Japanese Malay mah. An IT student who interned at Cleo, and ended up working as a journalist at MM after graduating. Lol. I guess people make decisions that may seem a lil' bit strange at times. But that's just life. It's unpredictable. Met Chris, who swoons over Daphne Iking, and wishes she was his abnormal girlfriend. (I teased him about it 'cause he said girls like Iking would be hard to date. He'd rather date "normal" girls instead).

MNG & Victoria's Secret warehouse sale on Thursday. The MNG clothes were shitty. But I'm happy for the bras I got. Ooh... I've got my first set of lingerie too *wink*

My seat.

The pantry

The food @ MM event

Models for Limkokwing's Fashion Show

Big Bang Breakfast Show jocks

Errm... They're bringing sexy back??

(L-R) Kim, Yours truly, Masami

Don't ask me about how the whole event went. Didn't stay until the end. Not even after Chris' suspicious kind offer to send me home. Of course everyone was just trying to be nice and had a mask on. Wouldn't know until I really get to know the person. Would've stayed if I drove. Who knows I might win something from the lucky draw?