Shit Face

I just don't get the whole celebration over a loser face in a national newspaper. Worst is, even Kenny Sia has that fella's face on his blog. Sheesh... I just don't get it. What's with the attention showered on him? I'd like to stress here that I don't wish I was getting the attention. I just don't think he deserves it. The journalist probably had to do OT to edit all of his quotes to make it readable, all these after a torturous interview session filled with fake, American wannabe accent. Weird? Not at all. Wasn't unpredictable that he came back to uni after spending only 3 months in the US, thinking he could speak like a kwailo. But of course you don't have to guess all that falls flat back on his face 'cause even Borat speaks way better English than him. Seriously.

Yes, I couldn't help but share a piece of my mind on But I didn't put my words wisely though. Sounds like I was dying for the attention. Again... I'm not. I just don't think these kind of people need to be given an opportunity to think they're great. They're not. Not a chance.