Congregation of Bumis

After much pestering and reminding my mom about today, we went to Titiwangsa. But only after jungle trekking lah. I nearly died after climbing the first hillslope. After so many months of skipping exercise... My knees were like a symphony, all the snap, crackle and pop. Just shows how badly my body needed a workout. Anyhoo, I managed to convince mom to go to Chow Kit for breakfast. Finally can eat my favourite pan mee, also after so long. The place I went to was 'Restoran Kin Kin'. They serve the tastiest dry pan mee ever. And it's not those mixed with the dark, thick soy sauce wan. This is clear, and is served with egg, anchovies, fried onion and chopped spring onion. They also have the spiciest dried chilis for you to mix with your pan mee. A word of caution though, don't put too much if you can't handle spicy food. I never tried the chilis before, so I did today. I put in three spoons. Big mistake. I should've stopped at half or one spoon only. Took me quite a while to finish my bowl of pan mee, and I had to order a cup of herbal tea midway of eating. My lips felt like they were barbequed Taiwan sausages after I was done. Only felt better 10 minutres after that. I'm gonna stick to not putting in chillis whenever I eat here again. Don't expect to be layan-ed with high class, friendly service when you come here though. The owners aka workers tend to be lcly. I suppose it's because they're so famous. Lots of people come here for their pan mee. So famous until a new shop has opened at the opposite row of shops, having a signboard which bears a resemblance of almost 99%, also selling pan mee. Copycat rival case. The remaining 1% is the different name. The rival is called 'Super Kitchen'. I hate the fact that they're now even more lcly than before. When I used to go there while still studying in TARC, they let me have a bigger bowl of soup and extra chopped spring onions. Now they malas wanna layan oredi. Sumore no more pork in the soup. Kiamsiap. Not scared I go Super Kitchen ah? :p

Before: Yummy Pan Mee

After: Kacau-ed everything together with super spicy dried chilis

After makan, continue journey lah. I encouraged mom to be gangsta. Check out where we parked the car. In front of a vacant bungalow lot. Scared no parking mah...

We weren't the only gangstas.

Can you blame us for behaving badly? Obviously Titiwangsa was not meant to handle such amount of crowds.

The line to the Eye on Malaysia was insane. But not too bad also lah. I waited for about 30 minutes in line. Seriously not too bad, considering the size of the crowd. Thank goodness it was a cloudy day. No sun, no rain. Just nice. Ooh... Spotted two cute angmoh guys in the control cabin :)

Impatient kid

Honestly, I felt disappointed while riding up in the air. While the air-conditioner in the gondola was working fine, the sound system was fucked up. Had to endure really irritating 'bzz-bzz-BZZK' noises during the whole ride. I forgot how many rounds we went. Maybe 4 or 5. Didn't keep track. Was too busy taking pictures. Also apart from KLCC and KL Tower, I don't think there's any place else worth looking at/for while spinning up and down the air. Makes it even more meaningless for tourists, 'cause they'd only recognize those two landmarks. Btw, the ride was smooth and steady. Gotta give credit for that. Another irritating thing was the fact they kept the VIP gondola empty the whole time. I mean, what's the point? Isn't it better if they actually utilized it to cut down the amount of people waiting? Sheesh... Fuck the VIPs lah. Plan to take some night shots in the future. But too bad they won't have fireworks no more. Saw some pictures of last night's launch on Jeff Ooi's site, and omfg, they're spectacular! At first, I didn't feel bad about not going. Now I'm dead filled with regret. Knn.

Antsy people!

Most recognizable landmarks

Mata di Malaysia

I'd feel so bad if I didn't at least walk around with mom after the ride. Initially I didn't have the mood to, but went anyway. I reckon the Ministry of Tourism went through hell to prepare for VMY '07. Could tell with this event itself. It was kinda chaotic. But have to look back at the circumstances again. It's a big thing, on a weekend, sumore so many bumis roaming around, all in groups or families more than 6 persons. Even the stalls rented out for businesses to have a chance to promote their goods were 99.9% bumi-operated. The only Chinese-owned stall I noticed was the one I bought an ice-cream cone from. Headache!! Eyesore!! Btw, the so-called imported green tea ice-cream sucked. Was surprised to see fire-eaters and clowns (some on stilts). I wanted one of those flower-shaped balloons. But I'm too old to go ask for one :(

Just a totally gross picture for no reason. Mom asked me to take it anyway. Don't wanna let it go to waste :p

Horse poo

After Titiwangsa, we went to Jusco. Got another pair of fuck me heels. This time in red. Hot!!

Before I forget, check out these two videos. First one is a guy surfing on a chair, doing not one, not two, but THREE backflips while he's at it. Damn terer. Second one is a guy who played his bamboo shoots to the tune of Frank Sinatra's "I Did It My Way". Kinda interesting. Please excuse the grainy quality. I think I've made it clear enough in the past that my camera sucks.


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Heard the news. Now saw the pics.

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